The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 6

Will Goes a-Courtin'

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1993 on NBC



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    • Phillip: You'll get the air when I get the rent.
      Carlton: You'll get the rent when we get the air.

    • Philip (Philip comes out and sees Carlton, Will and their friends): I see you're having a gathering. Isn't that wonderful? (Steps on Carlton's duck float)
      Carlton : Hey Pops! You popped my duck!
      Philip : I'm sorry son. Here, here's a 100 dollars.
      Carlton (Takes the money): That's more like it!

    • Philip: How dare you two defy me!
      Carlton: Now see here big guy!
      (Philip pokes Carlton's duck tube causing it to pop)
      Carlton: Oh my god! Howard! (Runs away crying)

    • Will: G, listen, how upset was Uncle Phil last night?
      Geoffrey: Well, he did something I've never seen him do in all the years I've been here.
      Will: What? A sit-up?
      Geoffrey: It's a bit more serious than that I'm afraid. You know the cherry cheesecake, candied yams, and the barbecue ribs left over from yesterday?
      Carlton: Yeah.
      (Geoffrey opens refrigerator)
      Will (Will and Carlton jump back shocked): Oh my god, it's still there!

    • Steffi: Hi, Mr. Banks.
      Philip: Steffi, do your parents know you're here?
      Steffi: The hell with my parents! Will taught me that.

    • Steffi: Hi, Mr. Banks.
      Philip: Steffi, do your parents know you're here?
      Steffi: I don't think so. They're in Aspen.
      (she sees a guy pass by)
      Steffi: And I'm in heaven!

    • Carlton: Steffi, go home. You're not age appropriate for this party. (Carlton puts on duck floatie) I'm going swimming.

    • Carlton: Will, have you seen Dad anywhere around?
      (Will looks around for Philip and eventually spots him)
      Will: Well, that's either him or a rhino that got his horn chopped off.

    • Judge: However, air conditioning is considered a luxury. Rent cannot be withheld from a malfunctioning appliance!
      Will: Meaning?
      Judge: Meaning you'll have to pay the rent!

    • (Will gives Philip a handshake)
      Phil: I don't want your hand, I want my rent.
      Will: Oh come on, Uncle Phil, haven't you learned anything from all of this?
      Phil: Yeah, never rent from relatives.

    • Will: What I offer, is the truth!
      Philip: Oh shut up Will! Your honor, he is making a mockery of the entire legal system!
      Will: And he is making a mockery of an finely-cut Italian suit!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Will v hlavní roli (Will in the Leading Role)

    • This is Daphne Maxwell Reid's first ever absence since she assumed the role as Vivian Banks. Since the character was never quite the same, Vivian would face many more absences throughout her run.

    • Neither Vivian, Ashley nor Nicky appear in this episode.

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