The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 24

Strip-Tease for Two

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 04, 1992 on NBC



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    • Phillip: Now! You get that bracelet back or I'm calling the feds myself. (Awkward Silence)
      Will: I guess now isn't the best time to tell him we ran over the mailbox.

    • Carlton: Will, give me all your money.
      Will: Ah, I'm sorry Carlton, I don't feel like playing 7-Eleven.

    • Philip: I think you two owe Hilary an apology. Your behavior tonight cost her an invitation to join the diamond league and meet some nice young men and you know how much that meant to me...I mean her.

    • Geoffrey: (to Will and Carlton) Ahhh. My financial advisors have arrived. Moron! Fat head!
      Carlton: I didn't know the Dodgers were playing.
      Geoffrey: They're not, theiving wankers!

    • Philip: This is a delicious meal Geoffrey. You've out-done yourself.
      Geoffrey: You're too kind sir. Moron! Fat head!
      (The famliy all look at Geoffrey and he takes a head-phone out of his ear)
      Vivian: Geoffrey, must you listen to the Dodgers game during dinner?
      Geoffrey: I'm terribally sorry madam, but it is the bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded. However, I shall maintain my professionalism. Bunt you pasty faced sodd!
      Vivian: Geoffrey, start buffing the silver?
      Geoffrey: What the hell is your problem?! You got bricks in your butt you clown?! Right away madam.

    • Philip: (to Will and Carlton, after they've returned home from the strip club and told Philip about it) No dates, no charge cards, no television, no movies, no phone calls, no FOOD!

    • Geoffrey: It's called inside information, and it's quite illegal.
      Carlton: So is that french nanny you're dating.

    • Will: falling on the couch after giving blood I'm dizzy.
      Carlton: Will buck up you only have to give blood 50 more times.
      Will: trying to reach for the classifieds on the table Give me the Classifieds.
      Carlton: Why are you gonna hit me with them again?

    • Lady at the club (to Carlton): Take it off!
      Vivian: Put it on!
      (Carlton stops and stares in shock at Vivian)
      Vivian: Carlton Banks, you put your clothes on this minute!
      Carlton (covers his chest with his hands): Mommy.

    • Carlton: says to Will You can't buy love.

    • Philip: I wanna know what excuse you two have for pulling such a stupid stunt.
      Carlton: We needed the money.
      Philip: For what? And I want the truth.
      Will: Alright, it's like this Uncle Phil. See, Carlton got this inside tip on a stock.
      Philip: Federal offense. Go on.
      Will: Than we pawned Aunt Viv's braclet to get the money for the stock.
      Philip: Grand Larceny. Impressive.
      Will: Than we lost the money, so we had to strip to get the braclet back.
      Philip: That would be indecent exposure. Is there more?
      Carlton: I'm afraid so dad. We never got the clasp fixed on mom's braclet.
      (Philip, Carlton, and Will start laughing)
      Philip: You never got...I don't know what to say. What can I do? What do you boys think I should do?
      Will: I don't know...reward us for our honesty?(They laugh harder) Hey, it worked for the beave.
      (Philip laughs, than suddenly stops)
      Philip: (screaming) DO I LOOK LIKE A WHITE GUY NAMED WARD?!!

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  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to the song title, Tea for Two. The song was composed by Vincent Youmans and the lyrics were written by Irving Caesar for the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette .

    • When Philip asks the boys what happened Will tell him the truth. Hysterically laughing inn a mocking way Philip asks the boys what punishment they should receive. Will and Carlton begin to laugh with Philip not for the same reason Philip is laughing and Will says Reward us for our honesty? Philip replay back Reward you for your honesty? Will says it worked for the Beav . Philip yell back Do I look like some White guy named Ward?

      The Beav and some white guy are in reference to the show Leave It to Beaver a sitcom that was on in the 60's.