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  • I do not like this show.

    Many people like this show. But I don't. And I never Will. It's pointless. I do not like the title, the opening, or anything. Will Smith plays Will Smith on the show, plus, the show airs on TWO networks that I know of. There may be more. The networks themselves also change completely. There used to be some cartoon hosts of one network, but now there is some song that plays instead. The song repeats itself, only saying the words "Hey, Babe". so what is the big deal with this show? Notice in the picture that Will Smith is larger and more in the front while the rest of the characters are in the back. The show should be taken off the air, but I know that it never will. At least they should air more shows than this one. Like I said, It constantly airs on two networks. And they keep bringing in more shows, but take them off the air or air them in the middle of the night and the only shows are that are ever on is this one. They should be airing better shows.
  • What kind of show is this? Why does everyone like it?

    So we have this dude living in Bel-Air and his name is Will. *yawn* I don't really want to continue on with the series because everytime I see it, puts me to sleep. So the first time I saw an episode at Nick@Nite, I always see Will getting dates with diffrent girls which I don't know who they are. That was the time I changed the channel. Sorry for the people who do like it, I'm just not interested. But if you DO agree that this show is bad fell free to agree with me otherwise disagree with me if you want to. I better go eat a sandwich. xP
  • this show is boring the only funny thing is Carlton.

    Everyone is like obsessed with this show and says it really funny, but I disagree, the only one I think that is funny and cool is Carlton, if it was the Carlton Show then it would be good, but ugghh this show is horrible!! and thats all they show on Nick@Nite, stupid Nick!! Take it off!! Just show Roseanne and Full House!! (The Cosby Show is okay though) But this show is way overrated, its just soo boring, I almost dislocated my jaw from yawning. I tried watching this show before, but I just can't get into it. Above all this show is BAD.
  • To old!

    Get rid of this old show, Will Smith isn't even doing anything anymore, so whats the point. I don't understand how this show is still coming on, I know that just about no one watches it, except for every one in a million. It has gone out of style, I like older things, but not this show cause it's just played to much. That's not my opinion, it's fact. The show is also boaring and pointless, no really there's no point to it, if that makes sense. There should really be something else put on at this time instead of the same old stuff!
  • I love this show, i mean from all the fat jokes to the small jokes and how will used to make fun of carlton's preppy personality, this show is histerical, i still laugh, it'll never get old, this is one of the best shows ever!

    Will Smith is one of the funniest actors out there, this show was all about will, but the complimentary actors couldn't have been more perfect, they were the most perfect set of actors you can choose, they all fit in their roles perfectly, from carlto to Uncle Phil to hilary, they were all funny next to will.
  • this show is terrible

    i dont like this show because its not funny. you got one lazy fat man doing nothing and you got will smith whos just getting into crazy schemes and they are too pridictable. the only good part of this is the opening music which is made by will smith himself.
  • A decent show, but the characters needed much tuning...

    The Fresh Prince was a decent show, for was it was. However, it seemed to be about the same thing all the time. Will had a girl who Carlton thought he could get, end result, Will always got the girl. Even at times, the acting was not believable to the audience. And after Janet Hubert (Vivian) left, they replaced her with (Daphnee Maxwell Reid) resulting in Vivian's role getting much smaller than with Janet Hubert. Towards the end, the show just got boring.
  • I used to like it but now it's mind blowingly annoying.

    I used to like it but now it's mind blowingly annoying. I hate how Will smith is always going around thinking that he's cool in his ecseptionally tacky clothes. I don't know if that was the fashion but I think that his clothes are awful. the only one I find entertaining Alfonso Ribiero who plays Carlton.
  • not for my demographic

    this show was pretty funny. although it was not meant to be popular among my demographic at the time. it was meant to appeal to young african americans. and it did a great job at that. i am sure it appealled to more than that group as well. the funniest character was by far carlton.
  • Funny but missing something.

