The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 4 Episode 12

You've Got To Be a Football Hero

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will is talking to Jackie, and she tells him about a date she's having with a football star at a college. He goes to the party, and starts breaking in on Jackie and her date, and her date gets sick of it.

He challenges Will to an arm wrestling competition, to which Will replies that a man's sport is drinking. So they start a drinking contest.

Jackie asks Carlton to drive her home, and Carlton agrees, after taking Will's key. It turns out that it's his locker key, so Will still has access to his car.

Will finally wins, but passes out on the couch. The football star's frat brothers take him out to the cemetery and leave him on a grave stone.

When he wakes up, he sees a man dressed in white, asking him if he wants to play poker with his two buddies, who come out of the wall.

Will asks them all how they died. It was because they all wanted to win. As they're playing poker, there's a pounding noise, and the man in white asks him to go tell the little kid throwing the baseball against the wall to stop.

Will starts talking to the kid, who tells him that he had been planning on going to the majors. When Will asks why he still can't, the kid explains that a drunk driver jumped the curb while he was playing ball on the sidewalk and killed him.