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  • David Janssen was born to play the role of Richard Kimble

    I heard my elders talking about "The I knew the name "Richard Kimble" and thought that was the name of the doctor whose real story inspired the TV series. For some unknown reason a short while ago I was curious about what really happened to that doctor. So one day in January 2015 I google searched "What happened to Richard Kimble?" From there I found the TV series on Youtube. I began to watch one episode just trying to see what that 1960's TV drama was like. Unexpectedly I was completely absorbed in it. Subsequently I watched 84 episodes in a few days. I think David Janssen was born to play the role of Richard Kimble. His intense expressions: always contemplative, cautious, fear of being recognized, aware of the presence of a police, furtive, heavy-heartedness, worry laden, averting eyes, smiling only occasionally, His extraordinary humanity and his adherence to the physician's vow, brought out the superb personality of this Dr. Richard Kimble. However, in some situations the script writer over did it, I think, perhaps for the purpose of overwhelming the audience. Kimble, being a humane individual and a dedicated physician even when he was trying to run for his life never left a person in need of medical attention without exerting his best effort at the risk of being captured on the spot. Most of that I agree. But when he devoted himself to saving and treating Gerard on various occasions knowing that Gerard would arrest him right there and then as soon as he was physically better due to Kimble's help, I felt those deeds were too saintly, completely beyond reason. The episodes in the series almost always give some extremely emotional moving moments, at least to me. I was in tears and get an ache in my heart every time.
  • The Fugitive and TV Noir

    The film noir concept applied to The Fugitive recognizes the dark side of existence, the guilt, the running from reality and the confusion known to those who seek the light while running in the dark. This is further explained in TV Noir:20th Century-2010, Amazon Books.
  • Seminal Dramatic Series of the Sixties

    It's all been said, and it's all correct. This is film noir done for television in the best way possible. I'll just add that I watched an interview with Barry Morse and was absolutely floored to hear his British accent!

    Maybe the first series to film a true 'final' episode-which was a terrific, logical and thoroughly satisfying ending to one of the finest dramas ever.
  • by far the best

    I dont understand with all of the garbage on TV that they cant find another actor like David Janssen. His movements, facial expressions, and speech are that of great your character. You can find repeats at 10;00 central on ME tv.
  • Dr. Richard Kimble, heading to his own execution for murdering his wife, is freed by a twist of fate. To prove his innocence he seeks the one-armed man he saw leaving the scene of the crime, and is relentlessly pursued himself by a police lieutenant.

    At some time in the future when one can finally decide what the greatest achievements in television history were, a strong candidate for the top of the list will be this absolutely perfect series, with David Janssen as the innocent man on the run and Barry Morse as his obsessed pursuer, Lt. Gerard. Although Dr. Richard Kimble's primary focus while a fugitive from justice is to find the elusive one-armed man, that mysterious character doesn't appear in that many episodes, but when he does, it sure shocks the audience away from the episodic happenings of whatever Kimble's current situation is, back into the main story that it was temporarily distracted from. In one gripping episode, Kimble actually captures the one-armed man and drags him into a police station, that scene featured in the opening promo. Another amazing two-part episode has Kimble trapped in a small town with Lt. Gerard's wife, the two unaware of who the other really is, leading one to wonder who is going to discover the other's identity first, and what will they do when they find out? The highly rated final episode does not disappoint anyone who has followed the story from the very first episode. William Conrad's narration is also perfect, and may have led to his own detective series "Cannon," another of the reliable Quinn Martin productions of which "The Fugitive" is clearly the finest. It just doesn't get any better than this.
  • One of the best shows of all time.

    Is "The Fugitive" the best drama series in TV history? I don't know if I'd go that far, but it certainly ranks in my Top Five. Virtually everything about this series (the music, the writing, the acting) is perfect and it is anchored by the two performances of the lead actors, David Janssen and Barry Morse.

    Even if you've never seen an episode, you probably know the basic story of "The Fugitive." The Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones movie is great, but it really doesn't capture what made the series so good - in my opinion, it's the length of the chase and the toll it takes on Kimble. Aside from the clothing and cars, "The Fugitive" is really timeless. It captures the quiet desperation of small towns, of people in crisis and yearning for hope. The stories (for the most part) told on the show could easily take place today and still be powerful.

    Perhaps the real genius in "The Fugitive" is giving the audience two characters who are antagonists to one another, but neither one is really a "bad guy." Obviously, Kimble has the audience's sympathy as he tries to stay one step ahead of the law and find his wife's killer, but Gerard is a policeman, ostensibly the "hero." He isn't driven to catch Kimble out of vengeance or hatred, but simply because it's his job. Thus, you have two incredibly driven, smart characters who go up against each other. Janssen's quiet, introspective nature is still fiercely intense at times, especially when Kimble seems cornered. And Morse is boiling over intensity whenever he appears on screen. And though he didn't appear in many episodes, Bill Raisch was the perfect elusive menace as the One-Armed Man.

