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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 22

The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 1992 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Aunt Helen arrives unexpectedly, and upsets Will and Carlton's plans for a rendezvous with two French women. What will Carlton and Will do now that their plans are foiled?

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Will and Carlton try to clear the house

    Another good episode, funnier then the last one. I like how Will and Carlton are trying to clear the house of everyone while trying not to steal each other lady. It shows how much their relationship has changed. When Will is on the phone and Phillp comes in and he says "Barry White is here" it was a great line. The second story where Will's aunt also comes to move after thinking her husband cheated. Helen is a great character and is always good to see. The scene where Helen and her husband make up with Will being in here was very good to see. While a very small part, when Helen's husband mentions Will's father, you see Will's reaction. Maybe I am wrong but it is a small set up to what will happen later. The ending of the episode was very funny.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince aunt helen comes to dinner and will and carlton want to go meet french girls but they have to stay since aunt helen came over cuzz she saw lester cheating on her so she was really mad at him and then final lester comes over to talk to her but turns out he did not and wills in the bath room and he gets locked in with them having sex and this was a funny ep big time . lot of laughs in this ep i thought . and will works it out with them thoughmoreless
  • The Aunt Who Came To Dinner

    Will and Carlton’s run of bad luck when it comes to the French women, especially the final scene, is a very entertaining plot with great gags, for example their enthusiasm for getting their aunt out of the house and Will’s assumption about the French.

    The fact that everything Uncle Phil “fixes” doesn’t work such as the shower and to Will’s later horror, the door to the bathroom is a very funny addition to this episode.

    The whole episode being based on a misunderstanding may seem like a kick in the face to some people or a cliché to others, but I believe the Fresh Prince managed to pull the episode off rather well, topped up with a few subplots and side jokes on Hillary’s behalf and this is yet another season two episode that is well written throughout with great laughs.moreless

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    • Lester: Anita is my psychiatrist, Will.
      Will: Oh yeah right and I just won a Grammy. Come on man-to-man, toe-to-toe. Come on!
      Will paces back and forth as if about to fight Lester
      Lester: Will! Will, I understand your anger and if you want to take out you passive/aggressive feelings towards your absent father on me go ahead.
      Will stops pacing, and looks around confused
      Will: Man you really must be seeing a shrink.

    • Will: (to Lestor) You really must be seeing a shrinq...Hey, what does it mean when you dream you're flying through a tunnel on a scud missle?

    • Helen: I'm always doing things on the spur of the moment: buy a new hat, paint the house, get a divorce.
      Philip: Not again.

    • Lestor: If you refuse to leave with me, you know what I'm gonna have to do.
      Will: Drag her home by her extensions?
      Lestor: Nope. I'm gonna stay right here with you, till you change your mind.
      Will, Carlton, and Philip all make impatient noises

    • Helen: Vivian, last night I followed Lester. He drove up to this cute little house with this cute little pickett fence and this cute little home wrecker opened the door.
      Vivian: I would've been reaching for my cute little crow-bar.
      Helen: I couldn't find it.

    • Vivian: Has anyone seen my old brown bag?
      Helen: Excuse me. You used to call me diva.

    • Helen: Hilary, would you please ask the adulter on my right please pass the biscuits?
      (Philip passes Helen the biscuits and everyone is shocked)
      Philip: What?

    • Carlton: This is so unfair. What about our date?
      Will: I don't know. I was up all night trying to learn french for 'forget my cousin, you can both have me.'

    • Will (talking to himself): Gee Will, where were you when you were supposed to be with two lushes French girls? I was trapped in the bathroom with my naked aunt.

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