The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 2 Episode 3

Will Gets a Job

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1991 on NBC

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  • Will Finds Out was another decent episode of Season 2

    In my opinion, Season 2 is definitely not as good as Season 1 and this is another episode that sorta disappointed me for many reasons. I found the story good and it was good to see Will's character develop a little and I had a few laughs but in the end this episode was still a disappointment. Was I expecting too much from this season? I dunno
  • Will gets a job

    The more things change the more they stay the same. Will has changed some since the pilot. In some ways he has not. One way he has not changed is wanting to be like Carlton. He is still very sensitive to this. It happened in the pilot and happened here. When Phillp says he is like Carlton when he asked for money and later on when he walks into the room, Will tries to prove that his still the same person we saw in the pilot. I think he trying to prove to himself that is the same person more. Any episode that Will and Phillp is in is always a good one. The second story with Carlton and Ashley's friend was funny as well. Carlton has never been a ladies man and it's kind of funny when a girl who does like him is 12. This is a good episode and this season keeps getting better.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the fresh prince its home coming time and will needs money but he really does not want to ask phillp for money but he does anyway and carlton and hillery are tring to tell him ways to ask but phillp knows right away so he writes him a check but phillp tells hime that he is becoming like his own kids and will does not like that until he reallizes that will and carlton like the sandwich the same way and phillp keeps calling him carlton. and so will decides he is going to get a job and phillp thinks will is seeking out and doing stuff and will does not belive he got a job until he grounds him and ashley picks the restraunt that will works at and will makes jokes on all of them accept ashely and vivan and will final shows philp that its him and philp final realizes will was telling the truth and is sorry . this was a good ep
  • Will gets a job

    Will gets a job because he feels insulted when Philip tells him he is just like Carlton. He feels that he has become a sissy and that he needs to do things on his own to be a man. Instead of taking the money Philip gave him for homecoming, he gets a job. This episode was funny, like when Ashley's friend developed a crush on Carlton and how Will insulted Philip at the restaurant, but it also showed character development in both Will and Philip. Will is trying to become more responsible, but he learns that he doesn't have to do everything on his own. Philip swallows his pride and apologizes to Will for not believing him about his job, but he also offers valuable advice that Will isn't less of a man if he accepts other's help.
  • Will gets an job,but doesn't tell anyone.

    Getting tired of hearing his uncle calling him Carlton.Deciding to earn his own money.Will decided to get an job.Ashley friend begin to fall in love with Carlton.Which gets Carlton annoyed eventually.Will tells Ashley,that he got an job.However not to tell anyone about it.Ashley tells her family that they should have dinner at an restaurant.Which unawere that is where Will is working.Phil not liking the attitude of the waiter.He learns that it was Will,trying to prove something to him.In the end surprising Ashley's best friend falls in love with Will,instead of Carlton.

    I don't remembered about this episode.But it was funny of course.
  • Will Gets A Job

    As the title of the episode suggests, Will gets a job though Philip believes that this is an excuse for skipping curfew and Vivian would believe Will if he said he was “a rap star whose album just went platinum”.

    Will’s horror at being referred to as Carlton is very funny as is Carlton’s choice of sandwich and Will’s rude waitering towards Phil.

    The ways of obtaining money that the kids use on their father is very funny especially Hillary’s “I’ve got cramps” and Carlton’s “say he lost weight but keep a straight face”.

    Overall, this episode has a great plot with hilarious lines and a good subplot of Ashley’s friend’s crush on Carlton referring to Carlton as athletic since he plays table tennis and debates.
  • I didn't really like this episode. It didn't have any funny parts that make the series good.

    In this episode of the Fresh Prince of bel-air Will gets a job after Uncle Phil gives him some money to go to a dance for school. I really didn't like this episode that much. I don't think it had that much funny parts that make the show great. There was one part of the beginning where Hillary and Ashley show Will how to get money from Uncle Phil.
    I reall didn't like this episode that much. This episode is on The Fresh Prince season 2 DVD. I wouldn't recommend this episode. I have seen better.