The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 3

Reality Bites

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1994 on NBC

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  • The best of the season, so far!!!

    Definitely my favorite of the three in this season. It is definitely emotional and downright hilarious at times, making for some true surprises. Nicky is a pretty cool character, clearly shown in this episode. Great acting by Will Smith is the stand out and the scenes with Douggie are hilarious
  • Will and Nicky

    At the pilot Will moved in with the Banks and became a mentor/older brother to Ashley. Ignoring that Nicky was born in season 3 and he is now four, Will tries to be the same thing to him. I like that he does it because he wants to and not because he is asked too. It's not very often that kids are good actors in TV shows, but in case he was. Whether it was "Mommy I h-a-t-e them" or how sad he was wearing clothes that Carlton picked out for him, Nicky was pretty funny. Speaking of funny, Carlton was pretty good too. I liked him seeing act like a child. Another funny scene was when Will taking offense that Ashley on her stance on Shaft. I enjoyed the ending when Santa came to talk to Will about telling the truth to Nicky.

    This episode was better then the first and had many laughs.
  • This episode is hilarious!

    I love this episode. I thought it was funny when Will beat "Dougie" up, and how he tried to make it up to Nicky. It was enjoyable to see that Dougie cussed and smoked while in front of the children. I also found it hilarious how he though Shaft was real, and the whole Santa Clause situation made me laugh more. Hilary's rivalry with another talk show host was also something to get a good laugh out of. She was so stupid when she tried to rub her car with a potato and put the key in her gas pipe. This is one of the funniest episodes and one of my personal favorites!
  • Will takes Nickey to a kids concert.

    Will takes Nickey to see Dougie the whale, to be more of a positive role model. The whale starts to swear while in costume and Will doesn't think it is right, so he gets into a fight with the whale.

    Hillary takes Leeza Gibbons parking space, Leeza has her car towed, Hillary tries to get even, and then Leeza calls a truce on her show. Hillary still thinks they are war.

    Santa Claus pays Will a special visit, restoring Nickey and Will's relationship to normal.