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  • Ok i grew up with this show!!! And as cliche as some of the episodes were they actually taught me good lessons at a young age!

    Will was a rough around the edges street punk in the beginning of the show but through the help of his aunt, uncle, cousins, and even butler he grew into a responsible man through out the course of the show. Carlton also underwent an extreme tranformation from a prep school nerd who knew nothing about life outside of Bel-Air to a young man who could hold his own. Also some of the best comedy in my oppinion was provided by Hilary's airheadedness, Jazz being repeatedly and literally thrown out of the house, and Geoffory's complete disregard for the fact that Phillip was indeed his employer. All in all one of the best family shows ever produced!
  • This show is awesome. It is really funny and cool.

    I love this show. it is hilarious. will is funny. i like how they make fun of how uncle phil is fat. i also like how they throw jazz out and how carlton is short. it is my so funny i watch most of the episodes. i like the one when jazz says that uncle phil cant throw him out because he is already outside, then he throws him inside. its so funny. and this other episode when Will keeps saying he saw uncle phil naked and kept screaimng. this is one of my favorite show and i give it a 10!
  • A "hood-grown" West Philly native goes to live with his large lawyer of an uncle and his family in the hills of Belair. Cultures clash as the traditions and ways of the Banks family with those of the Fresh Prince.

    One of my all-time favorite classic shows of all time. The song at the beginning of the show has stayed in my head since the first time I heard it. The "characterisitc" parts of the show such as the dramatic exit of Jazz by the hands of uncle Phil or the smooth dance moves of Carlton, make the show classic as well as unique. The fact that "G" is such a funny character even though he is a butler makes me love this show so much. A good family show and a comedy that is will be one of the best ever.
  • nice show

    i reaaly the fresh prince of bel air will smith does a great jobit is pefect for teens like and adlutsit a comedy and a drama witch realy like.alot of people really like it so shoud watch it is worth because is very entertaning that why a of teens like watch it
  • the best to watch at every hour of the day

    i know that fresh prince of bel- air is older than me but screw that, seriously i don't know a person that doesn't like fresh prince, common everybody likes wills smith's comedy movies, and the other ones like "i robot", hitch(if you don't classify it as comedy) and enemy of the state. will smith is the only movie star that i know that is loved by everybody, to the kids to the adults and even some gramps. fresh prince is one of the best comedy series that i know that have stud a lot of years in television, besides friends,(friends Rules!!!)
  • must be loved

    grat aswm the sart of ine of the best actor crew i love in is cool ad mut be one of the best of the comedy shos i love it must me im a eite boy tiping aw on my compter muat be loved il say googd by and so long
  • Legend!

    I can not believe I did not discover this show was on Trouble earlier ! I remember my parents used to always watch this show when i was younger and i used to watch it with them . Some of the jokes and one liners in it are genuinly funny and others are soo bed you just need to laugh at them ! The rap is an absolute legend and me and my friends still know it of by heart ! This show really paved the way for Will Smith ! The outfits are absoulutly terrible ! Soo 90's It's Unreal!
  • Without Will Smith, this show would be nothing.

    This show begins when Will Smith of Philadelphia moves in with his relatives in Bel-Air, California after getting into a 'fight' in Phillie. Will Smith is always getting into trouble and is so funny! Anyways, when he gets to Bel-Air, his new housemates include his Uncle Phil, who is just a little, lol, overweight. Uncle Phil obviously doesn't want him there. Aunt Vivian is the sweeter aunt who usually sticks up for Will when Uncle Phil is raging at him. Ashley is Will's 'new best friend' when he gets there. And the first thing Will teaches Ashley is how to rap. How sweet. Then the spoiled brat Hilary is like any other dumb airess on any other show. Carlton is the annoying but funny short cousin, who Will is always making fun of because he is short. Then, there is their butler for England, Geoferrey, who Will calls G. Geogerrey is so funny! He doesn't really laugh or smile much, but he makes so many funny sarcastic jokes! Its so funny!
  • I love Fresh Prince!

