The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 4

PSAT Pstory

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1991 on NBC

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  • Finally, a PERFECT Season 2 episode

    I thought that this episode was PERFECT! I'm glad there's finally an episode in Season 2 that I can call perfect. I thought the Will/Carlton story was just absurdly entertaining and the short sub-plot with Geoffrey was great little addition. This episode clearly illustrates exactly how Carlton takes studying. I thought that this episode is easily Season 2's funniest up until now and I hope there are more laughs along the way.

    I pretty much laughed at everything that happened in this episode after Will realized he got the higher score in the aptitude test.
  • Will and Carlton take the PSAT

    I liked this episode. For the first time two story lines were good. Like with his uncle, Will has a complicated relationship with Carlton. If you had been watching the whole series up to this point, the result of their PSAT scores should not be that much of a surprise. It's a callback to the end of the pilot to Will's smarts. The scene with Will, Carlton, the teacher, and the principal shows how Will is charming. While at this point, Will and Carlton are not friends if this had happened before, Will would not help Carlton this much. The second part was good too. G has always been a faithful servant and been loyal to the Banks family and Will. I liked how he step up for himself. He was not doing it to mean or trying to cheat the Banks family. He was doing for what he thought was fair. This was a good episode and kept the improvement of Season 2.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince its psat time at school and carlton has been preparing for weeks and will has just been longing around all week and relaxing carlton has been telling will this test is really important and will just thinks of it as a regular test and when they go take the test and results come back carlton thinks will got a really bad score but will read it wrong and he got a better score then carlton but carlton can take the fact he got beat and so he ends up getting caught cheating in class and will trys to get him out of it but carlton gives it away and at the end will tells carlton the stuff he is better at him
  • Carlton never accept the fact that Will,got an great score and he didn't.

    As Will and Carlton,prepare themselves for the PSAT.Carlton thinks that its based on their future and stuff.Will thinks its only just an test.Meanwhile Geoffrey,while listening to another butler,who told them what his boss gave them.He begin to asked Philip for an raise.However of course Phil,doesn't accept making Geoffrey quit his job.When the test came.Carlton begin to think that he has an higher score,than Will.However when he looked again.He discovered that Will,got an higher score.Which broken Carlton spirit of course.Vivian and Philip begin to work their negotion with Geoffrey to come back,and work for them again.Will tells Carlton that there are things that he is better at than he is.

    Excellent episode funny.
  • PSAT Pstory

    This is one entertaining episode with Will beating Carlton in a test by one point, Carlton’s reaction being priceless and Will hanging it over his head is also a very funny addition to the plot. My favourite bit would have to be the Spiro-whatever he said sports injury excuse Will comes up with for Carlton’s cheating which was quite funny with some great quotes from Coach Smiley and Carlton stupidly thanking Will for getting him out of cheating while they were still in the room.

    The other plot of Geoffrey leaving was also entertaining with great gags about the family doing the work and the battle of the butlers at the start.

    Overall, this episode strengthens the relationship between Will and Carlton as Will actually sticks to his cousin even after he cheated off him.
  • This episode is funny. The thing that makes it good is that carlton cheats.

    I liked this episode of the fresh prince of bel-air. It is funny. Will and carlton take their psat test and will gets a higher score than Carlton. Will keeps on making fun of Carlton.

    The one thing that Carlton does that he hasn't done in any other episode is cheat on a test. That is another part of the episode that makes it good.

    This is a great episode. I would recommend that you watch it. You have even a more of a chance now because this episode is on the season 2 DVD.
  • Carlton is a bundle of nerves because Will scored a little higher than him in the PSAT test.

    This episode is SUPER FUNNY! It deserves a 10 because it was so funny when Carlton imagines all the great things that could happen to Will. Another funny part was when Will tried to bail Carlton out when Carlton was caught cheating. This episode is my top 10 favorite episodes list! You gotta watch it!