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  • Yeah! Amazing show!

    Goddamn! I love this show! Original plot. Everything is just so amazing about it, I don't know where to start.
  • Go Will Smith

    I just really love this show! Funny, heartfelt and entertaining is what's the definition of this show.
  • Comedy gold

    One of the best and funniest sitcoms in TV history. Will Smith should go back to doing comedy imo. Even though it's hillarious, it also knows how to deal with drama. They treat it very well unlike some sitcoms I've seen. *cough* Full House *cough* *cough*. Anyways, if you haven't seen this show, you're missing out. Rest in peace Phillip Banks
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air Writer

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  • turning it up

    All i can say is, Will Smith, you are a legend
  • Favorite.

    This is still my favorite sitcom to watch and i try to catch it when ever i can. The first couple seasons were amazing but it started to decline a little to me when Nicky grew up and Lisa came(My least favorite but there were still great episodes at that time like the one when will takes a bullet for Carlton i didn't really care for much of the last episodes because Carlton became super silly and the plots were weak like I stank horse episode(Which shows that the show was on too . But i feel the first seasons greatness makes up for the rest.
  • Funny but missing something.

    Like Asians, Hispanics, people from India & God Forbid-white folk.. FP is an amazing thing-it totally excludes all people who are not "Afro American" in its cast-never mind that the first people in North America were First Nations-who are conspicuously absent from 99 % of all mainstream TV with the possible exception of Graham Greene who is in a few things. I don't know about u but I grew up in a time when black folks visited white folks and white folks visited back folks etc etc. The show is genuinely funny & that is a thing to be applauded but it has a more subtle message-u ain't part o' my life-if yous white etc-that is kind of a complete drag in terms of a messages to send from a TV show. FP's rap tunes are good from an instrumental point of view more than a lyric point of view-to me (he has plenty of CD's out there) but even he suffers from machismo based lyrics-which is kinda funny in light of the FP character. He has garnered himself a huge amount of attention & he is a good actor-but in a way I see him as someone who wants it all (music star/TV star/ film star) & that says he has a pretty big ego.
  • love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first i thought this was going to be trash. Then i finely i saw it and it was amazing!!! I agree with irehawk20 the series finale was rushed.
  • Pretty damn good

    Great show but got alittle full of their selfs.
  • Series finale was rushed...

    The series finale should show that Will has to finish college, get a job and get married to another woman. You cannot finish the series when Will has one more year at college.
  • Good old sitcom

    Not my favourite but a very enjoyable sitcom.

    Phillip or Geoffrey always make me laugh. And I always get so nostalgic about the nineties and the clothes...(althoug I wasn't born then).

    Most episodes were fun but some also critical and that's a good thing, I think.
  • Silly

    This family has a lot of up and downs, a lot of comedy between Will and Carl, and takes you through a rollercoaster of events. From bad parenting to good parenting, to family setbacks, to independent growth, this is one show you have GOT to see and grow up with!
  • The Best Sitcoms Ever!!!

    This is master of sitcoms can made you laugh and learn something,especially Will Smith,with fantastic performance He's amazing actor,'THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR' was funny from beginning to end.I love every character on this show, But Vivian Banks must be Janet Hubert !!!! She was perfect my favorite show though,
  • Perfection has never been so funny.

    This show is absolutely perfect; Will Smith is an amazing actor, especially for his part in this show. I remember when I first watched him play Fr Elise by Beethoven on the piano at the end of the 1st episode and Uncle Phil's look when he heard and saw him do it. I remember when Carlton accidentally took the drugs in Will's locker; the look of pure anguish and sorry after the realization of what he had done to Carlton; and what could of had happened to him. When his father reentered his life, the joy he experienced wasn't acting, it was pure emotion. When he left, I cried for the first time during any motion picture or TV series, he was perfect. I remember it ending, I wanted more of it. The perfect ending to a perfect TV series. There will never be another like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    The only thing I didn't like about the show as everyone grew older was Ashley. They try to have her act like a little wh*re or some sort of diva instead of the sweet little Ashley we saw on the first episode. Sure kids grow up and mature, but they shouldn't mature in that way. They had the stupid "boyfriend-girlfriend plot" at times, but they made it funny.
  • One of the last great sitcoms of my time!

