The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 3

That's No Lady, That's My Cousin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1992 on NBC

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  • Another memorable episode!

    This episode focuses on Ashley attending Bel Air prep, which has now been turned into a mixed school. Ashley starts to grow up and becomes popular only to learn a valuable lesson later on

    This episode seems to me, as if it is the turning point of the show. Vivian and Phil are dealing with troubling times ahead of their baby. Hilary needs to find a place to stay. Ashley is beginning to grow up and Carlton himself is changing

    Again, the script to the episode was absolutely fantastic as was the story. It really shows that this show is now turning on its head into a much more entertaining show. This season so far has clearly showed that.

    A lot of great jokes and a very entertaining episode. However, the lip stick Ashley was too hard to look at LOL

  • Ashley is growing up

    In the pilot, we see Ashley as a young girl that Will takes under his wing. Slowly, but surely we see her grow up. Since the end of last season, it has happened more often and this was a bigger step toward that. It's interesting to see her kind of disobey Will like that. I like that Phillp and Viv didn't get too heavily involved. The funnier parts of the episode are Hilary trying to find an apartment and Will and Carlton "judging the women at Bel-Air Prep. The best part might have been the ending.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show fresh prince will and carlton find out that there school is going to now be coed and there really excited to check out the prospects and there all looking at the girls when they walk in and ashley whos is now going t obe going to the school and she cant seem to find friends and she wants to hang out with will but it cramps there style and she then goes and dress kinda sluty and all the guys are going after her but she thinks she is popular but will knows the real reason they want to have sex with her and she final finds out the truth . this was a good ep
  • That's No Lady, That's My Cousin

    From the video recording at the start to Will (almost) realising how superficial he is at the end, this episode is a barrel of laughs.

    The subplot of Hillary apartment hunting is very funny, Phil realising that Hillary was still managing to win by moving into the pool house, showing that it is very hard to get rid of her.

    Ashley trying to be popular was also a terrific plot, Carlton more concerned with the benefits of the co-ed school than comforting his sister and Will being the cousin to the rescue again.

    Overall, this episode is very funny and is one that has both a solid plot and a moral that the character doesn't learn at the end.
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