The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 3 Episode 21

You Bet Your Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 1993 on NBC

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  • An episode that felt disjointed and simply out of place for the brilliance of every other episode in Season 3

    As much as I love every episode of the season, this one had a few minor issues. I felt the story was a little over the place, the jokes were reduced to a large extent and much of the episode actually bored me, which is sad to say since Carlton, Will and Jazz were all there at the scene.

    Had a few good moments and one or two touching scenes but the episode wasn't a favorite of mine
  • Will and Carlton go on a road trip.

    While I enjoyed this episode, I think the producers could have done this in two parts. I don't think this road trip would have happened if the relationship of Will and Carlton had been what it was in the pilot. What happened at the dinner was pretty funny. One of my favorite parts is when they first arrived (Will: We ain't black) I also liked how Jazz tagged along. And while funny at the time, remember Carlton's gambling habit. Also funny was the fight scene between Will and the boxer. Overall, this was a nice and funny episode.
  • You Bet Your Life

    There’s nothing funnier than seeing Carlton and Will go on a crazy adventure, unless of course Jazz is hiding out in the trunk too!

    This episode is very funny, especially Carlton’s transition from bossy and in charge to out of control, and shows a fairly realistic reaction to gambling addiction, but leaving some leeway so humour can come through aswell.

    Will and Jazz ditching Carlton was a great idea as was Will having second thoughts (shown through him driving only 20 kilometres over the speed limit) and this episode was terrific from Hilary loving looking after Nicky (go ahead Geoffrey) to the fight at the end, showing just why this show is entertaining.