The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 1

What's Will Got to Do With It? (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1994 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Will manages the rising singing career of Ashley, who becomes a prima donna. Does Ashley get discovered? Does she change her ways?

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  • Pretty good start

    This episode did have some major laughs but possibly not the greatest season premieres. The acting was fine and some of the lines were truly hilarious but definitely not the greatest of the season. Not a stand out
  • Start of Season 5 Part 1

    In a season, this was not supposed to happen this a very good start. The NBC Executives taking Will in the van was great to see. I think was reference to the fans wanting this show to continue. The laughs continued when Jazz asked who the mother was and got the confused look by seeing Baby Nicky. It was awesome seeing Will look at the camera. I loved that the producers acknowledge it without saying anything like when the new Viv showed up. I know this may sound weird but the actor playing Nicky last name is Ross. (That's my name)

    This was a rarer episode in which it centered around Ashley. It was nice surprise to see that she has a nice voice. It was funny how Will tries to get Gordy Berry to play Ashley's tape. Another good part is how Will got the radio station to play her song. I know this probably sound weird but the outfit that Ashley wore was pretty nice. I liked how Will and Carlton supported Ashley was signing. It was good how Phillp tried to chase Will. This was a very good start to a season that was not as good as the rest.moreless
  • I love the beginning!

    After Will is humorously thrown into the NBC van and sent back to Bel-Air, the plot quickly shifts onto Ashley. As it's the first time a single and only plot is "Ashley-centric", it's quite amazing to know the producers of Fresh Prince put in a real issue for Tatyana's character as she is a singer herself. I mean we knew Ashley could sing from the episode: 'Stop Will! In the Name of Love' but wow! I love the part when Jazz walks in and says: "Who's playing the mother this year?". That was another breaking the fourth wall gag which was funny and then he says: "I'm going back to the street where things make sense!"

    I look forward to part dos as this is a very interesting storyline.moreless
  • Ashley is unaware of the harsh realities that follow her hollywood dream.

    I loved this episode cause it showedhow Ashley went to fame and then how she couldn't accept the realities of being a star. This was fine acting by Tatyana Ali and Will Smith. I also liked the references to the new Aunt Viv and how grown up Nicky has gotten in just over a few months.

    Also this episode appealed to me because I have wanted to pursue a career in hollywood and it was a good episode to show me what could happen with a littel humour in it too,

    I reccomend this episode to anyone who wants to see something funny that will entertain them yet have a real lesson in life. I give it two thumbs way upmoreless
Obba Babatundé

Obba Babatundé

Gordy Berry

Guest Star

David Bowe

David Bowe

Jerry DeCarlo

Guest Star

Anastasia N. Ali

Anastasia N. Ali

Little Ashley

Guest Star

Jeff Townes

Jeff Townes


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the beginning of the episode Jazz asks if the mother is still the same and Will responds by saying of course. Just then a drastically aged Nicky walks in the room leaving Jazz with a confused look!

    • Ashley (singing):...that's gonna make you move and groove. Hey D.J. keep playin' that song all night. On and on and on.
      The song that Ashley sings is Hey Mr. DJ by Zhane.

    • Since the previous season's finale was supposed to be the final episode, it left Will staying in Philadelphia. It was wrapped up in the opening scene when it was explained humorously that the show's title is not The Fresh Prince Of Philadelphia as the NBC executives threw Will in a van and drove him back to Bel Air.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (After listening to Ashley's demo)
      Gordy: Pass.
      Will: What, pass? What are you-
      Gordy: Hey look her son it was a nice try but, I'm a very busy man so if you'll just excuse-
      Will: Oh, alright. I see how you trying to play me, but you know what? You better get a good look at this face and remember it. Cause when Ashley Banks album goes double platinum you are going to be seeing it in your dreams and in your nightmares cause you ain't the only game in town.
      (Will put's his hand up in Gordy's face and walks away.)

    • Will: (To Ashley) There will never be another chance like this, your future, my future, everything is riding on this moment. Just one more thing, relax.

    • Will: (faking callers requesting Ashley's song, doing Tony Montana) This is Tony, I want to hear Ashley Bank's Make up your Mind, otherwise I will come down and blow up your car.

    • Will: But Uncle Phil...
      Philip: NO BUTS!
      (Geoffrey walks in looking at Philip's butt)
      Geoffrey: You're certainly losing that battle.
      (Philip Glares, followed by laughter)

    • (Will's trying to sneak a demo tape into Gordy Berry's office, when a red phone on his desk begins to flash)
      Will: Oooh, Bat-phone!

    • Jazz: "Will, why'd I have to find out you're back from Philly on the streets? I didn't get a call?"
      Will: "Where ya stayin' these days?"
      Jazz: "The streets. So, who's playing the mother this year?"
      Nicky: "Same mom!"
      Jazz: "Who's that?"
      (Will looks at the camera; giving hand gesture)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Anastasia N. Ali is Tatyana M. Ali's younger sister.

    • Ross Bagley (Nicky) would later star as Will Smith's son in the 1996's blockbuster Independence Day.

    • The beginning of this episode is a tacked-on cliffhanger ending of last season's episode which was supposed to be a series finale. Will Smith is grabbed by his agent as he is shipped from Philadelphia back to Bel-Air. When Will returns, the plot quickly shifts to Ashley becoming a pop star.


    • The role of Gordy Berry alludes to the famed head of Motown records, Berry Gordy.

    • Will: Oooh, Bat-phone!
      This is an allusion to the Batman series of the 1960s, where the phone to the emergency hotline to Bruce Wayne was red and flashed when used.

    • Title: What's Will Got to Do With It?
      The title of this episode is an allusion to the Tina Turner song entitled What's Love Got to Do With It?