The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 Episode 10

Will's Up a Dirt Road

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will tries to impress Lisa because he is afraid of loosing her. One day they were in the pool house and Will was joking around with Lisa and Lisa said she likes Will so much cause he was goofy. Will took offense to this though it wasn't meant in a bad way. Will decides to show Lisa he can be serious and responsible. Will comes up with the idea of writing a book titled The Stars at Night. He and Carlton set out in the evening to take pictures. Will goes to a book agent and shows him the pictures he took. The agent told Will he couldn't use any of the photos and discharges Will. As he is about to hand Will back the pictures he saw one of Jay Leno pouring coffee in the sewer. He tell Will he can use the one picture and gives Will a contract to sign. Will signs it without reading it. The next day Carlton comes fuming into the kitchen with a copy of a trashy magazine. He shows Will the picture he took and his name published and an article. The picture was not the one took however it had been doctored to show Jay pouring oil down the sewer. It turns out that Jay is going to sue Will for 10 million dollars. Not knowing what to do he turns to uncle Phil for help. He is told he needs to work out his own problems. Will decides tto talk to Jay on is own. He tricks his way onto the set where Jay is and after they talk they straighten things out.
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