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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 14

Winner Takes Off

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 04, 1993 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Will and Carlton convince Geoffrey that he has won a multimillion dollar lottery. But much to their surprise Geoffrey quits his job because of their stunt. Can the two of them fix their error?

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This episode is a ride of laughs!

    The jokes in this episode do not stop from start to finish. It was clever, it was original (at least it seems so)and it was funny with a great enjoyable story behind it all. The episode features Will and Carlton going too far in their scheme to get revenge on Geoffrey which eventually humiliates Geoffrey to the point that when he realizes it was a joke, he is ashamed to return. So, Will and Carlton need to get back our beloved English butler!

    A lot of stuff went right in this episode. Joseph Marcell is absolutely fantastic in this episode and Geoffrey has never been any funnier in the show up until now. Also, by the end of this episode, we seem how much Will and Geoffrey's relationship has changed and for once, I was glad to see both Will and Carlton serious about what happened to Geoffrey. A great funny episode filled with a ride of laughs!moreless
  • Geoffrey "wins" the lottery

    Will's relationship with Carlton has improved since the pilot. It also improved for him and Geoffrey. This would not happen in the pilot or even a year ago. The pranks they played on each other were funny. I liked that Carlton and Will worked together. Geoffrey's reaction when he won was priceless. You just have to see it. When Carlton and Will tried to get back Geoffrey, it was a very funny moment. Another funny moment is when Phillp yelled at Will and Carlton. You were not scared by this. While not as good as the previous episode, this was a good showing.moreless
  • Winner Takes Off

    This is one of my favourite episodes of the Fresh Prince for so many reasons, Geoffrey being my favourite character, Will and Carlton’s swindling and “Daddy’s coming home!”

    The lottery, the card trick and the game show are all hilarious scams but the rest of the episode is side-splitting aswell such as the literal “make me a sandwich” request and Geoffrey’s reaction to his winnings.

    The plot is very well structured and the jokes fit perfectly throughout the half hour, such as Phil’s lecture and Will dancing.

    With so many hilarious scenes in the one terrifically written episode, it is quite obvious why this episode is a lot of fans’ favourite.moreless
  • One prank and prank after the other amounts to too many pranks.

    This episode is great because we see Will, Carlton, and Geffory at his best. It's your typical morality tale about what happens when one prank goes too far. But other than that it's just plain funny seeing these three characters let lose their sneaky and id like qualities. But it's also enduring when their humainity shows.

    Three of the funniest moments of this are Jeffery thinking he's won the Lottery and then acting out his feelings of excitement and freedom. From drinking expensive wine, breaking a very expensive vase, down to jumping like a rabbit on the couch. But of course when he finds out he didn't win he then throdles both Will and Carlton, pritty strong for the small guy he is. But then Will and Carlton put on a show for Jeffery to beg him to come back and show how much he means to the family, which was both funny and touching.moreless
  • A prank gone too far.

    Now this episode is funny! Geoffrey really shows his colors in this episode. Now, I know he was clever, but this was amazing. The pranks pulled in this episode were very well written, and anybody can see an episode this great took some great amount of time to pull off. This is one example of why I am such a huge fan of this show. I recommend this episode to anyone that has never seen this show, and for any of you out there that like Geoffrey, this episode is a dream. Overall, if you see it on television, record it, because I know for a fact you will be watching it again.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The scene in which Will and Carlton try to convince Geoffrey to quit his job at the restaurant is reminiscent of a scene in The Blues Brothers , where Jake and Elwood are trying to get Mr. Fabulous to quit his job as a Maitre d'.

    • When asking Geoffrey to make him a sandwich, Carlton refers to him as "G" for the first time in the series. The butler's nickname is more often heard from Will, who first coined it.

    • Goof: In the scene where Will and Carlton hustle Geoffrey, Geoffrey loses the game because he picks up a red queen instead of a black one. However, when the card is facing the camera, it is very clearly the Queen of Spades, which is one of the two black queens in the deck. Geoffrey actually won the game.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Philip: (after finding out what Will and Carlton had done) You did what?! Are you outta your horny, little, adolescent minds?!
      Carlton: I know I am, Dad.

    • (2 women point and smile at Carlton)
      Carlton: (to Will) This happens all the time. They think I'm Bryant Gumbel.
      (one of the women comes up)
      Woman: Are you the guy from Webster?
      Carlton: No.
      Woman: (walks back to the other woman) I told you it was the guy from Diff'rent Strokes.

    • Geoffrey: Ashley, how does a Mercedes sound?
      Ashley: Vroom, vroom.
      Goefrrey: Great! I'll get you two!
      Hilary: Voom, vroom, vroom!
      Geoffrey: Nice try.

    • Geoffrey : Philip, I've got a thousand dollars with you name on it. Do the family a favor; get Vivian some cooking lessons!

    • Philip (to Will): You take your square-headed cousin and you find Geoffrey, or they'll never find your bodies, and I'm a judge. I can make it happen.
      (Philip walks away)
      Will: Man, I don't mind him yelling, but does he have to spit?

    • Carlton: Hey, G, would ya make me a sandwich?
      Geoffrey: But of course.
      (he places a slice of bread on Carlton's head)
      Geoffrey: Now you're a sandwich!

    • (As the two fake sadness)
      Will: This is my little brother Carlton! He knows we can't afford new clothes so he just doesn't grow!
      Carlton: (To Geoffry) Daddy! I wanna grow!

    • Carlton: Let's go hustle dad! (Geoffrey turns around)
      Carlton: Oops!
      Will: Oops! Good cover up Carlton. I'm guessing you've done this before.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The title of this episode is an allusion to the saying Winner-take-all. It summarizes the principle of the Plurality voting system.