    Like Asians, Hispanics, people from India & God Forbid-white folk.. FP is an amazing thing-it totally excludes all people who are not "Afro American" in its cast-never mind that the first people in North America were First Nations-who are conspicuously absent from 99 % of all mainstream TV with the possible exception of Graham Greene who is in a few things. I don't know about u but I grew up in a time when black folks visited white folks and white folks visited back folks etc etc. The show is genuinely funny & that is a thing to be applauded but it has a more subtle message-u ain't part o' my life-if yous white etc-that is kind of a complete drag in terms of a messages to send from a TV show. FP's rap tunes are good from an instrumental point of view more than a lyric point of view-to me (he has plenty of CD's out there) but even he suffers from machismo based lyrics-which is kinda funny in light of the FP character. He has garnered himself a huge amount of attention & he is a good actor-but in a way I see him as someone who wants it all (music star/TV star/ film star) & that says he has a pretty big ego.
  • love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first i thought this was going to be trash. Then i finely i saw it and it was amazing!!! I agree with irehawk20 the series finale was rushed.
  • This show can soon be considered as a classic, I absolutely loveeeee it =) I used to watch it all the time..

    I really like the actors in the show and the different characters they play, it was one of the first TV shows that I ever watched and I loved it =) It really should be continued, a show like this is too amazing to just be stopped! Will Smith was so0o young in this show..wo0ohh!! It was a long time ago but always a great actor..and so hilarious in this show!! I loveeee the opening song for the show, I used to always sing along. I miss it so0o much =( they really should consider bringing it back, such a shame!!
  • i do like this show, but it does need some tuning.

    ive always liked this show but i always felt sorry for ashley. she was the only chacter who worked hard and who wasnt selfcentered,rude or just plain ayyoing. it always bothered me how will,carlton, and uncle phil would always butt into her life and ruin her dreams. do you realize she had 3 chances of superstartem but she lost them all because will and carlton are idoits and uncle phil is a controling do what ever i say jackass.
  • =)

    The Fresh Prince of Belair is such a funny and awesome show to watch. For one it has an actor that I personally love, Will Smith. It also includes, James Avery, I really love the way he acts. I really like this show, and hopefully it will last long on tv.
  • A classic comedy tv show

    This show isnt that funny,but it's ok. Even though I only watch this show when I have nothing to do or I am bored, it's still good. This tv series show us about family, life, and relationship. I think everybody who watch this show will understand what I am saying. My favorite characters has to be Will Smith because he is funny!!! He is still funny right now! So people should watch this show when you have time or nothing to do. You'll enjoy this show. If you have kids then let them watch it. There is nothing nasty. ^ _ ^
  • This is a very cool show.

    I like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. It's very catchy and very cool. This show is pretty hilairious. I think I saw it when I was little when it used to be on NBC. I believe there was an episode when they actually took a trip to the NBC Studios in Burbank, California. I also liked the instruments used on the theme song. "Now this is the story of...something...something...The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...Something... something...Causing trouble in my neighborhood." or something like that. I enjoy watching this with my friend. He's very cool. He's like my little brother to me.
  • Entertainig show, but six seasons are more than enough.

    Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a part of my childhood. I still watch some episodes on the internet when I have the time to do so and for all it's worth The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is funnier and more entertaining than most other comedies you see on tv today. Will Smith really shines in his role (or maybe he just really is that way)and his funny jokes have kept me laughing for more than a day. But the combination of jokes with him of Carlton, Phill and the rest of the gang is what makes this show so damn funny. However I do think that six seasons is just more than enough for a show like this. I usually don't think a normal show should last more than 4 seasons because (especially with a show like this) it can get a bit repetetive and ruin parts of the show for me when it just draaaags on and on... In the end I thought the finale was a tiny bit rushed too but my overal opinion of the show is still pretty good though. I still like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air after all.
  • This show is ok a couple times; i have seen better. Most of the time i didnt really like it but only once or twice i really like this show.

