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  • this show is terrible

    i dont like this show because its not funny. you got one lazy fat man doing nothing and you got will smith whos just getting into crazy schemes and they are too pridictable. the only good part of this is the opening music which is made by will smith himself.
  • this show is boring the only funny thing is Carlton.

    Everyone is like obsessed with this show and says it really funny, but I disagree, the only one I think that is funny and cool is Carlton, if it was the Carlton Show then it would be good, but ugghh this show is horrible!! and thats all they show on Nick@Nite, stupid Nick!! Take it off!! Just show Roseanne and Full House!! (The Cosby Show is okay though) But this show is way overrated, its just soo boring, I almost dislocated my jaw from yawning. I tried watching this show before, but I just can't get into it. Above all this show is BAD.
  • What kind of show is this? Why does everyone like it?

    So we have this dude living in Bel-Air and his name is Will. *yawn* I don't really want to continue on with the series because everytime I see it, puts me to sleep. So the first time I saw an episode at Nick@Nite, I always see Will getting dates with diffrent girls which I don't know who they are. That was the time I changed the channel. Sorry for the people who do like it, I'm just not interested. But if you DO agree that this show is bad fell free to agree with me otherwise disagree with me if you want to. I better go eat a sandwich. xP
  • To old!

    Get rid of this old show, Will Smith isn't even doing anything anymore, so whats the point. I don't understand how this show is still coming on, I know that just about no one watches it, except for every one in a million. It has gone out of style, I like older things, but not this show cause it's just played to much. That's not my opinion, it's fact. The show is also boaring and pointless, no really there's no point to it, if that makes sense. There should really be something else put on at this time instead of the same old stuff!
  • I do not like this show.

    Many people like this show. But I don't. And I never Will. It's pointless. I do not like the title, the opening, or anything. Will Smith plays Will Smith on the show, plus, the show airs on TWO networks that I know of. There may be more. The networks themselves also change completely. There used to be some cartoon hosts of one network, but now there is some song that plays instead. The song repeats itself, only saying the words "Hey, Babe". so what is the big deal with this show? Notice in the picture that Will Smith is larger and more in the front while the rest of the characters are in the back. The show should be taken off the air, but I know that it never will. At least they should air more shows than this one. Like I said, It constantly airs on two networks. And they keep bringing in more shows, but take them off the air or air them in the middle of the night and the only shows are that are ever on is this one. They should be airing better shows.
  • Funny but missing something.

    Like Asians, Hispanics, people from India & God Forbid-white folk.. FP is an amazing thing-it totally excludes all people who are not "Afro American" in its cast-never mind that the first people in North America were First Nations-who are conspicuously absent from 99 % of all mainstream TV with the possible exception of Graham Greene who is in a few things. I don't know about u but I grew up in a time when black folks visited white folks and white folks visited back folks etc etc. The show is genuinely funny & that is a thing to be applauded but it has a more subtle message-u ain't part o' my life-if yous white etc-that is kind of a complete drag in terms of a messages to send from a TV show. FP's rap tunes are good from an instrumental point of view more than a lyric point of view-to me (he has plenty of CD's out there) but even he suffers from machismo based lyrics-which is kinda funny in light of the FP character. He has garnered himself a huge amount of attention & he is a good actor-but in a way I see him as someone who wants it all (music star/TV star/ film star) & that says he has a pretty big ego.
  • This show is ok a couple times; i have seen better. Most of the time i didnt really like it but only once or twice i really like this show.

    This show was kind of half and half. The only reason i liked it was for the drama in it. and the reason i did not like it was because it was always "hoity toity". I have to admit it really is kind of funny sometimes. and i really really really like their butler, Geoffrey, he is always really funny and his sarcasm is really funny too! Geoffrey is probably my most favorite person in the whole TV show. I did not really like the first 2 or 3 seasons just because, and i somewhat liked 4,5, and 6th seasons. but overall it is half and half, but i kind of disliked it a little bit more.
  • A decent show, but the characters needed much tuning...

    The Fresh Prince was a decent show, for was it was. However, it seemed to be about the same thing all the time. Will had a girl who Carlton thought he could get, end result, Will always got the girl. Even at times, the acting was not believable to the audience. And after Janet Hubert (Vivian) left, they replaced her with (Daphnee Maxwell Reid) resulting in Vivian's role getting much smaller than with Janet Hubert. Towards the end, the show just got boring.
  • I used to like it but now it's mind blowingly annoying.