    Remember when they had good sitcoms that you made you laugh and maybe learn something. Yea me neither. If you haven't seen the show it stars Will Smith, you know who he is? He's a big Hollywood actor now but this is where he got his start. He moves from west Philadelphia to Bel Air to live with Aunt and Uncle and their family and i have to say it was one of my favorite show growing up as a kid. I mean i loved this show watched it every day. It ran for 6 years and was funny from beginning to end. If you ever catch it on TV i highly recommend.
  • We need comedies like Fresh Prince on today!

    I'd have to say that I think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the best show to run in the nineties. I mean even the theme song was great! It was easily the most hilarious show around. I can't even begin to describe how funny it was. It had a unique style of humor, which is probably what made is so well done. Will Smith did a great job at his character, which was obviously based off his real-life self. Sometimes, though, he did such a fantastic performance that it made you forget that he was even acting. I love every character on this show, with the exception of the second Vivian, and Niki who I personally thought was a pointless add-on to the show. There were only a couple of episodes that I didn't like, but there were none that I really hated. Other than that, pretty much every episode was great with a lot of funny jokes. I wish we had shows like Fresh Prince running today. People just don't make stuff like they used to.
  • Entertainig show, but six seasons are more than enough.

    Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a part of my childhood. I still watch some episodes on the internet when I have the time to do so and for all it's worth The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is funnier and more entertaining than most other comedies you see on tv today. Will Smith really shines in his role (or maybe he just really is that way)and his funny jokes have kept me laughing for more than a day. But the combination of jokes with him of Carlton, Phill and the rest of the gang is what makes this show so damn funny. However I do think that six seasons is just more than enough for a show like this. I usually don't think a normal show should last more than 4 seasons because (especially with a show like this) it can get a bit repetetive and ruin parts of the show for me when it just draaaags on and on... In the end I thought the finale was a tiny bit rushed too but my overal opinion of the show is still pretty good though. I still like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air after all.
  • Will Smith stars in this hilarious sitcom

    I love this show and I think that it is one of the most hilarious sitcoms that I have ever seen. Will Smith is so hilarious in this sitcom. Everyone in this sitcom is actually hilarious which I love so I can't say that I have favorite characters because they all make me laugh except maybe for Vivian but she is a good character... not the funniest character but a good character. Uncle Phil (James Avery), Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro), Hilary (Karyn Parsons), Ashley (Tatyanna Ali), and Geoffrey (Joseph Marcell). I love most of the storylines in this sitcom. Some of the episodes aren't that great but most of the episodes just make me laugh so hard. I have seen every single episode of this sitcom and enjoyed ALMOST all of them. I love to watch this show every morning before I get ready to go to school or watch it at nighttime. If you haven't seen this show yet... you must watch this show, it is so hilarious with a bunch of hilarious characters. I wished this show lasted more than six seasons but six season was good enough to make me laugh hard. Overall, a hilarious sitcom starring Will Smith and the rest of the cast. 10/10
  • What kind of show is this? Why does everyone like it?

    So we have this dude living in Bel-Air and his name is Will. *yawn* I don't really want to continue on with the series because everytime I see it, puts me to sleep. So the first time I saw an episode at Nick@Nite, I always see Will getting dates with diffrent girls which I don't know who they are. That was the time I changed the channel. Sorry for the people who do like it, I'm just not interested. But if you DO agree that this show is bad fell free to agree with me otherwise disagree with me if you want to. I better go eat a sandwich. xP
  • this show is boring the only funny thing is Carlton.

