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  • It was great.

    It was my favorite show coming up. Now I can still watch it everyday. The show starts off with the urban youth Will (Will Smith--duh) moving in with his aunt and uncle in Bel-Air. Will coming up in Phily knew nothing about the rich life and drove evryone crazy. As the show progressed, so did Will. The show was almost cancelled on the first episode, but survived for a 6 year run. The show is great so watch it if you have the chance.
  • Giving comedy a new name........

    Giving comedy a new name, Fresh Prince is just a show that you can kick back and relax to. Young man from the rough streets of Philly coming to live with his Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins who happen to be well set financially.This show is true Comedy for the whole family.
  • The gresh prince of bel-air is a show everyone can enjoy. With laughter, excitement and a whole lot of fun.

    Nice job cast and crew. Y o u w e r e e x c e l l e n t. G e o f f e r y w a s a w e s o m e a n d s o w a s W i l l.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gave us the Will Smith fix we needed!

    All I could think of when I first saw Will Smith's video, "Parents Just Don't Understand", was, "This guy is awesome! He just has to be in other stuff!" And I was completely thrilled when I first saw the intro to "The Fresh Prince" when he tells his story about how he got from Philly to Bel-Air. The "Parents" video was so incredibly entertaining that I knew that this show would be also. I love Geoffrey and his straight man British ways opposite Smith's "In Da House" craziness. I'm glad it's still on the air, because it's a joy to laugh and enjoy all the comedy that it brings.
  • Great show from the 90s

    I always and still do watch reruns of this show. It was so oringinal and funny. WThe funniest part was the times when Will and Carlton faught and when Will and Uncle Phil were together. It's the best show on Nick at Nite. I'd like to see the cast reunite for a reunion special.
  • Best sitcom ever on TV.

    The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is a great show and will always be a classical sitcom.It still comes on Nick at Nite, and Noggin but only shows reruns. I think they should bring that show back and make some new episodes of it with the same characters if possible. The final thing I want to state is The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air had the best theme song in the air.
  • A young troublemaking boy from Philly moves in with his relatives in Bel-Air. The show focuses around the trouble Will causes and his effect on everyone around him.

    An ingenius tale of love and life. Will parades around cracking fat jokes to his uncle/provider and short jokes to his cousin/best friend and so much more. He keeps you laughing and entertained, from his pick-up lines to his crazed attempts to pull off a plan. The acting is definitely well done and all the characters are interesting in their own way. There is Geoffrey, their maniac butler who is always spitting out one sarcastic line after another. Then there is Ashley, who we see grow from an innocent little girl to a beautiful young woman, who Will feels he has a 'brotherly' duty to protect. And his many aunts, who appear from time to time, screaming 'diva!' and keep you laughing. And there is always Uncle Phill, who takes Will under his wing, and helps him grow, and while taking all Will's fat jokes, somehow learns to love him. Along with the many other memorable characters like Carlton, Jazz, Hilary, and the thousands of girls we've seen Will with, Fresh Prince is absolutely fabulous.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the show that launched Will Smith's career. It is about a young kid that moves from the streets of Phili to the mansions of Bel-Air to stay with his Aunt and Uncle.

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a great show. Will Smith was the main character, moving from Philadelphia to stay with his rich Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air. There are a lot of funny moments in the beginning of the show as Will adjusts to living in high-class society. Carlton is one of the other characters, Will's cousin. He is usually the butt of most of the jokes being quite the dork. Hillary and Ashley are Will's other cousins. Hillary is the self centered and snobbish one and Ashley....well is just there. One of the other great characters is Uncle Phil, who is always yelling at Will. I feel this show is quite good and worth watching the reruns on Nickelodeon. Go watch it.
  • This is a very cool show.

    I like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. It's very catchy and very cool. This show is pretty hilairious. I think I saw it when I was little when it used to be on NBC. I believe there was an episode when they actually took a trip to the NBC Studios in Burbank, California. I also liked the instruments used on the theme song. "Now this is the story of...something...something...The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...Something... something...Causing trouble in my neighborhood." or something like that. I enjoy watching this with my friend. He's very cool. He's like my little brother to me.
  • Every night before I go to bed I watch at least 3 or 4 episodes on Nick at Night. I am not sure why they are airing the show this much but, I LOVE IT!

    I laugh at every single episode. I think Carlton is the ultimate bozo. He does things at times you just don't expect it and he has me rolling on the floor. I also like to watch Will's reaction to his cousin's stupidness. Sometimes his facial expressions tell the whole situation.
  • A show about a refined family who receives one of their relatives (Will Smith) from Philadelphia. He brings a lot to the family with his wild, rude behavior. But as time passes, they learn to deal with him and treat him as one of their own

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the funnies shows I've ever seen. It has that classic humor that no show today has. While all of today's shows reflect a certain, disappointing feel, the Fresh Prince is one of those shows that actually makes you laugh. I wish there were more shows like the Fresh Prince, but I know that my wish will never come true. This show is from an era that has long been dead. An era where comedy shows were actually funny and not full of brain-dead, cliche storylines. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air does not fall short on any grounds; it is a classic show that will always be funny.
  • The greatest comedy of its time...

