The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 5

Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 1992 on NBC

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  • As brilliant Season 3 has been so far, this is the first strange episode

    Now don't get me wrong. I still like this episode but it had a weird tone to it. The idea of Carlton being a teenage parent is disturbing and out of his character. Sure, his character has been a little modified, but here, for the first time, things feel weird with Carlton.

    That isn't to say that the episode wasn't funny. I laughed a lot during the episode but the premise of the episode just didn't seem right. If this happened to Will, I can perfectly understand. Also the ending was very strange and sudden. But at least I had some laughs
  • Carlton a dad? No

    Sorry to spoil it for you. Your fault for reading this before you watched this episode. Normally I try avoid spoilers, but this was exception. Was this a bad a bad episode? No. But the writers and producers did trick us. Maybe it was good acting, but you see no indication from Carlton and Cindy that Carlton is not the father. I liked that Will went and got Carlton. This would not happen two years ago. I also enjoyed seeing Cindy. It was Lisa from Saved by the Bell and one of her few non-Saved by the Bell appearances. This could have been better and maybe they could have done more episodes around this.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show fresh prince carlton gets in contact with his old ex girl friend who left him when things started to get serious years ago and he start to meet her and talk to her again till she reaveals she has carlton jr and he thinks he is the father and so he decides to leave with her down to vegas to get married with out his parents finding out unti they do and go down there to get him . this was a good ep and it had a lot of good moments i thought
  • As funny as this episode is, it sets a wrong tone and leaves a bad aftertaste.

    Overall, this episode is quite funny, meeting the expectations for the series. However, the writers of this episode leave us with big unanswered questions.

    So this ex-girlfriend of Carlton's comes to the Banks' mansion with a baby she says is Carlton's and he rides along with the story so he can lie about his virginity, using the baby as proof that he had sex with this girl. Things get serious once Carlton decides to marry her. Although she appears to accept marrying Carlton, she then gets scared once she finds out about Carlton's plans for the future.

    But what happened with the baby? Did Carlton and Cindy agree beforehand to lie to the family alleging the baby was Carlton's, or was Cindy trying to scam Carlton to have him be the father of the child, and Carlton was consenting the scam so he could lie about his virginity? Simply put, this episode leaves a bad aftertaste in the viewer's mind.
  • 305

    "You a German?"

    It was around this season that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air really started to become a comedy that everyone would gather around their television set to watch, and with good reason. They did not try to have a righteous political message in every episode, they just told good storylines. Take today's episode for instance, was the whole baby daddy thing a bit of a cliche, even in the early 90's? Sure, but that does not mean it was not funny.

    Good episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air here. You definitely need more of these Carlton-centric episodes in the show.
  • Is Carlton REALLY a daddy?

    We all know Carlton was vulnerable, but was he so in need of love that he was willing to throw his very promising life away for some girl with some baby who he knew wasn't his?
    The whole concept seemed a bit extreme, even for someone as desperate as Carlton, nonetheless it was still very entertaining! For once it was nice to see that Will hadn't caused the vein in Uncle Phil's neck to throb.
    It was good to see the caring relationship between Will and Carlton in this episode rather than the competitive exterior that they usually display, such as Will perhaps being the only one in the family not berrating Carlton at the time.
  • Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe

    This episode is hilarious and reveals much about Carlton's character, especially the fact that he is a "German" desperately wanting to lose his accent.

    Geoffrey is hilarious in this episode as is everyone else's reactions, such as the spying that backfires when they fall out the door laughing when Carlton is referred to as the greatest lover of all time.

    The fact that Carlton's denial about the baby was furthered by the fact that it was impossible shows just how much he both loves Cindy and wants a child, however overcommiting at the end as Cindy dumps him.

    Clearly this is a powerful episode that reveals much about Carlton's unwilling Germanity.
  • Carlton's ex-girlfriend comes back with a baby claiming that Carlton is the father.

    interesting plot turn. calton's ex-girlfriend, Cindy, comes back with a baby claiming that he is the father of the baby. Carlton decides to marry Cindy so that the baby will grow up with a real father and mother. We find out that Carlton is still a virgin and that he couldn't have been the one to be the father. We also learn that Will is also a virgin but pretends that he isn't. Whenever a girl comes by, he always plays it off that he's had sex before. In the end, Cindy leaves Carlton and the wedding does not take place.
  • This is about Carlton's ex-girlfriend showing up with a baby and says that the baby is his. He loves being a father. So he and Cindy go Vegas to get marred but Cindy realizes she shouldnt and she tells Carlton its off. When she leaves he tells Will the st

    This episode is the dumbest episode i have ever seen. It doesnt make any sense. I was taught that to have a baby you needed to have sexual relations. If Carlton's a virgin then how could that baby be his. It makes absolutly no sense what so ever. I dont like watching it.
  • This is the best episode i have seen from Fresh Prince

    O my goodness This episode is by far the best one yet i have seen. Just about every joke was funny exspecially when Will was holding Cindies baby saying "carlten has been humping around" and the best saying ever are you a german? meaning virgin. It was also funny when will was at the chruch and yelled "I am not a virgin" then when Will was explaining why he was Is a virgin the pastor came over and he started saying o ew yucky yucky. And in the end carlten was found innocent and was a virgin
  • Very original. I love this episode.

    This episode is very funny. Not my favorite episode, but good non the less. It was quite funny when Carlton was like "Excuse me" and faints. It was quite hilarious when Cindy was like "Carlton is a magnificent lover, he's so intune with me needs." And everyone falls through the back door laughing. And since Vivian is still pregnant in this episode, it just adds to the comedy with the mood swings and everything that comes with pregnancy. All in all, it's a great episode.
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