The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 14

Sleepless in Bel-Air

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will and Carlton bring are bringing their stuff into the house and arguing about who gets to sleep on the family room couch. Philip interrupts them and is amazed they called an exterminator to kill several crickets. Hilary and Ashley walk in talking about how to act on a date. Ashley mentions she is going out with her friend Randy. Philip starts acting crazy, and tells Ashley she has to be home by 9:30. But Vivian corrects Philip and says she has to be home by 10:30.

Hilary says she'll be home late tonight because she is part of a coffee commercial. That leaves the house to Will and Carlton. Will can study for his chemistry final while Carlton can write his paper. Will says he'll study later, as all he needs is three hours of studying to ace the final. Later that night, Will and Carlton sit down to begin their work. Carlton starts doing annoying things (tapping his fingers, cracking his knuckles, etc...) so Will goes into the family room. Minutes later, Vivian comes downstairs with Nicky who is crying. Will holds Nicky and he stops.

Philip comes in and says that it is 10:37 and Ashley is not home, so he is calling the police. Vivian takes the phone away from him, saying he is over-reacting. The phone suddenly rings and Philip answers it. One of Ashley's friends wants to talk to her. Philip says she is not home yet, and Ashley suddenly tells him she got home twenty minutes ago. Philip tells Ashley good night and hangs up. At the mall, Ashley and her friend gloat about how their plan worked.

Back at home, Philip says Ashley got home twenty minutes ago. Will instantly recognizes his phone scam. Philip, Vivian, Geoffrey, and Nicky all go to bed. Hilary walks in, and is hyper. She says they did the coffee commercial forty-one times, and she drank a new cup every time. Will suggests she do something boring, like reading a dictionary. Hilary goes to her room an Will finally sits down to continue studying. But seconds later, crickets start chirping inside the house.

After several hours, Will goes to Carlton and asks for his earplugs. He can't concentrate and he'll fail his test at this rate. Carlton gloats about being right, but Will has had enough. He attacks Carlton and tries to take his earplugs. But the fight is canceled when Ashley knocks on the kitchen door. Will goes outside and scolds her for using his phone scam and for staying out so late. Philip suddenly shouts that the crickets are driving him crazy. Will hides Ashley just as Philip and Geoffrey walk in looking for insect spray. Hilary also walks in reading the dictionary and thanks Will for giving her such a fun idea. When they leave the kitchen, Ashley comes out and Will says she is lucky she wasn't caught. But Carlton says there is still time. He reminds Ashley of a time she got him busted for ditching school, and says he can finally get revenge.

Philip and Geoffrey come back in and Ashely nearly gets caught because of Carlton. They leave again and Will tells Ashley to wait outside. He'll get her night clothes and she can pretend she is getting a snack. When Will gets Ashley her clothes, he groans and says it's 1:30. Carlton says Will has to learn the hard way, and that he is finishing his paper. Philip and Geoffrey come back in the kitchen. Geoffrey sees the cricket, and Philip charges at it and stomps on it. But in the process, he disconnects Carlton's laptop from the wall and causes him to lose his entire thirty page paper. But as Philip gloats about killing the cricket, another starts chirping. Vivian comes down and tells Philip to stop making so much noise.

The phone rings and Philip answers it. Randy's dad asks if he knows where his son is, and Philip says he'll ask Ashley if she knows anything. He starts upstairs, saying he'd throttle Ashley if she ever pulled a stunt like that. Will asks if throttle is killing, and Hilary, who is still reading the dictionary, says it is strangling someone. Philip charges downstairs saying Ashley is not in her room. Ashley enters saying she was eating a snack, but her cover has been blown. She complains about having an early curfew, but Philip simply grounds her for ten years. Will tells everyone to go to bed so he can study. The next morning, Carlton wakes Will up. Will didn't get very far in his studies, and says he'll fail. Hours later, Will returns and tells Carlton he got a C on the chemistry final.