The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 6 Episode 5

The Script Formerly Known As

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1995 on NBC
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Will decides to book a juror dismissed from Philip's big show-biz madam sex-scandal case for Hilary's show, Will is up to his usual antics,which results in embarrassment for Judge Banks and some annoying apologies from Will and Hilary.

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    After some solid episodes, by season 6 standards this one was a bit off. Will tries to prove his worth by getting a dismissed juror from trial that Phillp is judge on Hilary's show. They find him at a barber shop. It was funny that the guy was going to charge Will extra because of the ears. They convince him to go on the show and well you guess things go. I did enjoy after the guest on Hilary's show said "Isn't that right Will Smith" and the camera pointed toward him. They try to apologize and yes same result. Eventually things come to a conclusion. Will's last apology is over the top and fits him.moreless

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    • (Hilary and Will in kitchen looking for Phillip.)
      Hilary: "Do you see him anywhere?"
      Will: "Nah, Looks like the coast is-(Phillip suddenly comes around the corner)CLEEEEAAAARRRR!"

    • Philip walks in and mumbles)
      Will: Would you like to buy a vowel?
      Philip: This trial is gonna be the death of me. We lost another jurrer today.
      Will: Did you look under your robe?

    • (Carlton is making a dating video and is immitating a french voice)
      Will:(walking in) What is the matter, peppy la punny?

    • (Will is teaching Nicky basketball tricks)
      Will: Back in Phili, I was known as Will '7-47' Smith.
      Nicky: Why?
      (Will bounces the ball, and it makes Uncle Phil drop an expensive appliance)
      Will: Because I'm about to jet!
      (Will run away)

    • Philip: I don't know if there is a knife that could cut as deeply.
      Hilary: We tried to tell you yesterday.
      Philip: That's your excuse? You didn't have the sense to know that that man would be angry with me for dismissing him? You didn't have the common sense to know that?!
      Hilary: I don't have any common sense!

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    • The performance of the dancing Phils in The Tonight Show is an allusion to the dancing Itos that appeared in the Tonight Show during the OJ Simpson Trial making fun of Judge Lance Ito

    • The episode title is in reference to the well known saying about one of todays musicians The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.