The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 22

M is For the Many Things She Gave Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 1994 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Will: Oh, yeah, Cleopatra Jones is a super bad ass sister.
      Cleopatra Jones was a character played by Tamara Dobson in two Blaxploitation films: Cleopatra Jones and Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold.

    • Wendy: Who do you think would win in a street fight: Cleopatra Jones or Grace Jones?
      Grace Jones is a model, singer, and actress. She played strong female characters in films such as Conan the Destroyer and A View to a Kill.

    • William Thomas Jr. is the fifth person who appears on The Fresh Prince, from The Cosby Show. The first was Macolm Jamal-Warner, the second was Raven Symone and the third was Allen Payne, and the fourth was Karen Malina White.

  • Quotes

    • (Will and Carlton are betting on who Janice's daughter will go out with)
      Geoffrrey: May I get in on this? Sure things don't come along every day. One hundred dollars on Master William.
      Carlton: What? Why him?
      Geoffrey: Well, I've seen you with women and quite frankly... you're an idiot.

    • Will: I'm 19 years old, and I have made some mistakes.
      Philip: Yeah, I'm 45, and I make them too. The secret is to learn from them.
      Will: Yeah, I learned my lesson. From now on I'm only dating girls with ugly moms.

    • Janice: Too bad, we could have had something special.
      Philip: I have something special.
      ( Philip looks at Vivian)

    • Philip: Do you know what it's like to go after a girl and not get her?
      Will: No.
      Philip: Well finally after two years I learned that Janice was never going to have me so, I settled for Vivian.
      (Vivian walks in and hears, then storms upstairs)
      Philip: Oh Vivian. I meant with, sweetheart that came out wrong, honey! Honey! Baby?!
      (Geoffrey walks in)
      Will: Geoffrey, prepare Mr.Banks' couch.

    • Carlton: Well, well, well. And where have you been all night mister?
      Will: I'm sorry. I only answer to people over five feet.
      (Will leaves)
      Philip: You're over five feet, aren't you?

    • Philip: The trick is to learn from your mistakes.
      Will: I learned from mine. From now on, I'm only dating women with ugly moms.

    • Philip: Will?
      Will: (screaming) OH MY GOD, Uncle Phil! (calms down) what are you doing sleeping out here?
      Philip: Your Aunt Vivian thought the couch was too good for me.

    • Philip: Vivian I'm just being friendly, that's all.
      Vivian: Saint Bernard's are friendly, but even they don't slobber as much as you do.

    • Will: Uncle Phil, you can not go to the hotel with that women.
      Philip: Its just a friendly little dinner.
      Will: Then dessert, the likes of which even you ain't never seen. Uncle Phil, Janice is the one that got away, right?
      Philip: Yeah.
      Will: Well, she didn't get away from me.
      Philip: Will, what are you talking about?
      Will: Okay Uncle Phil, the other night when I dropped off Wendy, I ran into Janice. She wanted to talk about the quake, so I went into her room. Then she said she wanted to slip into something more comfortable. Then we was talking and she showed me some pictures of San, San....something, and before I knew it...(fidgeting) TA-DOW.
      Philip: Ta-dow?
      Will: Taaa-dow.
      Philip: Taaa-d...oh, OH! YOU SLEPT WITH JANICE!
      (Everyone stands in shock)
      Ashley (imitating Philip): Ashley go to your room!
      Carlton: OH, I LOVE THIS!
      Ashley: And take Carlton with you.
      Carlton: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.
      Philip: You heard what I said!

    • Will: Hey hey I may have fallen for you last night. (falls onto the couch) But I am never falling for you again.

    • Carlton: Hold your permit, mister. What makes you think her daughter is gonna opt for you when she can have me?
      Will: Well, number one: 'cause I won't be saying stuff like "opt." Number two: 'cause Geoffrey still has to cut up your food.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Ms. Robertson in this episode was likely inspired by the Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate, a 1967 film starring Dustin Hoffman as a clueless teen who is seduced by his girlfriend's 40-something mother.