The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 12

Talking Turkey

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1990 on NBC
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Will's mom visits for the Thanksgiving weekend. When she sees that the children don't do any of the work she tells all the children to make dinner this year which turns into a disaster. Can any of the children do anything for themselves? Are they able to fix dinner? What excuses do they use to defend themselves?moreless

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  • Not one of the best

    I didn't hate this episode nor did I love it like other episodes. It certainly had some stand-out moments with Will's mother but the story didn't go nearly as far as I expected. It had some laughs and Will's mother was the stand-out character in this episode but I didn't enjoy it too much
  • Will's mom comes over for Thanksgiving.

    This was the first appearance of Will's mom. I enjoyed seeing her and this episode. Not only is she a great mom but also a great sister. Both Will and Viv repeat the same thing that Vy said. While Vy is demanding, she doesn't come off as a bitch. What balanced this was seeing all the kids attempt to make Thanksgiving dinner. The best part may have been the ending. It was not sappy. An overall good episode.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince its thankgiving in the bel air mansion and will mothers comes to vist for the weekend and she think her sister has gone soft on her kids not making them do work around the house and having jeffery do everything so that kind talk gets to vivan and she kinda agrees with her sister so they let the kids make thanksgiving but it turns out to be a big disastter the turnkey gets burned the food it not done all the way and so they go out for thanksgiving this was a very funny ep i thought .moreless
  • Wills Mom comes over for Thanks giving and is shocked to see how "privilged" the kids are

    Another good episode, I try to be critical of those episodes but theres really nothing to criticize. This episode was okay. This is the first time they showed Wills mother and I was glad to see that she wasn't the old lady with the big glass's from the opening criedts

    When Will's mom see's that Will is begin spoiled by the "good Life" she cancels the catering that The Banks ordered and makes the kids cook there own Thanksgiving dinner which ends up in disister..Funny disister! This was classic seeing them all run around the kitchen trying not to burn it down!! Great episode.moreless
  • Talking Turkey

    This is the first episode where Will's mother appears in a quite well done introduction.

    The highlights of this episode are obviously the Banks' children making dinner with hilarious scenes, especially from Hillary and Carlton.

    Will having to mow the football field-sized backyard on his mother's orders along with many other chores aswell as making decisions without Vivian or anyone else's permission shows that Vy is a very comfortable guest in a very funny way.

    Although I'm from Australia and don't understand/ know about Thanksgiving, the episode is very entertaining with brilliant quotes from the whole cast of characters and a decent introduction of Will's mother.moreless

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    • Hilary: From the time they're hatched to the moment they're shrink wrapped, turkeys are meant to be food only.
      Will: Hil, I don't think too many of them aspire to become doctors and lawyers.

    • Hilary: What should I do with these dirty bowls?
      Vy: Put them in the dishwasher.
      Hilary (facing Carlton): Here?
      Carlton: I don't know.
      Ashley: Let's go put them in Geoffrey's room. He'll know what to do with them.

    • Vy (about Vivian's kids): This is the laziest bunch of people I've ever seen and I work at the post office.

    • (talking about Vy's promotion at the post office)
      Vy: You practically have to eat the mail not to get promoted.

    • Vivian: You basically called me a bad mother.
      Vy: I don't think that. I never would've sent Will out here if I thought you were.

    • Vy (to Carlton): Oh my goodness, aren't you handsome, and looking less and less like your daddy every day.
      Carlton: Ouch, run for cover dad.
      Will: Where is he gonna hide at?

    • Vivian: You hurt my feelings the other day, saying I spoil my kids.
      Vy: I said meaner things to you when we were growing up and you just took it. Seems living in California has made you real sensitive.

    • Vivian: Vy, the kids tried so hard to make dinner.
      Vy: Honey, hard is the word. (bangs a blackened roll against the table)

    • Will (to the kids): All I see is you guys getting a fancy ride, a fancy ride in a free car.

    • Vivian: Do you know what my sister just said? You are not gonna beleve this. She said our kids are spoiled.
      Philip (sarcastically): Oh, news flash.
      Vivian: You mean you agree with her?
      Philip: Vivian, I'm the one who says they should be doing more work around the house. You're the one who is too easy on them.
      Vivian: Oh, really? Does this sound familiar? (imitating Hilary) Daddy, I need $300.

    • Vivian: You know, Vy. I wish you could've told me before you let the Gardener take the day off.
      Vy: Well, girl, it's the day before thanksgiving.
      Vivian: Well, it's a nice idea, but it's the same thing with telling Geoffrey not to clear the table. I just thought they would feel uncomfortable for taking orders from someone they don't know.
      Vy: Uh-huh. And they rather take orders from a 17 year-old boy?
      Vivian: What do you mean?
      Vy: Well honey, I don't mean to be critical, but I don't like what I saw today. Will's got a bunch of grown men running around doing all the work he should be doing. I haven't seen him lift a finger except to scratch his head.
      Vivian: You're not being fair, Vy. Will works very hard at his homework.
      Vy: Back home, will did his homework, mowed the lawn, raked the leaves, and cleared the table. I don't think a little work around the house is gonna interfere with his education. From what I see, all he's learning is how to be a rich kid.
      Vivian: Philip and I just want Will to have the same advantages that our kids have. I mean, isn't that why you sent him out here?
      Vy: I sent him out here to stay out of trouble and get a good education. But, Vivian, I also taught that boy the value of hard work, and I don't want him to lose that. All I know is the kids in this house are getting a free ride, a free ride in a fancy car. But I don't mean to be critical.

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