The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 17

The Butler's Son Did It

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 1996 on NBC

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  • Geoffrey's son

    A surprising start of this episode when Geoffrey's son makes an appearance to see long last dad. However like the previous episode, I wish this episode could've been better and should've be a two part episode. I do wonder when Geoffrey made the comment earlier in the series that he wish he had a son that he could pas on knowledge to, that the producers and writers had this planed for him. I do wish that the wife of Geoffrey would've been in this episode. Speaking of people I wish were in that episode, I wonder where Viv was his in this episode. You quickly know that Fredrick is not a good person. I do understand that people who don't have a dad in their lives have a greater chance of being bad. Will quickly steps up for Geoffrey to try to get Fredrick to change. I think he did this because of what he went through with his dad. The storyline with Geoffrey and his dad was good but like I said before it would've been better if this an hour. When Will was at the airport making the case why Geoffrey was a good person and then failing would be normally be funny (and it was) but it was fitting the situation. The ending was too much like a typical early 90's or 80's sitcom. This episode is still worthwhile because it's always good to hear about a characters past.
  • 3/18/96

    It has been too long since NBC has a good multi-camera sitcom. Newsradio, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince, why can't they create a show like this anymore?

    This episode saw things focus on an often unappreciated character in the mix, in Geoffrey, the butler. People on the internet seem to like him, they like his snarky comments, but I was a never a big fan. That aside, it was interesting to see a storyline about his background, and not just Will flirting vigorously with some girl. This show was not the same in its last season, but this is still better than just about everything on today.
  • It was alright I guess but not the greatest.

    This episode was a very dramatic episode with little funniness besides Carlton. Geofrey's so called son comes to visit him but in the process has an alternative plan of Robbing money from him. Geofrey thinks that his son is the best thing that evr happened to him so he goes all out buying him toys and plans on playing catch and so on. In the end after taking a load of money from Geofrey the boy decides to leave because his job is done but figures out he kinda likes his dad. Will does everthing in his power to stop Geofrey's son from taking his plane and leaving, but the son brightens up, gos back to Geofrey, returns the money and says his apoligies.