    I used to like it but now it's mind blowingly annoying. I hate how Will smith is always going around thinking that he's cool in his ecseptionally tacky clothes. I don't know if that was the fashion but I think that his clothes are awful. the only one I find entertaining Alfonso Ribiero who plays Carlton.
  • not for my demographic

    this show was pretty funny. although it was not meant to be popular among my demographic at the time. it was meant to appeal to young african americans. and it did a great job at that. i am sure it appealled to more than that group as well. the funniest character was by far carlton.
  • i do like this show, but it does need some tuning.

    ive always liked this show but i always felt sorry for ashley. she was the only chacter who worked hard and who wasnt selfcentered,rude or just plain ayyoing. it always bothered me how will,carlton, and uncle phil would always butt into her life and ruin her dreams. do you realize she had 3 chances of superstartem but she lost them all because will and carlton are idoits and uncle phil is a controling do what ever i say jackass.
  • funny

    this show is so funny. i do not know why they even cancelled it. this is one of my favorite tv shows on at nick at night. i wish my family could be that rich. i love this show. i watch nick at nite more than nickeloden beacuase it has more adult shows on.
  • A "hood-grown" West Philly native goes to live with his large lawyer of an uncle and his family in the hills of Belair. Cultures clash as the traditions and ways of the Banks family with those of the Fresh Prince.

    One of my all-time favorite classic shows of all time. The song at the beginning of the show has stayed in my head since the first time I heard it. The "characterisitc" parts of the show such as the dramatic exit of Jazz by the hands of uncle Phil or the smooth dance moves of Carlton, make the show classic as well as unique. The fact that "G" is such a funny character even though he is a butler makes me love this show so much. A good family show and a comedy that is will be one of the best ever.
  • one of my faorite shows

    this show might be old, but its still funny. i mean, a kid from the hood moving in with rich, good mannered relatives? its hilarious. especially the way will picks on carlton for being short and his uncle phil for being fat. wills the most relaxed, hillary is the most spoiled, ashlee is... well she takes after will, and finally carlton is the most suck up-ish.
  • sweeeeet!

    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was a huge hit in the 90's! It was about this homeboy from Philly (played by Will Smith) moving into The Banks millionaire mansion. With Will and his fat jokes to Uncle Phil and great one-liners to Carlton this makes it such a great comedy!

  • I always watch this show.

    I think this show is funny the only reason I gave it a 9.0 is because I have watched every episode and I'm getting board with it. I love when Carton does the Carlton dance. I also like Will is funny when he makes fun of Carlton's size. I think they should bring back this show.
  • funniest show ever

    Its hilarious this is a classic. a actor name will smith came onto our tv and his humour and wit was outstanding. it does'nt matter who or what u r. this show was great. This is one of the best shows of the 90's the cast and how they had the chemistry to create the comey of the show. Will and Carlton were the best on the show. The short jokes from Will and the Carlton dancing. Unlce Phil an Will also had great comedic chemistry I love every bit of this show The show fresh prince of bel air is just a great show. it has everything good about it. from the characters to the plot. the plot is just amazing. having a kid from the hood going to a place like malibu is just a great storyline.
  • nice show

    i reaaly the fresh prince of bel air will smith does a great jobit is pefect for teens like and adlutsit a comedy and a drama witch realy like.alot of people really like it so shoud watch it is worth because is very entertaning that why a of teens like watch it
  • Will Smith living with the Banks

    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of the funniest comedies of the 90s which is where Will Smith’s acting career really started to kick off, having been a rapper beforehand.

    A very original show, Fresh Prince has terrifically written characters, my favourites being the fun-loving and cool Will and the sarcastic butler Geoffrey, whose lines almost always crack me up. Will’s attitude is perfect for the show with classic fat/bald/old jokes about Uncle Phil and his relationship with Carlton is great, them being complete opposites, Carlton being a suck-up and nerd. Hillary is also a very funny character, her constant attempts at getting money off her father being particularly entertaining.

    Overall, the Fresh Prince is one show that everyone should try to watch and most would really enjoy.
  • very cool

    When you mix a street-smart, wisecracking guy from Philedelphia with a sophistocated rich family from Bel-air, you get great comedy. That's exactly what this show is. Poor Will just can't seem to fit in with the family, especially with his Uncle Phil, or even the robo-like butler Geoffrey. Still the fact can't be denied that their personalities are rubbing off on each other as the show goes on, especially on Ashley, the youngest daughter. This show never fails to disappoint me when it comes to laughter. There is even a small mix of drama in the show sometimes to show audiences that it does actually have a point to it.
  • This was a great show that needs to be brought back!

    This show is very good for a late 80s/early 90s show. It was a very funny show that should be brought back. It is about a guy named Will who moves from Philly to Bel-air California after getting into a fight. He lives with his rich uncle Phil, aunt vivian, cousins Carlton, Hillary, Ashley, and later Nicky, and a butler named Geffeory. Geffeory is the funniest character. The episodes can make sad stories really emotional but then flashes to something funny. This show still has re-runs and it comes on weekdays at 9:30pm on Nick@nite.
  • A show with good morals and a homeboy that dosent #### me off........ Finaly mixed together!!!!!!!!!!

