The Fugitive (1963)

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1963 on ABC

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  • A friend in need is a pest.

    Despite a good guest spot from Jack Weston, "Fatso" is pretty ho-hum - it's a standard "Fugitive" plot (Kimble meets an outcast and helps him/her redeem themselves in the eyes of friends and family. And once again, Kimble puts his own freedom in jeopardy by helping said outcast.

    The presence of Gerard makes this outing a little better. Otherwise, the Lambert family's soap opera dynamics get old pretty quickly. Janssen is terrific as always, and his scenes with the child-like Davey offer more instances where Kimble's background in pediatrics comes through for him in his life as a fugitive.

    Again, it's not that "Fatso" is's just that we've seen this before, and will see it again. If Gerard didn't make an appearance, my grade for this one would be lower, but Barry Morse elevates every episode he's in - particularly here with his interrogation of Davey when he "confesses" to Helen Kimble's murder.

    After the slam-bang two-parter "Never Say Goodbye," "The Fugitive" turned out a series of pleasant, but mostly average, episodes. Fortunately, the next episode would snap the show out of its rut and deliver one of the best shows since the pilot.
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