The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 17

The Ethnic Tip

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 1991 on NBC

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  • Will fails History and wants a black history to be taught so Vivian becomes their teacher

    This episode was really a unique and well made episode. I liked the various little twists they took in this one. I mean, I liked how Vivian became their teacher and instead of us believing that Will would become a brighter student, he does not. I also love how we believe Carlton would just excel at the work but he himself, being a mother's boy, cannot stand his mother.

    This was a great episode and made me constantly laugh
  • Viv becomes a teacher at Will and Carlton's School

    A very solid episode. One of the best of the season. We get to explore into the character of Vivian more. This episode made you appreciate it more. You also appreciate Will more. Someone who talks about this history of black people gets a lesson from his aunt, a very powerful one. This also showed while Will appreciates black history it does show how lazy he is but also how smart he can be when Will applies himself. (see the meeting scene) This episode also had some funny parts to balance out the seriousness. Seeing the other students (all white) was a sight to see. The best part was at the end when Viv told Will how she feels about it. It was not a lecture or a talk down but a way to Will to open his eyes. This episode showed that a comedy can have serious endings. This episode is probably top 5 if not 3 of season 1.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince will is having trouble in history and he gets a F on his last test and he needs to bring it home and sign and so he trys to gets it sign secretly but carlton rats on him and will gets introuble but he makes up a excuse by saying they dont teach enough black history in the school vivan gives him the idea by telling it at the next board meeting and he does and they allow black history but they did not count on the teacher being carltons mother. and so they thought it was going to be easy but turns out they gets pushed to the limits and carlton and will cant handle it but the other students like it and they want her to come back but she realizes that will and carlton dont like it and she gets mad them and they disscuss it and she tells them why she pushed them hard. this was a good ep
  • The Ethnic Tip

    Why did the coach not join the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a full-time star? He definitely brought the laughs and could have filled the role of the goofy white guy that these shows love to have.

    The episode focused a bit too much on Vivian, who is good in small doses, but can get really irritating when she is featured too heavily on an episode. Her borderline racist views grow tiring after awhile, and she is way too serious for a goofy family comedy like this show.

    Funny episode, but not exactly one of the best episodes.
  • Black History

    Will proposes a black history class, and Vivian is the teacher. Will thinks he knows everything about black history, but does he? Apparently not, judging from the speech he is given by Viv at the end.

    I liked this episode, some of it bores me but overall I really liked the message about learning the history to better understand it. Overall I felt this episode was powerful in what it was trying to say, and I think it was very well-done, with humor of course and a serious plot too. My overall grade for this episode is of course, A+
  • Another great episode!

    I probably say the same thing about all of the Fresh Prince episodes, but I particularly like this one because it shows the disadvantages of not working hard for success. Will makes up an excuse, such as wanting more black history in his class, to cover for his bad test grade. When he brings it up at a school meeting, Vivian offers to teach the class, and Will thinks he's getting a free ride. He gets more than what he's bargained for when she is extremely hard on him and Carlton. I liked the ending because Will learned that there are no free rides in life, and that if he's really interested in something, he should work hard for it, not just act like it on the surface. His classmates were also funny when they got into the African culture at their school.
  • The Ethnic Tip

    The start of this episode is the part best worth reviewing because up until Vivian’s first class, this episode is one that is extremely funny though there are great scenes after that though such as Will and Carlton’s chat with the chicks and the reactions of the two when they hear 148 signatures were made.

    However, the funnier scenes are ones like Coach Smiley (“That’s Professor Smiley – 20 laps!) and Will’s trick for getting Phil and Vivian’s signature on the F report.

    The last few scenes had very few laughs but the rest of the episode was quite good and Carlton wondering if the whole thing would affect his grade was also pretty funny.