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a classic...the best of its time. There will never be another one like it. Will Smith and his crazy friend Jazz keep us laughing with their shenanigans. And of course Geoffrey and his sarcasm keep us busting a gut. Carlton and his immature ways and obsession of money make us hate him and love him at the same time. Hillary and her ditsiness and Ashley and her innocence and the perfect things that top it all off. And of course it wouldn't be the same without Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian who keep it all together. The plot lines were funny and educational at the same time. We laughed, we cried and loved every minute of it...
  • awesome and extremely funny

    this show is soooo funny! it gets my crackin whenever i watch it. it is laugh-out-loud funny. will smith's acting is exellent and i started to like him a lot when i started watching this show. everyone should watch it and it is appropriate for people of ALL ages. this show is greattt!
  • The Fresh Prince is King.

    NBC gave Will Smith his big break. I don't think I have met anybody who has not seen this show. I constantly watch this show in re-runs on Nick @ Night and absolutely love it. This is one of the biggest black shows, along with The Cosby Show and Family Matters. I can't wait until all of the seasons are out on DVD because I want to buy all of them.
  • Starring Will Smith, Alfonso Ribiero, Karyn Parsons, Jason Avery, Tatyana Ali and Janet Hubert Witten, this show proved just how different people from the same family can be.

    This sitcom made its debut in September of 1990. It focused on a rich African-American family who's wild nephew/cousin (Will Smith) was sent to live with them. Along with humor about physicality and mentality, the shows also taught some life lessons and brought up points about how unjust this world can be. Some episodes focused on how the struggle for African Americans to survive in this nation is so crutial. It tried things that no other sitcom would have ever thought of doing. Some of its humor was even brought about things that happened "backstage" like the changing of characters inbetween seasons. This was another pioneer in television history.
  • I think the Fresh Prince of Belair is one of the best tv shows on. I watch a lot of tv and think this show has got to be in my top 10. It was over all one of the best and I thought is should have went on longer.

    Will Smith is great in this, and love the jokes he cracks at everyone my favorite are the Fat jokes geared towards philp. Carlton is out thier but the show would not of been what it was with out him on it. Hilary played her role and wasn't half bad at it but she could have been in the show alittle bit more than here and their. I think ash was great. Jeffory was the funniest he always keep me laughing right until the end. Vivian was played better by the second person that played her role. Shows is Great.
  • Ohhh man i love this show. Will smith is so0o0 funny!!! I like the butler he's kool the song is my favourite lolz but why do they have those fake laughs its wierd like evey times they say something funny machine laughs its kinda funny somtimes well gtg.

    Ohhh man i love this show. Will smith is so0o0 funny!!! I like the butler he's kool the song is my favourite lolz but why do they have those fake laughs its wierd like evey times they say something funny machine laughs its kinda funny somtimes well gtg later dayz.
  • again Sexi

    Hilarious! This was a VERY funny show, espicially Will! Carlton(hope that's spelled right) was pretty good too. love Jazz he was Hott, with his Bill Cosby cut out, of corse! How can you hate this show? Awsome but not as awsome as Teen Titans (love that show!), of corse! Funny!
  • A decent show, but the characters needed much tuning...

    The Fresh Prince was a decent show, for was it was. However, it seemed to be about the same thing all the time. Will had a girl who Carlton thought he could get, end result, Will always got the girl. Even at times, the acting was not believable to the audience. And after Janet Hubert (Vivian) left, they replaced her with (Daphnee Maxwell Reid) resulting in Vivian's role getting much smaller than with Janet Hubert. Towards the end, the show just got boring.
  • fresh prince rocks

    the fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an excellent show that is funny and sometimes makes you want to feel like crying. The show is superb and is known for its fine setting, exposition, and drama. The show captures the fine culture of none other era then the extremely important 1990's.
  • A great show to watch with the family.. although some moments you may not want to watch some things with the kids.

    A great show to watch with the family, although there are some moments that you may not want to watch with the kids.

    This show is great. It features a wealthy, "perfect" family, meeting a poor, Philly kid who seems to be the complete opposite of his wealthy new family. Will, played b Will smith, portrays his role great.

    According to the theme song, Will gets in a fight, and his mother freaks out and sends him to live with his uncle, aunt, and cousins in Bel Air, CA.

    At first he has problems ad justing, and throughout the series.. but he eventually learns to agree and work with them. It is an amazing production and is not to be missed.

    The reason I say that there are moments where you shouldn't awtch with your kids is for a few reasons. While this is a comedy show, there are innapropriate episodes that are great, but not for the young. For example, there was an episode where Will, and Carlton set out to lose there virginity on prom night. A good episode nonetheless, but some inappropriate moments. There are SEVERAL episodes with sexual related things that may be inaproropiate.. but other then that it's great.

    I highly recommend you watch this show. It has comedy, family, warmth, everything in one.

  • A Witty,Thoughtful Comedy.


    One of the most ambitious comedies of all time, this is a landmark TV show. From its classic opening song, and its unique characters, this show is brilliant in almost every way. This is the show that made Will Smith what he is today.

