The Fugitive (1963)

Season 2 Episode 25

May God Have Mercy

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1965 on ABC



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    • Opening Narration: A man on the run assumes many identities, each one reflecting in some way the life he has left behind. Thus, Dr. Richard Kimble, now known as Harry Reynolds, works as an orderly in a Michigan hospital. Once a respected pediatrician, he finds a hint of security in the familiar hospital routine. But no man, not even a convicted murderer, can completely abandon his past, nor can his past abandon him.

    • Closing Narration: The death sentence comes in many forms, affecting each man in a different way. For some, it means an end to pain. For others, it becomes a challenge to live. For Richard Kimble, the challenge is repeated with every new turn of the road.

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