The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 11

Take My Cousin -- Please

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1993 on NBC

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  • A great episode but there are better ones in the season

    I truly loved all of Season 4 so this episode. There is no doubt that this show is utterly genius. The acting is is all but that new Vivian who is just painful to watch when compared with the old and wonderful from that little nitpick, yes it is a nitpick considering that the new Vivian is portrayed as a far more minor and less humorous character, partly due to the new actress unable to deliver any amazing dialogue...

    The writing in this show is amazing and clearly evident in this episode. The story is great and the characters are, as always, fantastic

    This episode features a great premise with Will using Hilary to his advantage and gets her to date his teacher, who marks everyone's papers with extreme criticism following a break up with his wife. If he gets enough dates from Hilary, he'll pass Will.

    A typical Will character and the episode is directed fantastically. So many funny moments in this episode
  • Will and Hilary on a double date

    While I understand this episode would not be as good as the previous one, I thought this could've been done better. The biggest part of the downgrade from the previous episode was the ending. While Will being on academic prohibition is not a surprise considering his past performance in school and how he tried to make his class easier in this episode, Will going back it so soon, I did not like it. You would think with Will growing up in this season and how he tried to weasel out of his class on the first day to only get back in, he would try better.

    There were still some good moments. The speech that Will gave to Hilary to get back together with the professor was one one the funnier moments of the season. I would like to know how long that took to shoot. They do show some outtakes in the credits. It's worth checking out. Another funny part is Phillp and Carlton trying to put together the crib. I like that when they put it together, it was found to be unsafe. Other good things about this episode, is Will admitting to Hilary, that he was using her, a callback to the last episode and near the end of Season 3. Another good moment was Hilary getting closer to find some closure to the death of Trevor.
  • Take My Cousin…Please

    Will’s chicktionary grades were a great way to start an episode that just keeps getting funnier up until the narration recaps that are so hilarious. Both plots of Hillary dating Will’s professor and Carlton and Phil building the crib were terrific, the subplot adding humour after a scene that may be considered less funny, revolving around Hillary’s grieving but that plot is definitely entertaining (“You’re making a mountain out of a mole, Hill”, “We’re trying to enjoy the opera” – “I know, it’s hard, isn’t it?”) aswell as dealing with Hillary’s first date since Trevor’s death in a real way for her character and all in all, this episode is a very well written instalment of the Fresh Prince.
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