The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 12

The Cold War

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1992 on NBC

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  • So many great things in this episode

    Carlton loses his girlfriend in this episode to Will and fight over it whilst Vivian and Phil continuously look for the envelope that has the sex of Vivian's child.

    This episode is extremely funny such as when Will sneezes in front of Carlton and says that Paula went for him only for Carlton to think that Will had the last pie (or something) I also laughed hard at the end and many times during the episode.

  • Will and Carlton fight over a girl

    Will and Carlton have always up and down relationship since the start. This episode tested that. My only bad part about this episode is that the structure was off a bit. At the start you think Will stole Carlton's girlfriend at the start only to find out it happened later. (Sorry for the spoiler) Despite this flaw, it was still a good episode. I think it was funny that Viv pushed Will and Carlton so quickly to the pool room. It was also funny how Viv and Phillp tried to get Geoffrey to find out the results of the sex of the baby. The end result is funny. The fight that Will and Carlton had was good. I also think that Will might have gone a little too far with Carlton. Even though Will stole Carlton's girlfriend, he didn't go too far in that you disliked Will.
  • this episode is my favorite and one that deserves a 10. this one has a wonderful will and carlton fight,just like a huge huge warfare kindof fight! it is so much better than all fights between those 2....will and carlton. we learned all about carlton!

    this episode is worth a 15...Cold war, it is my favorite episode, we do already know alot about carlton...enough to say every girl friend he had he got dumped, he is a little kid on the outside and inside...KOOL! that is what makes this fight with will and carlton soo great! i love when the have that big fight in the pool house! it makes carlton look so though! not only he looks like a little girl having a pillow fight but him telling will how he really feels about him.although some people can already tell how they get along.
  • This episode is funny!

    This is the funniest episode in Season 3 of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Carlton is in a bad mood because his ex-girlfriend named Paula dumps him, leaving him for Will. Then he gets a cold and feels bad about Paula and blames the situation on Will. The most funniest part of this episode was when they fight and argue when Will claims that it's not his fault. Phillip and Vivian realize they need the sonogram and when Vivian thinks he found the sonogram, he says that he found the chocolate Easter bunny that he's been looking at all week! Then Will and Carlton forgive each other by being honest with each other.
  • The Cold War

    Will and Carlton were very well written in this episode with so many hilarious moments involving the fight and the honesty (Wait, theres more...)

    The subplot of the sonogram was also very funny, the end revealing they were having a Hilary (a kid that costs a fortune).

    Honesty was a great theme throughout the episode and I found the whole thing very funny especially Will breaking Paula and Carlton up, Carlton later revealing to have done the same thing with Will and Latisha.

    Overall, The Cold War is not only a great pun, it is a hilarous episode and proof of how great a series The Fresh Prince was.