The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 17

Will is From Mars...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 1995 on NBC
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Thanks to relationship counseling, Will and Lisa hope to move on up to a new understanding in preparation for marriage. Meanwhile Hilary wants Geoffrey to work at her new home. Geoffrey tells her he has a job but Hilary won't listen.

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  • Fantastic!!!!

    What's not to love when Sherman Hemsley is in TFPOBA???? May he rest in peace :'(

    I loved both stories in this episode and how funny they were. The counselling story should've had even more in it and I found myself laughing again and character is pretty much the same as Judge Robertson!! Hilary was funny and how she desperately attempted to get Geoffrey to work for her! Great episodemoreless
  • Will and Lisa go to counseling

    After Lisa accepts Will's marriage proposal, Phillp thinks they should go to counseling and they agree to it only after he said would pay for their honeymoon. That along with Lisa moving in Will after Will tries to fix some problems in her apartment. Their time in counseling was pretty memorable. It was nice to Sherman Hemsley back again. Never mind that he was in another season as another person. I like that this wasn't acknowledged or that him or his wife was a separate character from their time on The Jeffersons. However I do like the acknowledgement of the show. A favorite line was said by Sherman's character on wife's mother. (Your mother's dead, your mother died, and your mother ain't living no more) The fight everyone had was pretty entertaining. Also the impressions Lisa and Will on each other were pretty amusing. While some issues of Will and and Lisa were solved, this episode did set up for what would happen in the season finale. This episode would've been higher if there was more of the second story show. Overall a good episode.moreless
  • Will And Lisa go counselling

    with Will and Lisa getting married, Uncle Phil gives them an offer: if they go to marriage counselling, Uncle Phil will pay for their honeymoon to anywhere on earth. Will and Lisa think that everything will be alright, but things turn sour when Will and Lisa start arguing about stuff such as where the will live (Will says Philly, Lisa says Cleveland) how many kids they will have (Will says 8 all with Will in their name) anyway, they go to a group therapy meeting and Will starts joking with an old guy then he throws a yo momma joke at will, then will and the old guy start fighting using soft bats. then lisa and the oldguys wife start fighting also using soft bats then everyone starts fighting using those bats.moreless
  • Will and Lisa are going to get married.. Spoilers!

    Will and Lisa are going to get married, and Will's father recommends a counselor. However, Will and Lisa's relationship is going downhill. This all started in the counselor's office. A classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode, but it's without it's humor.

    Okay, I just finished this episode. This episode does have humor. It also contained a star from a show I don't remember watching ever, The Jeffersons. Well, two people. Two angry people. This episode had humor and it had spice. There were may jokes that could be offensive to people with skin that isn't brown, like me, but I forgave that and thought it was funny. In the end, Will and Lisa moves the wedding from September to May after beating up an old couple with bats.moreless
  • Will and Lisa are getting married. Uncle Phil encourages them to see a councilor. They do not believe they should. Lisa and Will argue over their roles in the relationship. So, they go to group counciling. They see other couples who argue. Then Lisa and Wmoreless

    I think this is a very funny episode. I loved the therapy scene. I think the Jeffersons were perfect for this episode, becuase of the way they fight with eachother, and then fight other people in their honor. I particulary enjoyed when Will and Lisa imitated eachother, and then when they describe it to Uncle Phil when they get home.
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