The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 8

She Ain't Heavy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1991 on NBC

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  • An episode morale that now sickens me

    Okay... Everyone knows the morale "Don't judge a book by its cover' Its being so overdone in TV Shows. Aside from that, this episode also didn't deliver well. I thought it had few laughs and too much other things going on. I found the fat girl (sorry the name I forgot) wasn't really interesting or funny or much of anything I found her quite pale in characteristics and just plain awkward when she and Will were on screen.

    IMO, not a must see episode
  • Will makes a new friend

    This was an enjoyable episode where both parts were good and were actually connected a little bit. A common happening theme in this series is Phillp's back. Kind of like Carl from Family Matters. The storyline with his back was funny. I liked how he got caught up the home shopping network. It's something that would not happen in season one. I also liked Will's storyline. Before Will has always choice in women has been in a particular size. I liked he formed a connection with Dee-Dee. Even though Queen Latisha was already in the series, her character was very likeable. The only part I didn't like was she was not in future episodes. I liked the ending when everyone was watching the TV in Phillp's and Viv's room.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince will is ready to go to lakers game and finds out he is going with a daughter of one of philps clints and turns out its a girl name dee dee who is a big lakers fan and will goes to the game and has a good time and will and dee dee continue to hit it off they like the same movies and same music and like putting straws up there noise but its the homecoming and dee dee thinks she is going with will but will at first does not feel that way and she goes to a pizza place with will and wills friends are there and they crack jokes about her weight and she gets upset and will picks this hot girl who he said he was going with in the beging but turns out she is really annoying and will finds dee dee at the dance and they dance togeather this was a good ep
  • she ain't heavy

    "I'll be the one shouting my number to Magic Johnson!" Oh how that meant something so different in this episode than it would mean now.

    This was a solid older episode of Fresh Prince, but I prefer Queen Latifah in her other role on the show as the uptight actress and not as the quirky fat girl. The Fresh Prince relied too much on these moral issues and honestly, while it is still a problem that plagues a lot of our society, it is not one that has changed much. Most people still would not date a fat girl like her.

    But a few good laughs here.
  • I really didn't like this episode that much.

    In this episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-air Will goes on a blind date. The only problem he has with the girl is that she was fat.

    I really didn't like this episode that much. The only good part in it was when he ran out the door because of everything that has happened to him when he went on a Blind Date before.

    I really didn't like this episode that much. It had a few funny parts but nonthing really that funny. The best part was in the beggining where they first show her. I would reccomend you watch some different episodes in the series. If you want to watch this episode it appears on the season 2 DVD.
  • A VERY good moral hides within this episode.

    Again, anpther informative episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as the moral in this episode is "Don't judge a book by it's cover." That means just because another person may be overweight or a different color, doesn't mean they aren't good people on the inside. And really, that girl wasn't as fat as some people I've seen. And, she seemed very enjoyable and funny. Who cares if people make fun of you? Like, this girl in my class is overweight and gets teased sometimes, but usually doesn't let that get to her. (Like she is used to it) But, this was another good, informative episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!
  • She Ain't Heavy

    Dee-Dee is a very good character in this episode and Will looking at her differently because of her weight is a very good plot prompting great fat jokes from Will’s classmates.

    The B story of Phil throwing his back out is also very funny especially the family watching the home shopping channel and being one of the few people that actually buy the products.

    The walrus straws were a very funny addition to the episode as is Claudia’s boring, pointless stories and Carlton’s plans for the dance going terribly wrong, the end being fantastic with the bed collapsing, a brilliant end to a fantastic episode.
  • there is a moral in this.

    This is a episode thats like "dont judge a book by the cover" or its not outside that coutns its the inside. Will and dee dee have alot in common. Will takes out dee dee and while she was going to the bathroom he said something offensive to him. Will go's out with a hott and popular girl to the dance but in the end the become friends again and dump their dates. At the very end every one in the Banks including dee dee is watching TV and when carlten jumps on the bed brakes. then The End.

    What a great episode