The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 24

Six Degrees of Graduation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 1993 on NBC

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  • Will graduates from high school or does he?

    While I did enjoy this episode, I thought like with the pregnancy and the re-wedding, this could've been better. This was still a funny episode. Like I have said before Will has always gotten by on his charm. This time it almost caught up to him. Seeing Will dress up in the flower costume was one of the highlights of the season. His performance at the graduation ceremony was also funny. That kid with the curly hair remands me of Ben Savage (Cory from Boy Meets Word) And while the part where Phillp interviews the potential babysitters was funny but too bad they didn't find a nanny. Another good part was seeing Will's mom. It was too bad that not all of Will's aunt could come to the ceremony. Overall despite some flaws this was a good episode to end the season.
  • I really enjoyed this episode

    I loved this episode mostly because of the recital sequence! You could totally make out Will's voice in the song. Carlton's speech was funny too!(Silent snickers) He had You-Know-Who on his paper to "motivate" him. I loved one more thing: when Will was about to fight with the little kid. " You wanna take this out to the monkey bars?" Since this was the "last episode" for Janet Hubert-Whitten, I was really sad. She was a MUCH better actor and more sophisticated. I wish she stuck around for at least one more season. Well, uh that's all I can write...:-)
  • Six Degrees Of Graduation

    As usual, the laughs keep coming in this episode where Will has to do a recital with primary schoolers to graduate, a hilarious plot in itself but when you include Phil trying to find a babysitter on the side, it becomes hilarious. The interviews are hilarious, especially Jazz (“I’m here to look after Hilary!”).

    This episode marks a very important moment in the series as Will and Carlton finish High School, hence the later seasons being in college, which provide equal entertainment.

    Overall, this episode ends one of the funniest seasons on a hilarious note and I believe there are too many hilarious moments to count them all, highlights being the hip recital, Will pointing out he’s not going to have a career in music and Carlton’s valedictory speech.