The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 13

Three's a Crowd

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 1995 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Will gets roped into a weekend ski trip with Carlton that quickly turns to disaster when their party arrives. Will had invited Lisa. Meanwhile, back home, Hilary prepares to leave the nest.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A great episode!

    Yes, Carlton's character isn't the most accurate but it was a nice change and actually works in the season, considering what happens 2 episodes later. It had some truly heartwarming moments, great humor and a fun storyline.
  • Will and Lisa and . . . . . Carlton

    By now Will and Carlton have a solid friendship. When you date someone, your realtionship gets effected for better or worse. This time it does effect a plan for Carlton has for Will that they do together for years now. When Will forgets it, it;s not done intentionally to be mean. I do wish that the producers would've mentioned Will and Carlton's annual ski trip earlier in the series. Their ski trip was memorable. What I enjoyed was that this could've made it serious but it was made it funny. If it was serious. I don't think that this episode would've been as good. It was enjoyable that Will does have a small crush on Barbara Walters as well as Carlton. When the women came on to Carlton, his reaction was hilarious. I also enjoyed that when Lisa came, Carlton kept his cool. When Carlton and Will go on the car ride and get in an accident, I did like that no one got hurt or it turned into a serious situation. Their time on the cliff was enjoyable. The best was Will echoing. When they went done the hill it was cheesy like the basketball game but humorous. The end was pretty funny when it was suggested by Carlton that he shares a room with Will instead with the new women. The only other bad part was the second story with Hilary buying a new house. I wish more could've been done with that.moreless
  • This is a funny episode, even though Carton's character is pushed a bit over the top.

    What were they thinking?

    In an attempt to portrait how Carlton sees Will as the bigger brother he didn't have, the writers of this episode make Carlton go a bit over the top.

    As Will is spending more time with his girlfriend, Carlton feels left behind and in the need to make the most of their "Bros in the Snow" getaway. When Will's girlfriend joins the guys on their getaway, Carlton's reaction goes beyond that of a spoiled young child or immature teenager.

    The episode turns out to have what it takes to attain the fun level we expect from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, yet I'd have preferred Carlton's possessive attitude towards Will to be less exaggerated.


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