The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

NBC (ended 1996)





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  • such a hilrious show that made us think is this really possilbe .

    i think this show was hilrious the frsh prince number one had a really good toon and alot of people started to sing the song all the time .and the jokes just kept on coming becasue its about a kid that his mother thinks he is in the bad neibor hood and she wantes him to get a good life so she has him move to california baler . he goes from low class to liven it up which a huge house and everything thing is he sorta dose not fit in aleast in the first season he startes teaching the kids certain things like how to dance other things and there is a butler jefrey and a daoughter name hilrey and son name carton and ashley. was the younger daughter . this was realy good show and it had hilrious moments when they get robed to when carlton and will are in the jail and the family runs down there and blows the roof of the place and the cops are so scared they have them taking out of the jail. to be set freed it touched apon all diffrent topics like race ,girls ,and other problems. it was a classic show.
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