    Fresh Prince is an "older" show that continues to be funny no matter how many times you watch it. Some of the reoccurring jokes just give the show its comedy too. Even when I'm watching a re-run, or an episode I've seen seven times, I'll be laughing. The actors and actresses are all brilliant, and I love the differnt characters (and sides of characters) that are portrayed throughout the series. I'll never get tired of Fresh Prince no matter how much I see it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh some more... Fresh Prince is a great show for most ages if you're looking for a great comedy/drama.
  • Will Smith showed how hilarious he could be in TFPOBA

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is about Will Smith, a youth from Philadelphia who moves in with his rich relatives to get a better education and move on in life successfully. When he moves in, he shows the Bankses that there is more to life than sucking up to richer people and money. He constantly makes fun of his short cousin Carlton, and advices his youngest cousin Ashley (although sometimes, the advice isn’t the best he could’ve offered). His Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil try to deal with Will’s unruly ways, and put up with his goofiness. He gets himself and Carlton in the craziest situations. At the end of the series, Will matured and learned to manage himself, and the Bankses learned that the world didn’t revolve around cash. If you like Will Smith’s crazy sense of humor, you’ll love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • I love the fresh prince of bel-air! It is one of the funniest shows EVER!

    The fresh prince of bel-air is about a guy who lives in West Philadalphia, Pensillvania that moves in with his aunt and uncle that live in Belair, California. It is hilarious! Yesterday, I was watching the fresh prince of belair when Carolton finds out he a dad. Will was talking on the phone with his mom about this, then Phil and Vivian come in the room, he pretends he's calling up for pizza, then before he hangs up, he says 'I love you'. You have to see it. Well got to go, bye!
  • One of the greatest.

    The show is one of the greatest. It has everything: Comedy, Sorrow, Will Smith, Hilary Banks, Ashley, Carlton, Phillip, Vivian, and some good looking chicks along the way! If you combine all of this into a single show, you get the fresh prince of Bel Air! So, whoever made this, please bring it back! It's perfect!
  • why did they cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    man just why did they cancel it that was a very great show i love 2 whatch it this show is the best will smit is jus so funny they should have let it stay on the air!!!! that show is wonderful i would love for it 2 come back on the air
  • This is one of the best shows ever created!

    This is my absolute most favorite show ever! I love this show because it is so funny. In every show you learn a lesson and you get a lot of laughs just like the Cosby Show. I could watch this show all day long mostly because of Carlton's famous dance. You can ask almost any one what is Carlton Banks most famous for on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and their answer will be be his dance. His dance consisted of him swinging his arms from left to right. Besides his dance he would always imitate Michael Jackson by dancing or singing. Will would also have his moments when he danced which were also funny. If you ever get the chance to watch it and you have never seen it, definately watch it. I wish there were new episodes.
  • Will is awesome!

    I haven't seen this show in a really long time but I just watched it today and my love of Fresh Prince is totally back in me. It's amazing how a show from the 90's keeps me so entertained. Some shows today can't even do that to me! Will Smith was just starting out and that start was pretty great!
  • Best show on TV!

    "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is one of the best shows on TV (next to "House", of course). Every character is so hilarious and unforgettable in their own ways. My favorite characters are Will, Geoffrey the Butler, and Carlton. I love Will's short jokes on Carlton and his fat jokes on Uncle Phil. I love Geoffrey's sarcasm, and I love Carlton's know-it-all attitude and also his sarcastic remarks. I especially love how idiotic Hilary is! In every episode there's something I can laugh hysterically at. The writing and the plots are FANTASTIC. Every actor/actress that has been on this show is extremely talented in several areas. I just wish it was still on, or that it ran for more than 6 seasons!
  • One of the decades best tv show comedies!

    Been watching this show for quite a while, however not consistently until now as I was just reintroduced to it. My teenage brother n law loves this show, so we actually started buying the seasons for him. Just finished season 1 and now we are watching season 3. Hysterical, love all the characters. My favorite characters are the butler Jeffery and Carlton. The show is about a wealthy black family who takes in their teenage cousion who is not so well off. He comes to live with them and it starts off beliveing to be temporary, but he enjoys himself so much he ends up breaking his mothers heart and telling her he would rather live with his anunt Viv and his cousions.
  • Never have i came across a television show that has kept me so entertained even after watching each and every episode multiple times.

