The Fugitive (1963)

Season 4 Episode 10

Nobody Loses All the Time

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1966 on ABC



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    • Opening Narration: Any public disaster will attract a crowd of spectators, people secretly pleased, perhaps, that they are not touched by the tragedy, that they may walk away from the dying and go on about their lives. But one man here today cannot remain so uninvolved, so insulated against another's pain. He is bound by an oath taken many years ago, an oath written by a man named Hippocrates: "I will follow that method of treatment which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients. Into whatever houses I enter, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick." These words, remembered from better days, return to haunt Richard Kimble.

    • Closing Narration: I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity. Even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honor." And for Richard Kimble, fugitive, they still apply.

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