The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 4

PSAT Pstory

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Will and Carlton are in the Principle's office, Will's tie goes back and forth between being tucked into his pants and hanging loose.

  • Quotes

    • Will: Carlton, man, I think it's time for you to come out of the closet.
      Coach Smiley: Whoa! No, there's no need for that in here boys.

    • Vivian (after Geoffrey quit): Philip, we have got to get him back and I don't care if we have to beg.
      Hilary: Yeah Daddy.
      Philip: I don't get down on my knees and beg to anyone.
      (explosions come from the oven)
      Vivian: Oh no!
      Philip: But I'm not averse to sitting up and begging.

    • Coach Smiley: I went through four years of school on a football scholarship and graduated with honors, so I know a thing or two about cheating.

    • Carlton: Admit it Will, I beat you in gym.
      Will: Okay, fine Carlton, you can get your shorts on way faster than me.
      Carlton: Right.
      Will: Of course, yours have a lot shorter way to travel.

    • Carlton: Busy, Will?
      Will: Ah, I was about to jet the Riviera with Whitney Houston but since I'm grounded. I guess I can spare five or six months.

    • Vivian: That supermarket was a snake pit. I almost got thrown out of the express lane for being ONE item over the limit. You'd be surprised how fast you can eat a sponge cake when you have to.

    • Vivian: Boys, what do you think your punishment should be?
      (Carlton raises his hand)
      Will: Don't. It's a set-up.

    • Carlton: I'm more responsible than you. Everyone knows I have better manners than you.
      Will: Carlton, there's one more thing you do better than me.
      Carlton: Really? What?
      Will: You irritate the hell outta me. Get out of my room.

    • Carlton: Will, if I were you, I'd spend the weekend studying.
      Will: And if I were you, I'd get a red nose and some big shoes and call it a day.

    • Philip: Carlton just wants to be prepared for the PSATs.
      Carlton: Prepared: from the Latin word 'prepari'.
      Philip: Carlton, shut up.
      Hilary: Shut up: from the big guy, your father.

    • Philip: There I was in the middle of an arbitration between two of my biggest clients and I get pulled out because Butch-Cassady and the Sundance Kid here want to pull a fast one.

    • (Will and Carlton enter the kitchen with cleaning equipment)
      Carlton (about the PSAT): I don't believe it. You couldn't have done better than me. Somewhere, there's an Asian Will Smith and he's really ticked.
      Will: Carlton, it was one measly little percentile point, alright. But, I won't hesitate to throw it in your face if you don't leave me alone.
      Carlton: Well, everyone still knows I have the superior intellect.
      (sprays the kitchen window)
      Will: Then why are you using car wax on the window?

    • Philip: Carlton, you can wear my old Princeton sweater today for good luck.
      Will: Or he could throw it in the air and plug up that big hole in the ozone.

    • Hilary: Geoffrey just looked back and gave a sad little wave.
      Will (to Ashley): And fortunately, you're too young to know what he was waving.

    • Geoffrey (mockingly, after Philip makes an offer for a small raise): Thank you, sir, and with my new-found wealth, I shall be able to treat myself to a Happy Meal.

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