    The story, a very unique one, is Will Smith's character (Will Smith) is forced to move with his other family in bel air after a fight he gets into with characters played by Run DMC. It is actually Run DMC because if you look closely enough in the beginning of the opening song, you will see that the characters that fight Will resemble Run DMC. Anyway, through out the series, Will doesn’t really learn to adapt to the bel air lifestyle, because he brings his hood west Philly lifestyle to the show, while sort of combing the bel air lifestyle.

    Other Main Characters (Besides Will Smith)
    Philip Banks
    The uncle of Will and father of Carlton, Hilary, and Ashley Banks, and the husband of Vivian banks. He is a very thoughtful and also obnoxious judge, and has a teased after physical character.

    Vivian Banks
    The aunt of Will, and father of Carlton, Hilary and Ashley Banks, and the husband of Philip Banks. Vivian Banks plays a vital role in the show, acting as almost a second mother to Will with her thoughtful insights on opinions that the cast shares over time.

    Carlton Banks
    The cousin of Will, and the brother of Hilary and Ashley Banks. This is by far the most unique character on the show because of his witty and sometimes downright funny-stupid remarks and opinions.

    Hilary Banks
    The cousin of Will, and the sister of Ashley, and Carlton Banks. Hilary has the dumb blonde personality of the show. Her comments and insights are almost never right, but she still does manage to make herself interesting.

    This is a truly brilliant show. I would recommend it to almost everyone, and it marks its place in TV history in my opinion as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.
  • I'd bet nobody thought that this show was going to take off like it did when it first premiered in 1990.

    However, this show lasted for 6 seasons and enjoyed a good deal of success.

    Will Smith's best work is/was in this show. Screw his movies, I can't stand most of them. I've heard good things about Hitch but I haven't seen that yet. Maybe I'll switch my mind when I see that movie. :) Until then, this show reigns supreme for me among Mr. Smith's "works".

    Will does a good job in character of a teenager (at first) who finds himself in a whole different setting from the 'hood in which he grew up in. Along the way, the rich family teaches him a few things and he in turn teaches them a few things that he's learned from gaining sensabilities in the ghetto of Philly.

    Alfonso Ribeiro, playing Carlton, is the best "straight man" in a comedy in a LONG time. As probably the most un-hip guy EVER (he listens to Tom Jones, dances like an idiot, and is the biggest rich snob known to man), he's freaking hilarious in some of the things he says. I believe that much of the time, it's him that steals the show and not Will. That's why Carlton is probably my favorite character on the show and I know I'm not alone.

    The female characters of Ashley and Hillary are mostly throwaway characters in my opinion, which is probably why they aren't "featured" often in the episodes.

    It was one of my favorite shows while I was growing up and I STILL watch it religiously on re-runs on Nick at Nite.
  • Funny, funny, funny!

    I used to hate Fresh prince because I never gave it a try. And I did, And its one of the best shows on nick @ nite next to The cosby show.
    My favorite character is Carlton, a little short guy with a lot of spunk. Don't judge it like I did without even seeing it like I did. Because its really good you should give it a try.
  • Will Smith plays as Will Smith. He plays as a street-wise boy from Philly, that moves to Bel-Air. He moves there to direct his life to better places than he would in Philly. Once he makes himself comfterable, he lives like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

    With reruns currently airing, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is still one of the funniest shows on television. Season 1 was decently entertaining, however as the seasons progressed the show got funnier and funnier.

    The cast here is quite excellent with each actor bringing something different to the table. Karyn Parsons does an excellent job of playing the ditzy, somewhat snobbish sister (Hilary Banks) while James Avery easily portrays the ethical, serious head of the household (Philip Banks). Will Smith's (will Smith) character seems a little too over the top (and somewhat annoying) at times, though Smith's acting is always awsome! He is the type of child that will always get in trouble! He is also the type of child that can learn from his experences. Also, while Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks)plays the dancing, singing, and acting sibiling of all. She never really gives up, unless its a fight. Daphne Maxwell Reid (Vivian Banks) plays the mom of all faces! She is mostly known for her role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) plays the smart, intelegent, and sort brother in the bunch! Joseph Marcell (Geoffery) the butler. a.k.a- G. Not very socialized. Ross Bagley (Nicky Banks) the baby of the Banks family. Nicky is very out going! He will always put a smile on your face!

    Well that was the Famous Banks Family! dont forget to watch them on the n (at night) and nick @ nite!
  • Funny, Hillarious, and the best show on Nick@Nite!

    I swear, Fresh Prince has got to be one of the funniest shows on Tv. I mean...its hillarious. I watch it every night on Nick@Nite at 10pm, and im not going to stop. I's, seen most if not all of the episodes, excluding a few from Season 6 casue I was sick when they were showing it. Well, anyways, its funny as **** and makes me laugh. Will Smith put it all together though. Without him, the show wouldnt have survived. He just kept gettin funnier and funnier. I also like how he want all "Gangsta" or "Thuggish" in the show, casuse no all blacks are like that, even though they are portraited to be. I hope that they come out with a DVD of each season so I can go buy them
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