The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 6

Mistaken Identity

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1990 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Will and Carlton voluntarily drive Mr. Firth's car to Palm Springs. They get lost and drive slow to find the street. They get pulled over and arrested because they meet the description of local car thieves for whom the local law enforcement officers had been searching. Will and Carlton state a confession on live TV in an attempt to be released from jail.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Hysterical episode that is absolutely sure to make you laugh from start to finish

    Honestly, up until now I didn't really believe that any of these episodes were unbelievable. They were all great but not amazing. That is until I came across "Mistaken Identity". I mean, everything about this episode just made me laugh. For heaven sakes, I even laughed during the introduction scene!

    The thing that made me not stop laughing was the guy singing in the jail cell. It was a brilliantly acted and told story. I also loved the part where they show on TV Will claiming they stole the car. That part cracked me up and seeing Carlton's response was unbelievably funny!

    Perfect episode, must see!moreless
  • Will and Carlton take Phillp's car down to Palm Springs.

    This may be one of the best episodes not just of the season but of the series. This episode is probably in the top 20 of my favorite episodes of any TV show. What made this show good was also the comedic parts. When Carlton got pulled over it was funny seeing how Will told Carlton what to do before the cop did. Another funny part, although small was the continued development of the butler. Speaking of development, the characters of Will, Carlton, and Phillp really step up, especially Will. Seeing Phillp yell at the cop for falsely arresting Will and Carlton was great to see. He has yelled before but not like this. It showed that he cares for Will. The best part might been the ending. Very few comedy shows could pull off a ending like that and still be a comedy and a great show. I also liked that this was done in 1990, racism still exists (still does today). A very good episode that everyone should see.moreless
  • Will and Carton go on a road trip to return Phil's cliant's car. But they end up being mistaken for car thieves.

    This is my favorite episode of the entire series. When Carton and Will were singing in the cell was classic. Not to mention the white guy in jail singing in an opera-like voice. I also loved when Will was dressed up as Freddy Cruger. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It seemed too cli`ched.
  • Racism at its worst....with a message revealed.

    Racism is a rather terrible thing in our society today. And this episode is a fine example of how bad (and in this case ignorant) racism can be.

    Will and Carlton are both arrested and placed in jail for allegedly "driving too slow" in an all-white neighborhood, as well as driving a decent car. Truth is, the cop thought as 2 blacks that they stole it from a white person, but Uncle Phil's partner (a white man) asked Carlton to drive the car.

    When Phillip and Vivian heard of the ordeal, they went straight to the police station and were verbally abused by the police. But when Phillip's partner cam through, my oh my how nice the police spoke to him.....until Philip put them in their place.

    The events leading up to the end was just a small reminder of the harsh reality we still live in to this very day. And I hope people get the message as well.moreless
  • racism sucks

    despite carlton's obviousness wrongness to them being pulled over "for going too slow" (Which was what was assumed), I think this was a great episode that dealt with the topic of racism and did so in a good way. Obviously there is some good comedy in the episode but it is also a serious episode about racism, something that was really big a few years ago. One of my favorite episodes, this episode easily gets an A+ in my book. Hilarious scenes, the end is emotional/serious, just an all around great ,perfect episode, at least I personally think so. 10!moreless

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    • Will: Yo, Carlton.
      Carlton: Yeah?
      Will: Those cops were just doing their jobs?
      Carlton: Will, don't get all bent out of shape.
      Will: Man you ain't learn nothing this weekend, did you?
      Carlton: I most certainly did. Always bring a map.
      Will: What?!
      Carlton: If we would have a map, we wouldn't have had to drive 2 miles an hour trying to find a freeway entrance, and we wouldn't have been stopped.
      Will: Oh, ok, ok. I get it now. We were stopped because we were driving too slow. Yeah, we were breaking the slowness limit. Oh, ok, well you see, I've never heard of that law before. But I did hear this other law. It's called the if you see a black guy driving anything but a burnt-out Pinto, you better stop him because he stole it law. Yeah I've heard that one. Oh, But see, I thought it was the black guy law, when in actuality, it was the slowness limit law. Oh, thank yoy for sharing that with me, Carlton. Good night.

