The Fugitive (1963)

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • Dr. Richard Kimble, heading to his own execution for murdering his wife, is freed by a twist of fate. To prove his innocence he seeks the one-armed man he saw leaving the scene of the crime, and is relentlessly pursued himself by a police lieutenant.

    At some time in the future when one can finally decide what the greatest achievements in television history were, a strong candidate for the top of the list will be this absolutely perfect series, with David Janssen as the innocent man on the run and Barry Morse as his obsessed pursuer, Lt. Gerard. Although Dr. Richard Kimble's primary focus while a fugitive from justice is to find the elusive one-armed man, that mysterious character doesn't appear in that many episodes, but when he does, it sure shocks the audience away from the episodic happenings of whatever Kimble's current situation is, back into the main story that it was temporarily distracted from. In one gripping episode, Kimble actually captures the one-armed man and drags him into a police station, that scene featured in the opening promo. Another amazing two-part episode has Kimble trapped in a small town with Lt. Gerard's wife, the two unaware of who the other really is, leading one to wonder who is going to discover the other's identity first, and what will they do when they find out? The highly rated final episode does not disappoint anyone who has followed the story from the very first episode. William Conrad's narration is also perfect, and may have led to his own detective series "Cannon," another of the reliable Quinn Martin productions of which "The Fugitive" is clearly the finest. It just doesn't get any better than this.