The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

NBC (ended 1996)





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  • The immature Will Smith is sent from his home, Philadelphia, to his rich Uncle Phillip's mansion in Bel-Air with his uncle, aunt, and cousins.

    This was a great show that had a great run, with one of my all-time favorite actors, Will Smith. He's a great comedian, and I idolize him. But he's not the only great one on the show: pretty much every character on the Fresh Prince is funny. Uncle Phil's character is supposed to be serious, but constant fat jokes and his threats to Will, etc. are funny; and so are his dance moves. Geoferrey, the butler of the Banks' house, is funny for his sarcasm. Carlton was the second of three Banks children that Will was moving into. He played a smart character, but he had funny dancing moments and funny emotional moments. He was short, so that also got teased by a lot of people, especially Will. Hillary is funny for the fact she is so used to a rich life; She couldn't survive a day without shopping. Ashley is Will's youngest cousin and housemate. She was funny for just being herself. Aunt Vivian, Phil's wife, wasn't a popular character in my mind, especially when she was played by two different actresses.

    But overall, the show was a great '90s comedy, and the two-part ending was so sad, when everybody was moving on with their lives. The six-year classic will always be remembered as one of many great shows from the 20th century - shows in which are so great, they're hard to find these days.