The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 1

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1993 on NBC



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    • Philip: (sees Ashley with another guy) Hold it. Hold it. Who do we have here?
      Ashley: We met at the mall.
      Philip: What's your name, son?
      Guy: This.
      (he hands a picture to Philip, to looks at it)
      Philip: This is a stick with a snake wrapped around it.
      Guy: It's a symbol. Like Prince?
      Philip: Prince Who?
      Guy: See? That's exactly why fathers ain't allowed at the mall.
      (Philip writes something on the paper and hands it back to the guy)
      Guy: What's this thing?
      Philip: It's a symbol for GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!
      (the guy runs out of the house)

    • Philip: (to Will as he walks in the room) Excuse me! Is this what you've been tellin' my boy?!
      Will: What?
      Philip: That life is one big orgy?!
      (he starts backing Will and Carlton into a corner)
      Philip: Well, college is hard work son. Followed by a family, which is even more hard work! And a teenage daughter who doesn't wanna be seen with you in public! And a wife! A wife who won't let you anywhere near her! And a butler! A butler who may be the father of your child! And a gardener! A GUARD...!!
      Carlton: DAD! DAD!

    • Philip: My Hilary needs me.
      (Hilary comes down the stairs in a wedding dress)
      Hilary: Okay everybody, guess what?

    • Philip: Hilary, I think there's something you need to ask yourself.
      Hilary: Oh, I already did. I'm registering at Tiffany's.
      Philip: No, no. Do you love Trevor?
      Hilary: What's love got to do with it? I'm having a wedding!

    • Vivian: I love the way that beard feels.
      Philip: I'm suprized you remember.
      Vivian: It hasn't been that long since we made love, has it?
      Geoffrey: Five months this Tuesday. (Vivian and Philip stare at him and he shrugs) Thin walls.

    • Carlton: I'm not bringing her anywhere near you.
      Will: I'm your cousin.
      Carlton: The cousin that stole every woman I ever had.
      Will: Oh please. I stole one girl.
      Carlton: My point exactly.

    • Philip: I don't want you to move out.
      Carlton: Sorry Dad, I have to go.
      Philip: No, you don't.
      Carlton: Will says I do. He said its time for me to leave the nest, become independent, and have sex with girls. Safe sex, mind you, but lots of it.

    • Carlton: It also looked like Loni and Burt had a good marriage.

    • Will: Jazz, you stole this pillow!
      Jazz: Isn't it the thought that counts?

    • Jazz: You know Mrs. Banks, since you had that baby, there's something different about you.

  • Notes

    • There were many tabloid reports that year criticizing the show for recasting Vivian (who's original portrayor left due to pregnancy). It was highly speculated that the show decided to go a different direction by casting a younger lighter skinned actress who had not just given birth. However actress Daphne Maxwell Reid is actually eight years older than Janet Whitten.

    • This episode originally aired in a one-hour block along with its second part. In sydnication, this episode can be seen in two separate segments.

    • In the teaser sequence, Vivian enters and talks to the cast as normal with no indication that there's something wrong (new actress). Jazz enters and then gives Vivian a very confused look. A minute later, he comments Mrs. Banks, ever since you had that baby, there's something different about you. She smiles and Will looks at the camera.

    • This marks the first time that there is a real change in the opening titles, replacing Janet Hubert-Whitten with Daphne Maxwell Reid.

    • In an interview, Daphne Maxwell Reid stated she was beyond nervous stepping in Janet Hubert-Whitten's place but the cast did their best to make her feel like one of the gang.

    • Guest stars Tyra Banks and Michael Rapaport both starred in the 1995 John Singleton film Higher Learning . Oddly enough, Rapaport's character killed Banks' character.

    • Daphne Maxwell Reid starts as the new Aunt Vivian Banks in this episode, replacing the previous one who had to be replaced due to pregnancy, which did not fit well with the show's current stories.

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