    A young high school boy from Philadelphia is sent to his aunts and uncles house by his mother because of some previous disputes and incidents that had happened with a rough truculent dude from around his block. When he gets to his aunts and uncles house, he’s awed and amazed at the wealth of the family. In the beginning of the first season, he finds it very hard to adjust to life around the house first entertaining and interacting with his little cousin Ashley, then dealing with the difference of his proper and sycophant cousin Carlton versus his own rambunctious and ghetto mannerisms. He also has his cousin Hillary, and there’s always the butler Jeffery, but there’s little conflict among them. Then there’s always that faithful but yet barren friend Jazz who comes in at sporadic times in seasons but is yet introduced in the very first episode. Will is a talented high school athlete that finds himself later taking a part in the basketball team, but yet being a star athlete has Carlton a bit Jealous of him because of Will and Uncle Phil find something in common. Carlton being an A student, captain of the Glee club and such later on settle there differences, but still have conflicts similar later on in later series. Peace-Lyrical07
  • WooooooWWWWW... Muito Bom!

    Olha... agora vocês tem que concordarem comigo... Essa série é muito muito boa Boa! Além de durar muiiito tempo (e isso pra mim é bom) tem um excelente final! eu assisti ao último capítulo daqui do Brasil pelo canal da Warnner e adorei..., mas apesar de passar na TV Aberta também (porém é dublado, e dublado é mt mt mt ruím!!).... Será que existem BOX's dessa série à venda..., eu juro que nunca ví nada sobre essa série..

    Ah..., que não me deixo esquecer... o nome dessa série aqui no Brasil é : "-Um Maluco no Pedaço"..., só a TV aberta mesmo (em detalhes o SBT) poderia fzer uma besteira dessas!!..., Ufa! LOL mas ainda bem que existe o canal da Warnner!... se não.... LOL LOL!!!!!!!!


    Cauê :)

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  • This show is too funny.

    This show always made me laugh at some point. My favorite character was between ashley and cartlon. Ashley because she could sing, was around my age, and pretty. Cartlon because he always made me laugh when he did those dances and always being refer as white. Will may have been the main character but he wasn't the best actor when he started off but he got better in time. Some times his character seem un believeable but hey this is television were talking about. Uncle phil was funny too with the him always treating will because of his craziestness of being bad.
  • This has been my favorite show since childhood.

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a very classic and great show. I can remember watching this show since I was a child.
    The concept of the show is a wealthy black family who takes in their teenage cousion who is not so well off. He comes to live with them and it starts off beliveing to be temporary, but he enjoys himself so much he ends up breaking his mothers heart and telling her he would rather live with his anunt Viv and his cousions. My favoriate characters would have to be Will Smith and Carlton. Will is a silly ladys-man from the hood and Carlton is a prep from Bel-Air, and when their two personalities come together you get nothing but comedy. This show can be aired for many years to come, and never be boring.
  • The feel-good show of my life.

    I can watch a "Fresh Prince" episode and the world can do no wrong. I used to watch this show when I was younger, and I catch episodes today and I still find it a wonderful piece of television. You can't say that about every show you watch as a child. What was wonderful was that the show grew with the characters. The humor was always there but as the main characters grew older and closer together the stories got better and better, and not even a cast change halfway through the run of the show could take away from it.

    The show has a wonderful style, amazing cast, and some brilliant comedy and writing. This is a pure gem from 1990s television.
  • This Show rox

    This show is about a tennager, played by Will Smith, who moves to Bel-Air because of an accident he had in his birth place, Philidelphia. He was playing basketball and accidentely got into a fight wth someone. His mom got mad and made him move to Bel-Air, where some of his family lives.
    This show is great. Will Smith is LmAO funny. It is so funny when he makes fun of his cousin, Carlton because of his short height. It also funny when he makes fun of his Uncle Phil because of his big size.
    His friend, Jazz is constantly visiting will and it is funny to see him get thrown out of the house.
  • Good choise.

    I like to think of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" as a memorable rap song from a time when it wasn't afraid to be creative or witty. Think of a song by Public Enemy, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, or hell, even The Fresh Prince's duo with DJ Jazzy Jeff (who guest stars frequently as Jazz), as the two were known back in rap's Golden Age as DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.

