The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1 Episode 16

The Lucky Charm

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1991 on NBC

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  • Will becomes the lucky charm of Jameson!

    I found this episode to be both clever and witty! I also feel that this episode may be a little underrated with the rating of '8.9' as I feel it deserves around 9 1/2.

    I found the dialogue in this episode just brilliant. I loved Jameson and how he really is portrayed as a maniac! All the lucky numbers were just hilarious and I found this episode funny!

  • Will gives financial advice to Phillp's Client

    This was a decent episode. I felt it lacked something. It was not bad just not as good previous episodes in this season. Seeing this episode remained me a little about the time when Will joined the basketball team. It shows how influenced he can get when giving praise. I liked that he didn't become a jerk and never really believed he can give financial advice. This episode also showed how Will can loosen up people. The best part was seeing Phillp defend Will after Jamison yells at Will for losing the money. I think this further established their realtionship as more then Uncle and Nephew. While a small part, I enjoyed seeing Hilary's reaction to her first paycheck. While not a great episode, it was worth watching.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince philp is going golfing with one of his clinents that does all the time and cartlon is going to be the caddie for phillp and will is going to be the caddie for the client and will does not know much about golf but he tell the clint to use the wrong club for the shot and philp is telling him not to do that till he gets a hole in one and the clint is very superstious and wants will to work with him on stuff and giving him advice and philp is tring to tell him that is bad. will comes through the door with a very expensive suit and a celluar phone it was very funny and the clint wont listen to phillp cuz will just made him alot of money from a stock till it plumits and he is mad at will but will and philp was tring to tell him the whole time not to listen this was a very funny ep
  • This was a pretty interesting Episode...

    Okay so in this Episode we have Will being a helper of a client who's very superstitious, and he believes Will is very lucky after winning a game of Golf, so he does what he can with ways of getting Money with Will, and so far it works! He gets tons of Money and he finds out the possible cause by finding out Will's Date of Birth, which is July 3rd, 1973, otherwise known as 7-3-7-3, and those are the Client's Lucky Numbers! The Client is very proud of this, and wants to have Will around him a lot more because he believes he can gain even more Money that way! But things suddenly drop due to an error of the Stock Market. But Phillip is now hired after the Client finds out about him having his Lucky Zodiac Sign! So overall I thought this was a pretty good Episode I saw on a Recent Night on Nick at Nite!
  • When Uncle Phil's supersitiuos client thinks Will is Good luck he Hires will to be his "persnal adviser" but Uncle phil is worried that Will might give some bad advice and destroy his clients bussiness.

    A very funny episode, Fresh Prince knows Comedy better then Comedy knows itself. In this episode a client of Uncle phil's who lives by supersitious rules thinks Will is good luck he hires Will to be his adviser but Uncle phil knows better then Will begin a "good luck charm" and worry's that Will will mess things always.
    I enjoyed this episode alot, it was funny, it was well written, the acting I think was supurb in this episode, A real HIT. I think this episode was the best in the season!. I laughed so hard that soda shot out of my nose when the client started talking to his dead dog, that was both a little creepy and very funny.
    I was superised that Uncle phil stayed with his client in the end, even though the client is rich his always getting in trouble.
  • Lucky Charm

    One of Phil’s superstitious clients, through a series of coincidental lucky situations with Will, makes him his financial advisor, his previous advice being taken from Sparky, a source that is most funny if you don’t see it coming so I won’t tell you who or what Sparky may be.

    A very funny Fresh Prince instalment, this episode is one that is one of my favourites for many reasons including Will making him a million dollars by saying that he was seventeen and the hole-in-one that was played because Will moved his hat.

    We find out a lot of the characters’ birthdays in this episode including Will’s (7-3-73 – the 2 lucky numbers), Carlton’s (August 4th – gasp! A Leo!) and Phil’s (January 30th (A Capricorn – wait, no he isn’t) and this is done in a very comedic way.

    Overall, this is one episode so original, you’re bound to be holding your sides for the majority of the episode.
  • episode #16

    phil gets ready for a visit from a client (jameson) who is very strange. when this man finds out wills birthday, he uses him for a lucky charm. meanwhile, hillary gets her first paycheck, but is surprised at the taxes that came out of it. phil decides to try to get will away from jameson.