    Fresh Prince is the only show I really liked with a home boy main character. That is something, also Fresh Prince is a good family show that usualy has a good lesson if you watch it. Finaly this show also launched the carrear of Rapper and Actor Will Smith who recently did I Robot. I still enjoy watching it 10 years after it ended, Fresh Prince will be a classic. Long live Fresh Prince!
  • This is what every show should be like. Great laugh out loud humor, intresting plot ideas and an original story make this more than great!

    I could say a lot of very, very good things about Fresh Prince so let me get started with an overview of it. What really can hold you over to look foward to "Fresh Prince" is its real humor! There's too much stuff I could give you an example of about that so you'll just have to watch the show to find that out.

    As I stated in my review summary there's also some very intresting plot events and twists. Like when Will's about to marry Lisa...


    Lisa changes her mind about marrying him!

    ***SPOILER END***

    I know most people have the intention span of a rodent so I'll end the review here. I'm almost 100% sure you'll love Fresh Prince so check your local schedule and check it out (If you haven't already)! Peace out and don't forget to look for many more of my fantastic reviews!!!
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was an outstanding show.

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was an outstanding show. The thing that attracted me the most to it was that it was very funny and cool. Will Smith is a top-notch actor with a great supporting cast especially carlton. My favorite characters had to be Will, uncle phil, or carlton. The one thing I did not like about this show was that the actors acted spoiled, espically Hilary. Mainly Hilary and sometimes Carlton acted like they always wanted to have the best was kinda bad. Other than that this show was amazing. I can't stop watching it. I think it was and still is one of the best shows on tv besides friends :).
  • a rabber comes to live with his uncle and aunt in bel air.

    i remember when this first came to air in australia. im a big fan of american tv show. but this is a classic. a actor name will smith came onto our tv and his humour and wit was outstanding. he introuced us to rab. they way he came on the tv. with all topics. race drugs all of that it didn't mattter if you are white black green yellow he send a message. it does'nt matter who or what u r. this show was great. l also love the way he talk to geffory the buttle. not as a servert but as a friend. this is one great and funny shows of the 90's and im glad i get to see it on dvd.
  • Very original and funny

    This is the best show ever! I know it/s old, but I like to watch reruns on Nick@Nite. The story is original, and the characters are all likeable and decent. Will Smith is a very good actor, and is naturally funny. Although not everything is realistic, it dealt with serious issues in a mature manner. It teaches good morals, and its humour is original (although some of the jokes are not, it just comes out hilarious) There should be more shows like this. It is one of my personal favorites, and I never get tired of seeing it. Will Smith and Alfonso Riberio are hilarious!
  • Ok i grew up with this show!!! And as cliche as some of the episodes were they actually taught me good lessons at a young age!

    Will was a rough around the edges street punk in the beginning of the show but through the help of his aunt, uncle, cousins, and even butler he grew into a responsible man through out the course of the show. Carlton also underwent an extreme tranformation from a prep school nerd who knew nothing about life outside of Bel-Air to a young man who could hold his own. Also some of the best comedy in my oppinion was provided by Hilary's airheadedness, Jazz being repeatedly and literally thrown out of the house, and Geoffory's complete disregard for the fact that Phillip was indeed his employer. All in all one of the best family shows ever produced!
  • This show is awesome. It is really funny and cool.

    I love this show. it is hilarious. will is funny. i like how they make fun of how uncle phil is fat. i also like how they throw jazz out and how carlton is short. it is my so funny i watch most of the episodes. i like the one when jazz says that uncle phil cant throw him out because he is already outside, then he throws him inside. its so funny. and this other episode when Will keeps saying he saw uncle phil naked and kept screaimng. this is one of my favorite show and i give it a 10!
  • A Great show, one of the greatest ever

    This show was, and still is the best tv show that has ever been on tv.

    Every single epsode was a hit, and to me, a classic.

    I watch this show every night on Nick at night, and I own every dvd on the show thats out so far, and hope to get all the seasons when they are out.

    I wish this show never went off the air, it was a Huge hit

    Every single epsode was about real like, thats what conneced me to this show, it spoke the truth about real like, and you could connect to will

    All in all, This is the best tv show Ever!
  • Fresh prince has to be the best black comedy. Alfonso Ribiero is the best. He should have his own show. Why stop it.

    Fresh prince has to be the best black comedy. Alfonso Ribiero is the best. He should have his own show. Why stop it.
    Sure Will smith made great movies after. I think they could of dun a spinoff. It would be better than Joey. Networks keep on cancelling great shows.
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