The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 2

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Jazz sits Will down in his chair, the door to Jazz's apartment is closed. When the camera POV changes to Will's right, the door is open.

    • In every episode after moving into the pool house, Will has a framed copy of the first issue of Static hanging on the wall near the door. Static is a popular teenage African American superhero on which which the cartoon Static Shock was based.

  • Quotes

    • (Hilary looks at an urn she got from the funeral)
      Hilary: I love you, Trevor.
      Will: Um, Hilary? Trevor wasn't cremated.
      Hilary: EWW! Then who's this?!
      (she throws the urn to Will, who hands it to Geoffrey)
      Geoffrey: I'll see him to the door, Miss Hilary.
      (he exits)

    • (Mr. Gorodetsky enters)
      Mr. Gorodetsky: (shows Will and Carlton a piece of grass and a banister bar) This used to be my lawn, and this used to be my banister. And you used to be my tenants!
      (he rips the lease)
      Will: But... But...
      Mr. Gorodetsky: I want you out of here by noon!
      Will: But...!
      Mr. Gorodetsky: NOON!!!
      (he leaves)

    • Philip: I guess you've got yourself a pool house.
      Carlton: How come he gets the pool house while I'm upstairs with the weeping widow?!
      Will: Uncle Phil, keep this man off my property or I'll shoot him.
      Carlton: Its my property! I inherit everything when the big guy takes his bungee jump!

    • Carlton (about Jackie): I'll fight you for her.
      Will: Please, man, I got as much chance with Jackie as you do.

    • Hilary: I just can't understand.
      Vivian: Sweetheart, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.
      Hilary: No. I mean, technically, am I a widow or what?!

    • Carlton: Since I didn't buy a program on the way in, could you please tell me what the heck is goin' on?!
      Will: Man, look. That filly is from Philly. We grew up together.
      Carlton: What does that mean, grew up together?
      Will: What do you want it to mean?
      Carlton: That she hates you and you have no interest in her.
      Will: You just saw her smack me, didn't you?
      Carlton: I've seen a lotta girls smack you, Will. Then I see the same girls leaving your room.

    • Carlton: I see a lot of girls slap you Will. Then I see the same girls leaving your room.

    • (Trevor's bungee jump marriage proposal is shown to the entire Banks household, Hilary in particular)
      Trevor: (makes the jump) Hilary Banks...!
      Hilary: (excitedly): Yes, Trevor?!
      Trevor: Will you marry me...?!
      (a crash is heard when Trevor hits the ground)
      (the signal on the T.V. goes haywire, leaving Will and the Bankses in the state of shock)
      Will: I ain't no bungee expert or nothin'. But I don't think he's suppose to be slammin' into the ground like that.
      (a sign saying "Please stand by" is shown on the T.V.)
      Hilary: "Please stand by"? Great! The president's about to interrupt my marriage proposal.
      (she sits down)
      Philip: Let's just pray that Trevor's okay.
      (but later, the gang returns from a funeral, as Trevor had passed away)
      Philip: Well, it was a lovely service.
      Will: Trevor didn't look so bad for a dude that had a concrete face-lift.
      Carlton: Fool. Like that was his real head.
      Philip: Could you two show a little compassion?! Your sister's right behind you.

  • Notes

    • From this episode on until the end of the series Will and Carlton now live in the pool house.

    • The episode was originally shown in a one-hour block with its first part. In sydnication, it can be seen in two separate segments.

  • Allusions

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