The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 1

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1993 on NBC

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  • Will and Carlton go to college.

    The 2nd Aunt Vivian was just horrible. I understand that actors/actresses may not want to stay on for the entire run of a show, but the 2nd Vivian could have at least acted somewhat like the 1st Vivian. Aunt Vivian played by Janet Hubert-Whitten was a strong-willed yet loving mom who always stood her ground. Vivian #1 was portrayed as the voice of reason and the backbone of the family and was much more spirited and interesting. Vivian #2 was incredibly submissive and had a very small role in her children's lives. Vivian #1 was actually a source of humor, while Vivian #2 had all the wit and charm of that lamp that sits on the Banks' endtable. She even allowed Hilary to pose in Playboy, something Phillip and Vivian #1 would strongly disapprove of. One of the largest plot holes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air is Phillip's interest in politics. When Phillip ran for Supreme Court Judge, Vivian #1 supported him because it made him happy. When Phillip runs for governor, Vivian #2 moves out of the house and considers a divorce, partially because he lied but also because of her inexplicable and newfound hatred of politics. This was most likely an attempt to recapture the assertive characteristics of the first Vivian; it failed miserably. I don't think The Fresh Prince of Bel-air ever really jumped the shark, but if I had to choose a point, I'd say it was when Daphne Maxwell Reid replaced Janet Hubert-Whitten as Aunt Vivian.