    This show was kind of half and half. The only reason i liked it was for the drama in it. and the reason i did not like it was because it was always "hoity toity". I have to admit it really is kind of funny sometimes. and i really really really like their butler, Geoffrey, he is always really funny and his sarcasm is really funny too! Geoffrey is probably my most favorite person in the whole TV show. I did not really like the first 2 or 3 seasons just because, and i somewhat liked 4,5, and 6th seasons. but overall it is half and half, but i kind of disliked it a little bit more.
  • again Sexi

    Hilarious! This was a VERY funny show, espicially Will! Carlton(hope that's spelled right) was pretty good too. love Jazz he was Hott, with his Bill Cosby cut out, of corse! How can you hate this show? Awsome but not as awsome as Teen Titans (love that show!), of corse! Funny!
  • Good old sitcom

    Not my favourite but a very enjoyable sitcom.

    Phillip or Geoffrey always make me laugh. And I always get so nostalgic about the nineties and the clothes...(althoug I wasn't born then).

    Most episodes were fun but some also critical and that's a good thing, I think.
  • Fresh

    None can deny that The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was one of the funniest shows of the 1990s because it just was. There was a lot of great sitcoms in the 90s this inst the best of them Frasier, Friends and so on rank so much higher but this was still very funny mainly because of the fresh prince himself Will Smith was great in this series and he shown early promise of how big of a star he was going to be. I re watch this show now and it isnt as good as I used to think but it is still funny.
  • get serious

    A young boy named will smith is moving to californa bel-air to his preppy side of the family by his mom who wants him to move out of philadelpha to get a better life.This show is a black comedy the whole family "might" love.I say might because this show is just one joke after another.will smith is always dissing his family like his cousin carlton cause he's short,his cousin hilary cause she's dumb (i can understand)and his uncle phil about how big he is.Phil been wanted to kick him out but his wife vivian (will's aunt)wont let him.Like any other black comedy the main character which is will has dated girl after girl after girl.even though it seem like he keeps the girl thoughout the whole season,the next episode he's with a different girl.The only semi funny character on here is the butler named jeffery.But the jokes on the show are always the same.About wills ears,hilary's stupidity,carlton's height or phil's weight
  • funny

    this show is so funny. i do not know why they even cancelled it. this is one of my favorite tv shows on at nick at night. i wish my family could be that rich. i love this show. i watch nick at nite more than nickeloden beacuase it has more adult shows on.
  • When street-smart Will Smith goes to live with his posh, upper-class relatives in Bel-Air, trouble rolls into town, and Will's urban ways take over...

    I really would not like to explain anymore about the show, so if you haven't seen it, read the episode entry I gave on the first episode. My opinion of this show is humorous, and a classic; cleaner and better than most of the shows today. But, though it is cleaner than today's shows, it is a rather raunchy show. For instance, Will is always going after girls in a lewd way. The characters swear sometimes, and there are often scantily-clad girls. Will acts immature sometimes, and he often oproves irresponsible (once he even admitted he doesn't really care about being responsible).
    My opinion is watch this show with caution. I would say this is a PG-13 type of show, and kids should watch with a trusted adult so that the adult may choose to limit what is inappropriate for children to watch. I hope none of us grow up to be like Will Smith. I am not saying that he's the devil and we're perfect angels, but we need to learn not to make the mistakes Will made. We need to learn that we need to be serious sometimes in life, and that life is not all about pleasure. All the main characters in this show have their goods and bads, and we can learn many lessons from this show. If you watch this show enough, over time you will begin to understand and enjoy each main characters' personalities and trademarks, which is one part of what makes the show a comical show. The other thing about the show is that many times, the family and friends are often sarcastic towards each other. This can cause some humor, but good family members or friends wouldn't be so unkind to put you down or make humor at your expense. However, this is not always the case in the show, and many times they do stick up for each other (mostly when they're in trouble or towards the result of the episode).
    I kinda like older African-American shows, and Will Smith is probably my favorite actor of all time. It is a classic show which was made and set in the 90's, which I don't remember too much of because I was little then, so it gives me a glimpse of 90's life.
    Check this show out sometime if you haven't, or watch it occasionally. Good show and it should be remembered!
  • Great show, but suits the early 90s more than the mid 90s