    Everyone is like obsessed with this show and says it really funny, but I disagree, the only one I think that is funny and cool is Carlton, if it was the Carlton Show then it would be good, but ugghh this show is horrible!! and thats all they show on Nick@Nite, stupid Nick!! Take it off!! Just show Roseanne and Full House!! (The Cosby Show is okay though) But this show is way overrated, its just soo boring, I almost dislocated my jaw from yawning. I tried watching this show before, but I just can't get into it. Above all this show is BAD.
  • It's a classic

    The show revolves around Will Smith, who comes from the streets of Philadelphia, and comes to live with his rich Uncle and Aunt to make his life better. His Cousin Carlton who he constantly makes fun of height and not really being black, becomes his best friend in the show, his Uncle Phil who he makes fun of his weight, but becomes a great mentor for Will through out the series, his Aunt Vivian another mentor to help mold Wills future, Ashley who he helps from being as up tight as her siblings, and Hilary who works as the shows super snob, and Jeffery the Butler who knocks Will down a peg or two almost every episode. It's a great family show and you should give it a look.
  • A series which involves Will Smith at his best! For a hilarious show that makes you laugh, check this show out, cause you'll laugh right away.

    This is one series which prooves the nineties had the best and funniest kinds of shows, and Fresh Prince is absolutely no exception. This series stars Will Smith with his greatest preformance and acting. He does the best job freaking out, his screams is hilarious, and he can act out any emotion, sometimes it can make you forget that he's even acting. This show is hilarious, and I know that my cheeks are usually hurting after I watch an episode because I was laughing so much. The characters are awesome, the plots are full of action, comedy, and suspense, and it'll leave you wishing for more episodes. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I really wish it was still running today.
  • Perfect

    This show is easily one of the funniest, most creative, most well-written shows I have seen. It is a shame that it ended a while back, and it is a shame that seasons 5 and 6 are not on DVD. Will is really hilarious in this show. In fact, this show, every character is unique and funny, every character in this show has made me laugh at one time or another. And then of course all the sad episodes they did over the course of the seasons. My overall grade would be A, some episodes weren't good but many were
  • such a hilrious show that made us think is this really possilbe .

    i think this show was hilrious the frsh prince number one had a really good toon and alot of people started to sing the song all the time .and the jokes just kept on coming becasue its about a kid that his mother thinks he is in the bad neibor hood and she wantes him to get a good life so she has him move to california baler . he goes from low class to liven it up which a huge house and everything thing is he sorta dose not fit in aleast in the first season he startes teaching the kids certain things like how to dance other things and there is a butler jefrey and a daoughter name hilrey and son name carton and ashley. was the younger daughter . this was realy good show and it had hilrious moments when they get robed to when carlton and will are in the jail and the family runs down there and blows the roof of the place and the cops are so scared they have them taking out of the jail. to be set freed it touched apon all diffrent topics like race ,girls ,and other problems. it was a classic show.
  • The immature Will Smith is sent from his home, Philadelphia, to his rich Uncle Phillip's mansion in Bel-Air with his uncle, aunt, and cousins.

    This was a great show that had a great run, with one of my all-time favorite actors, Will Smith. He's a great comedian, and I idolize him. But he's not the only great one on the show: pretty much every character on the Fresh Prince is funny. Uncle Phil's character is supposed to be serious, but constant fat jokes and his threats to Will, etc. are funny; and so are his dance moves. Geoferrey, the butler of the Banks' house, is funny for his sarcasm. Carlton was the second of three Banks children that Will was moving into. He played a smart character, but he had funny dancing moments and funny emotional moments. He was short, so that also got teased by a lot of people, especially Will. Hillary is funny for the fact she is so used to a rich life; She couldn't survive a day without shopping. Ashley is Will's youngest cousin and housemate. She was funny for just being herself. Aunt Vivian, Phil's wife, wasn't a popular character in my mind, especially when she was played by two different actresses.