    Of course, this show flourished during a time when rap was still good, and I can't help but make comparisons to the hip-hop community. There is no question that Will Smith is a born entertainer, and he got his break in stardom outside of hip-hop with "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." In it, Will Smith pretty much plays Will Smith (I bet creators Andy and Susan Borowitz had a lot of difficulty thinking up that name), a Philadelphia ghetto youth who gets shipped out by his mother to the posh excess of Bel-Air to live with relatives - The Banks.

    Once out there, he finds rivalry with cousins - the preppy Carlton and airheaded would-be blonde Hilary Banks (Alfonso Ribiero and Karyn Parsons), young cousin Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) emulates Will's hip-hop attitude, and Aunt Vivian (alternately played by actresses Janet Hubert-Whitten and Daphne Maxwell Reid) keeps husband and successful lawyer Uncle Phil's (James Avery) head cool when Will gets into trouble. To keep everything tidy and in order, their loyal, sarcastic British butler Geoffrey (Joseph Marcell) is there too.

    It's still fresh after all these years. It never fails to stir up careful, thoughtful, moving, and intelligent laughs from the viewer and I'm surprised I avoided it for so long. (Why do I do this to myself all the time?)

    The acting is cool and fresh by all, especially from Smith, and the ladies of the house, Karyn and Tatyana, are both pretty cute to look at too.
  • Of the best sitcoms I've ever seen.

    It's so hard to descibe The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's a "wicked awesome" show! The plot is not clichéd, and the jokes, although sometimes dirty, are so hilarious, and I'm always rolling on the floor laughing at the end of every episode. And the actors and actress that were in this show? Magnificant. They were are so talented. (and still are.) They couldn't have choosen a better team for Fresh Prince. They delivered their lines flawlessly. And they always seemed to bring their character to life. I usually forgot that I was just watching a sitcom because they were so believeable. There's not much else to say about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air except "Absolutely fabulous."
  • great show

    will smith comes from philadelphia to visit his relatives in bel-air (3 cousins: carlton, hilary, and ashley, then later on, nicky, and his aunt and uncle). he doesnt really fit in, because he is used to doing stuff like playing basketball, and listening to rap music instead of things like studying for school. he has 2 main friends during the series: jazz and ty. will might not be smart, but these two are really dumb. some of the funniest things in this show are will's jokes about his cousin carlton's shortness, and his uncle phil's fatness. overall, this show is a great comedy series.
  • This show is hilarious!

    When I watch this show, the characters sometime do things that aren't meant to be funny. Like if they say something and you don't hear the audience laugh because maybe what they said wasn't suppose to be funny, but I think it's funny anyway. The most funniest and best character in this show is Will. Will always have good jokes and disses. Will is mostly funny when he's talking and teasing Carlton and his Uncle. Another thing I like about Will is that he's sloppy and clumsy. Sometimes he would walk and bump into something or knock something over. lol! Not only Will is funny, but he's kind of good at rapping, for example: the theme song.
  • This show can soon be considered as a classic, I absolutely loveeeee it =) I used to watch it all the time..

    I really like the actors in the show and the different characters they play, it was one of the first TV shows that I ever watched and I loved it =) It really should be continued, a show like this is too amazing to just be stopped! Will Smith was so0o young in this show..wo0ohh!! It was a long time ago but always a great actor..and so hilarious in this show!! I loveeee the opening song for the show, I used to always sing along. I miss it so0o much =( they really should consider bringing it back, such a shame!!

    fresh prince of bel-air is in my opinion the best thing will smith has done in his career as both rapper and actor. hes done alot of really good movies and songs but tv was his for-tay. fresh prince should have lasted long then six years. it could have reached the 2000's. there needs to be a fresh prince reunion. LETS DEMAND IT!!!!
  • this is about a person that lives in a bad neiborhood in new jersey that gets in a fight and his mom decides to send him to live with his aunt and uncle in belair

    this show is halarious will smith is funny and his cousins do not understand him when he talks street adn he is just completely stupid and always causes problems with things the funny thing is that he causes every problem in the series and he ends up fixing them by the end of the episode so he is kind of smart someof the time retard i love show like this n nn n n n n n n n n n n n n n nn nn nn n n n n n n n n n n n
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