The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 6

Not, I Barbecue

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1995 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When Carlton fines the perfect woman for him, he messes up big time and she's out of the picture for sure. So Will suggests Carlton goes with him on a double date, Carlton has doubts but he owed Will big time (He messed up Will's date earlier that day) so Carlton went with him. Will and Carlton's double date goes great until the Big boyfriend of one of the women shows up.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The worst night ever

    Earlier in the previous episode, Carlton met a women who was a mail women. I liked her and it's too bad you don't see her again. I did enjoy that she generally liked him and that Carlton was not trying to her.

    The episode itself was the season 6 standard. Carlton reluctantly agrees go go on a double date with Will after he messes his date by revealing that Will saw Striptease numerous times. As you can guess it the date did not go well as the guys were in their boxers after a game of strip poker. I did enjoy that Carlton played no interest in his date even though she was into him. I do find it curious that Will's date who dislikes Striptease because of the nudity agrees to do strip poker. The date goes from bad to worse when an old flame of one of the girl shows up. This is where it really picks up. From the time Carlton screams when he first sees the big guy to the chase to the time the guys are on the roof are one of the funniest of season 6. I loved Will's line (We are going to die) My favorite part was the counselor who came to get Will and Carlton. You have seen him before and this was his best work. He had one of my favorite lines not just in the season but of the series. (Sticks and stones will break your bones but a 20 foot fall will kill you all) The only other complaint I had was that the second story just seemed to dropped. Overall a fine episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: As Will, Philip, and Carlton are sitting at the breakfast table talking about women, Vivian interrupts them briefly, then exits behind them. The camera then cuts closer to one of the guys, then cuts back to all three at the table. Behind the guys, you can see Vivian entering the house through a different door.

    • Goof: If the ladder was up for as long as it was stated it was up, Will and Carlton should have been able climb down the ladder instead of staying up on the ledge for so long.

    • Goof: Nicky has his first sleepover for the second time. Near the beginning of this episode, Vivian says that Nicky is out on his first sleep over party and that she and Philip would have the house to themselves. But at the beginning of episode 107 Sooooooooul Train, Philip said that he dropped off Nicky to his first sleepover party, a party where the parents were almost as young as Philip's kids.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Sandra is talking to Carlton)
      Sandra: You don't talk much, do you? Will: Uh, as a child, Carlton was dropped on his tongue.

    • Carlton: This is ridiculous. Mad Dog, I'm sure is nothing more than a pussycat.
      (Will and Carlton see Mad Dog for the first time, then run back into the closet in fear of how big he is)
      Carlton: (whimpering) He's gonna eat me.
      Will: And then he'll floss with me.

    • Will: (To Mad Dog) Wait a minute. No wait a minute. HOLD UP, HOLD UP. This black on black crime makes me sick.

    • (When trying to collect their clothes from underneath Mad Dog while in his sleep, he puts his leg on Will's hand)
      Will (to Carlton, struggling): Go on without me, save yourself!

    • (Mad Dog knocks on the door, interrupting the strip game)
      Mad Dog: Tiffany! Open up!
      Will: Who's that?
      Sandra: It's Tiffany's boyfriend Mad Dog.
      Will: Mad Dog? You've got a boyfriend?
      Tiffany: Of course.

    • Hilary (walks in while Phil and Vivian are on the couch): O don't stop for me! Wait what were you doing? Ew, I don't want to think about it!

    • Will: I gurantee you the worst time you have ever had!
      Carlton: OK!

    • Will: All right, baby, you're the breast. BEST! BEST!

    • (after Carlton has played his favorite song, which Will bet $50 he could not)
      Will: Just couldn't hang on there, could ya, little fella?
      Carlton: DARN!
      (he hands Will $50 and leaves reluctantly)
      Will: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.
      (as soon as the coast is clear, Will hands Nicky some of the money)
      Will: Here some for your trouble, lil' bro. Thanks a lot.

    • Carlton: Will, I've come to realization. I don't understand women.
      Will: Or men for that matter.

    • (About Studying Math)
      Carlton: But hey, maybe you can help me.
      Michelle: Oh well, I'll probably just get in your way.
      Carlton: Yeah, you're probably right.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Rozumíte ženám? (Do You Understand Women?)

    • This is Garcelle Beauvais' third appearance on this show. She also played Veronica in the season 3 episode, That's No Lady, That's My Cousin and herself in season 5's From Whom The Wedding Bells Toll.

    • This is the last episode starring David Sivad. David Sivad has played in a total number of four episodes on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    • It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones was being played in the opening scene with Carlton and Nicky.


    • Carlton: Will listens to that God awful Biggie Smalls.
      Biggie Smalls also know as 'Notorious B.I.G' is a New York born rapper who dominated the rap game in the early 1990's. Sadly, he was murdered in 1997.

    • Carlton: Sweet cheeks of Buddha, you pack a wallop.
      Buddha is a God best known for, if you rub his stomach he gives you good luck. He is also the founder of the Buddhist religion.

    • Will (to Carlton:: Tell me this Doogie.
      Doogie is referring to the show Doogie Howser, M.D. which is about a child who is a doctor.

    • Carlton (to Nicky): For one week I am not allowed to listen to Tom Jones.
      Tom Jones is probably one of the most famous singer of all-time. He is most well know for his hit song entitled Its Not Unusual.

    • Will: Hey Mad Dog, bro, shouldn't you be climbing The Empire State Building or something?
      The Empire State Building is one of the worlds famous structures located in New York City. And Shouldn't you be climbing The Empire State Building or something? is referring to the King Kong film in which King Kong is seen climbing The Empire State Building.

    • Will and Carlton (singing): Macho, macho man.
      This is a line from the song Macho Man by The Village People.

    • Carlton (to Will and Sandra): Hola, what did you guys end up seeing?
      Sandra: Show Girls.
      Show Girls is a 1995 film about a woman who becomes a show girl after experience as a stripper in Las Vegas.