    But overall, the show was a great '90s comedy, and the two-part ending was so sad, when everybody was moving on with their lives. The six-year classic will always be remembered as one of many great shows from the 20th century - shows in which are so great, they're hard to find these days.
  • Fresh

    None can deny that The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was one of the funniest shows of the 1990s because it just was. There was a lot of great sitcoms in the 90s this inst the best of them Frasier, Friends and so on rank so much higher but this was still very funny mainly because of the fresh prince himself Will Smith was great in this series and he shown early promise of how big of a star he was going to be. I re watch this show now and it isnt as good as I used to think but it is still funny.
  • Will Smith as Will Smith

    Will Smith plays Will Smith, a kid who grew up in a ghetto learning street knowledge. One day, he accidentally throws the ball to a bunch of guys and he gets into a fight with them. His mom, worried sends him to live with his aunt and uncle in the comunity of Bel-Air.

    This show is great. Will Smith is one of the best actors, and this show shows him when he was young in his first role. This show is so funny and great, the episodes are awesome and so funny. This show is so funny, showing that 90s were amazing. This show, along with Friends, kenan and Kel and Everybody Loves Raymond are the 90s best.
  • Oh how I wish we'd have sitcoms like Fresh Prince of Bel Air on today!

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air was one of the best shows I have seen from the nineties. It was so hilarious and the acting was very well done. First of all, it had one of the best theme songs ever! They included some pretty great special effects in the series too, that almost all of the others shows from this time almost never did. This show has me rolling on the floor cuz I'm laughing so much. I also liked how a lot of the plots for this show were original and very creative. And if one idea wasn't original, the way the writers would make it made it look as though it was. I never get tired of this series; no matter how many times I watch it, it always makes me laugh and I always want another one. In my opinion, Will Smith is probably the best live actor I have ever seen. My final grade for Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a 100/100.
  • This is the best sitcom of the '90s and my personal favorite. It's just the show that you can watch over and over again. Truly terrific show. And you can see how Will Smith got his start in Acting.

    Of all the shows, I believe that "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is the one with which I can most identify with, since I have surely seen every single episode at least a dozen times - and yet it STILL never gets tired! I cannot get sick of this show, and it's making me a bit disturbed! Just what is it that makes this show so continually appealing, even around seven years since its final episode? I'm not's certainly not just one element. Every part of this show is magic: the wonderful acting from all involved; the witty (and often painfully hysterical) one-liners and banter between characters; the hip, cool atmosphere; the all perfectly fits into what has to be one of the most remarkable and well-made sitcoms of the '90s.

    I find myself shocked sometimes at the number of people who have totally forgotten about this show. Granted, it DID end in 1996, and obviously a lot has happened since then (most notably the skyrocketing music & film career of a certain lead star), but I mean, come on! This show is an undisputed classic! Who can forget the wild, crazy, and just plain amusing adventures we've had with Will Smith and the Banks family?

    There were times when I was just addicted to this show, I was a while back when the episodes were running in syndication every evening on TBS SuperStation...I can't believe how this show can always manage to crack me up. It's incredible. I've grown to love all these characters so much, and even now, I still wouldn't pass up an opportunity to watch yet another priceless rerun.

    I agree, though, that yes, a lot of the late, LATE episodes (around the second-last and final season) had their fair share of groans, and showed some glaring signs of tedium, but thankfully, the overwhelming positive qualities of the series tower over such minor flaws - including the mysterious re-casting of Aunt Vivian's role from Janet Hubert-Whitten to Daphne Maxwell Reid; the increasingly old-hat shtick of using the same stock footage whenever Jazz gets thrown out of the Banks residence for the umpteenth time; the cursed addition of a new cast member - little Nicky Banks (Ross Bagley), etc....

    It's not an entirely perfect show, certainly (but then - what show is?), and it has had its fair share of ups and downs in its moderately impressive run of six years. However, when all is said and done, in the end, this show can proudly stand on its own as a pop culture treasure. It has evolved from what seemed initially to be an awkward, cheesy, quaint little '80s/'90s Cosby rip-off to a mature, slick, and fabulously written/produced/directed program. Pure gold is what this show is.

    A truly underrated, and always entertaining, gem. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is one for the ages.
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