The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 2

The Mother of All Battles

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1991 on NBC

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  • Now, this is an episode I really enjoyed for a few good reasons

    I thought the season premiere was just stupid and weird for a fan of the show but this episode is a whole lot better than that. I found myself laughing more often and found myself not bored during this episode which is a big positive. The part where Will is teaching Ashley to defend herself was just priceless. However, I did find the conclusion to this episode rather rushed and a little disappointing
  • Ashley has trouble with a bully

    This was a better episode then the first one. Like season one, this season has started off slowly. What I liked about this episode is how Will becomes another brother to Ashley. This is something that happened in Season 1 and does through the whole series. I also enjoyed how Carlton "helps" and doesn't go to Phillp and Viv right away. The best part might have been the talk between Ashley's bully parents and hers. When Phillp punched the father it was done in way where he was over the line and was just caught in the moment. While more could have done to this episode, I still liked it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince ashley is having probmlem with a girl at school so she has not been going for the past few days and has been lieing to her mother. will finds out that girl has been bothering ashley at school and has been beating her up and wants to fight her so will trys to teach her how to fight and carlton wants to help to by telling her not to and its wrong and that she should just pay up. and so they both show up were the fight is supposed to be and will tells carlton to just pay but the check bounces so they fight and ashley gets attacked . and so philp and vivan meet with the girls parents were the parents think ashely and them all have problems its gets so bad to were the point philp punches the father in the face . it was very funny and ahsley and the girl become friends and it was a mis understanding
  • The Mother of All Battles

    Will’s defence tips are very entertaining in one particular scene in this episode and equally entertaining is Ashley’s attempt at them when the time came. There are millions of other funny jokes in this episode such as “Whatever happens tomorrow know that I believe Carlton is adopted” and the at least you have two normal daughters opening sequence and this episode is definitely classed as a classic and is the one that I’ve seen the most amount of times for the Fresh Prince series.

    Phil hitting the father was a great conclusion to the episode, with the moral that everything that feels good is bad, really summing up the humour, both physical and vocal, in this episode and is one episode that definitely stands out.
  • episode #27

    when a school bully bothers ashley, she tells will and carlton. her parents are mad because she was skipping school.will tries to teach ashley how to fight so that she can beat up the bully, but carlton doesnt want his little sister to be violent. finally, ashley and the bully (forgot her name) work things out and become friends. phil also knocks out her dad.
  • This episode was funny and great.

    This episode was good. A bully trys to beat up Ashley and she trys to fight back. She ends up skipping school and Aunt vivian and Uncle Phil are mad at her. They invite the girls parents for dinner to talk about the problem.
    It is funny because will keeps on trying to get Uncle Phil to get prepared. Another thing that was funny is that ucle Phil hits the girls father. It was funny. Another funny part is when Will gets the girl and tries to make Ashley hit her. That was funny. You should watch this episode. You have even a more chance of watching it now because this episode is on the season 2 dvd.
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