    • Carlton: They were just doing their job.
      Will: Good night, Carlton.
      Carlton: What's your complaint here? We were detained for a few hours, Dad cleared things up, and we were released. The system works.
      Will: I hope you like that system because you'll be seeing a whole lot of it in your lifetime.
      Carlton: Not if I bring a map.
      Will: You just don't get it, do you? No map is going to save you and neither is your glee club, or your fancy Bel-Air address, or who your daddy is. Because when you're driving in a nice car in a strange neighborhood, none of that matters. They only see one thing. (taps Carlton on his face)
      Carlton: Well, maybe growing up where you did has made you a little touchy, but I think you've blown this whole thing out of proportion. If you look at the facts...
      (Will walks away disgusted)

    • Will: Come on, let's sing.
      Carlton: I'm not singing.
      Will: Oh, come on. (sings) When Israel was in Egypt land...
      Carlton: This is just retarded.
      Will: Come on, man, let it go. You'll feel better.
      Carlton: (sings) Let my people go.
      Will: Oppressed so hard they could not stand...
      Carlton: Let my people go.
      Bob: (sings opera-style) Go down Moses,
      way down in Egypt land.
      Tell old Pharaoh...
      Let my people go!

    • Reporter: The ringleader agreed to confess only if a camera crew were present to broadcast live. What you're about to see is a Minuteman-21 News exclusive. (camera shows Will)
      Will: Yeah, we've done it! Word to Big Bird. We flicked 8 Benzitos, 15 Jags, and a Maserati, but I didn't like the upholstery, so I took it back, Jack!
      Reporter: Do you have anything to say? (shows Carlton)
      Carlton: Daaad!

    • (Will is hanging out of the sunroof)
      Will: No, man. No freeways, Carlton. Hey, Carlton, look out! A low bridge! Aah!
      (Comes back into car with his head inside his shirt) Well, thanks a lot,
      man! Now we have to go back and get my head! And I really liked that head!

    • Officer: Ok, fellas. We've had a lot of car thefts in the area, lately. You wanna talk about it?
      Carlton: Okay, I think it's terrible!
      Officer: You making fun of me, kid?
      Carlton: Well, you're the one who wanted to talk about it! Quite frankly, I think it's a matter for the police to handle!

    • Will: Hey, Uncle Phil, man, I don't think you wanna leave me here all weekend. You know, with no adult supervision. Did you ever see the movie House Party?
      Philip: No. Did you see The Terminator ?

    • (Bob stops singing)
      Will: We gotta get out of here. That big dude is making me nervous.
      Carlton: Why?
      Will: Any time you see a white guy in jail, you know he did something bad.

    • Carlton: (recording on a tape recorder) Plans for Palm Springs. One, work on golf swing. Two, review SAT practice book. Three, ask Mr. Firth about a summer internship.
      (Will pops up from behind his chair wearing a Freddy Krueger mask)
      Will: Four, get the stick out of your butt.

    • Officer: Good news, Mr. Firth, your car is safe and sound and we got the perpetrators.
      Mr. Firth: Those aren't the perpetrators. Those are my partner's son and nephew.
      Officer: Partner?
      Philip: Legal partner.

    • Geoffrey: Lazy house.
      Will: Yo, G., what up, yo? This is Will. I need a big favor.
      Geoffrey: I am tired of doing favors for you spoiled children. I'm off duty. I am not an animal! (hangs up)
      Will: Yo! I need another phone call. My butler hung up on me.

    • (after Vivian asks that the boys be released)
      Sergeant: Could you please sit down? We're busy, now.
      Vivian: (taking off her earrings) Oh, honey, we're about to get very busy up in here.

    • Carlton: Dad, if you were a cop, and you saw someone driving a car at 2 miles an hour, would you stop them?
      Philip: That's what I asked myself the first night I was stopped.

    • Vivian: (to police officers) This has got to be the biggest amateur operation I have seen since Mayberry R.F.D.!

    • Philip (to the police officer): I've got a few questions for you. When you got this alleged confession from these two young men, did they have a lawyer present? No, because I'm their lawyer. Did you notify their parents? No, because we're their parents. So officer, don't tell us to wait and don't tell us to sit down. Just open that damn cell and let those two boys outta there or I'm gonna tie this place up with so much litigation (lividly) that your grandchildren are gonna need lawyers!

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