    Okay, now The Fresh prince was a fantastic show. Hip, cool, and hilarious. However, the tables turned after the new Vivian arrived, Nicky came into the family, Carlton began to steal the show from Will, and R'n'B was slowly taking over Hip Hop. Anyway, The Fresh prince Of Bel Air was a great show, but I don't think it should be brought back. I don't think that the Hip hop comedy now would be appreciated by television viewers. Thankfully repeats occur on many channels, so there is really no loss at all. Suits the early 90s, not the mids.
  • In west philadelphia,born and raised at a playground where he'd spend most of his days,the fresh prince was and is still is a very funny show.

    way before will smith was making box office hits like independence day and hitch,he was the fresh prince of bel air.The show debuted on nbc in 1990 and only ran for 6 seasons but it was more than enough to propel the show into a classic.The show focused a lot on will's antics(most of them that involved uncle phil)and of course his cousin carlton banks.(A 90'S version of alex p. keaton)it was truly a very funny show that combined an urban style with pretty good comedic writing.
  • A good show to watch

    this show is a good show to watch at times when there is nothing good on tv. this show is sometimes entertaining and funny. I usualy is funny and there are also times when it is not so good. I watch this show on Nick at night sometimes when I cant find anything good on this show is allways a good show to keep on telivision for many years to come. It may not be my favorite but still is good to watch. Will smith is a good actor. Today he is in more movies than tv shows. He also does good music too.
  • Good choise.

    I like to think of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" as a memorable rap song from a time when it wasn't afraid to be creative or witty. Think of a song by Public Enemy, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, or hell, even The Fresh Prince's duo with DJ Jazzy Jeff (who guest stars frequently as Jazz), as the two were known back in rap's Golden Age as DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.

    Of course, this show flourished during a time when rap was still good, and I can't help but make comparisons to the hip-hop community. There is no question that Will Smith is a born entertainer, and he got his break in stardom outside of hip-hop with "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." In it, Will Smith pretty much plays Will Smith (I bet creators Andy and Susan Borowitz had a lot of difficulty thinking up that name), a Philadelphia ghetto youth who gets shipped out by his mother to the posh excess of Bel-Air to live with relatives - The Banks.

    Once out there, he finds rivalry with cousins - the preppy Carlton and airheaded would-be blonde Hilary Banks (Alfonso Ribiero and Karyn Parsons), young cousin Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) emulates Will's hip-hop attitude, and Aunt Vivian (alternately played by actresses Janet Hubert-Whitten and Daphne Maxwell Reid) keeps husband and successful lawyer Uncle Phil's (James Avery) head cool when Will gets into trouble. To keep everything tidy and in order, their loyal, sarcastic British butler Geoffrey (Joseph Marcell) is there too.

    It's still fresh after all these years. It never fails to stir up careful, thoughtful, moving, and intelligent laughs from the viewer and I'm surprised I avoided it for so long. (Why do I do this to myself all the time?)

    The acting is cool and fresh by all, especially from Smith, and the ladies of the house, Karyn and Tatyana, are both pretty cute to look at too.
  • This show was very original, however it had it's flaws...

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was hilarious and original. It is one of thoose shows that if I am free, I will watch, and I usualy enjoy it. Everything about this TV series was great until the baby came and the actress that played the mother changed. Around this time in the series, the plot started to get thicker, and in turn, made it alot harder to follow. One negitive point about The Fresh Prince of Bel-air is that when Hilary's fiance died, they made too many jokes about it and i did not enjoy watching it. If the producers wanted the show to be more appreciated, they should have had it be much more relistic by making sad and upsetting things that happened in the series (like Will getting shot) have a more serious effect on everybody. Overall, this show is a wonderful series and deserves to be remembered.
  • Series finale was rushed...

    The series finale should show that Will has to finish college, get a job and get married to another woman. You cannot finish the series when Will has one more year at college.
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