    Often imitated, but never duplicated, "The Fugitive" is an absolute TV classic.
  • This is the show that started the "traveling good guy" genre. Richard Kimble is a quiet hard-working doctor who is falsely accused of murdering his wife. In route to his execution, a train accident allows Kimble to escape. Will he be recaptured? Tune in!

    Hands down, one of the best shows ever on TV. The stories and acting are superb. The story lines are always entertaining and keep the viewer interested throughout the show. Suspence abounds as Richard Kimble keeps a step ahead Lt. Philip Gerard while trying to prove his innocence. Throughout the series, the main character touches the lives of people in ways that every viewer can relate to. In addition to great writing and directing, many famous actors and actresses had early roles in the this series. Without a doubt, this is "must see TV" for any classic TV buff.
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  • Ahead of its time!

    The show is ahead of it's time as the then
    In the 1960's fledging ABC was trying to find a
    Hit as this show came out. With handsome and talented David
    Janssen as doctor fugitive Richard Kimble who was on the run for killing his wife. After the couple lost their baby. He was on death row enroute as the train crashed. He had to change his face and also take odd jobs in order to support himself. The police LT that was after him, really doubted his guilt but had a job to do. Despite being in the antagonist role. Really good show and great acting!
  • A great classic TV show about truth and justice and was loosely based on the 1950's Shepard case.

    A great television series from the QM(Quinn Martin) production library. David Janssen gives a great performance in this Classic 1960's series about a general practitioner who was wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife Helen Kimble. After being arrested and convicted by a jury of his peers, he is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. After an accident, he was freed from his charge Lt. Philip Gerard, he makes his escape and changes his appearance, takes on different jobs, aliases and literally travels around the United States being one step away from the police officer who want to get him back in custody. The Finale, The Judgment. Was the highest rated episode for over fifteen years before the M.A.S.H. finale broke the record.

    A QM(Quinn Martin) production with Ford Motor Company cars(A QM product tie-in and major sponsor). This show also had guest stars including Telly Savalas(Kojak), Jack Klugman(The Odd Couple, Quincy M.E.), Edward Asner(Mr. Grant) Jack Lord(Hawaii Five-0), Brenda Vaccaro, Jack Weston, Earl Holliman, Hope Lange, William Shatner and many others.

    William Conrad(Cannon) who did a lot of voice over work for many years provides the narration of this series.
  • In search of justice...

    The Fugitive is 1 of the most remembered adventure dramas of the 1960's & i happen to be a fan of this particular show.

    It tells the story of how Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife when in fact it was The 1-Armed Man (Bill Raisch) whom Dr. Kimble saw flee the crime scene. Fate gave him a second chance to track down the killer but he is relentlessly pursued by Lt. Phillip Gerard (Barry Morse) a cop who is investigating the case.

    Most of the stories involve Dr. Kimble taking an odd job to support himself & while on the run, he encouters various characters along the way, some nice, others not as he pursues his wife's killer & avoids the law.

    This is one great classic show that had me hooked ever since i saw an episode of it on late night Chicago TV back in the early 1980's.
  • The Fugitive is one the greatest (if not the greatest) television shows of all time. Well written and superbly acted and produced, the show easily eclipsed other shows that aired during that time. Dr. Kimble and Lt. Gerard made Tuesday night perhaps the m

    I thoroughly agree with those who feel that The Fugitive was one of the best dramas (if not the best drama) ever on television. I have fond memories of anticipating Tuesday nights when I could put aside my cares and once again enter the captivating (albeit fictitious) world of David Janssen and The Fugitive. And why not? The show was well crafted, easily standing head and shoulders above anything that aired during its time. The acting on the show was superb. The characters—from Dr. Kimble and Lt. Gerard to the many stars who appeared in the series—were multi-dimensional and compelling, not flat and uninteresting as has been the case on so many TV shows since then. The plots were plausible (if, of course, you accepted the show’s premise) and always engaging and exciting. It is rare that a television show is so well conceived and so well written and produced that decades after it has disappeared from the television landscape it still resonates with those who were privileged to see it when it first aired. The Fugitive is such a show. No doubt about it. When I think of the greatest television shows of all time, no, the greatest television show of all time, I immediately think of The Fugitive. What a tremendous show! A true classic in every sense of the word. I miss it.
  • One of the best shows of all time!

    It was a fantastic show, David Janssen played the part really well, It's one of my personal favourite drama shows of all time. Typical classic television. More television shows should've been like The Fugitive. I really liked the last episode, it was very emotional to know what he had gone through.
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