The Fugitive (1963)

Season 1 Episode 13

Terror at High Point

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1963 on ABC

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  • Jack Klugman saves an otherwise average episode.

    What could just be a ho-hum episode (another instance of Kimble befriending an outcast) is helped tremendously by the guest performance of Jack Klugman. One of (in my opinion) the greatest television actors of all time, Klugman knocks this one out of the park. Not only does Klugman have great scenes with David Janssen, but his work throughout the episode is top-notch. His scenes with his wife showing his strained marriage, his tense conversations with Kimble and finally, when the audience at last learns why Buck treats Jamie with such hostility, the emotion is incredibly real. Once again, Kimble's background in pediatrics comes in handy - he can easily relate to and converse with the child-like Jamie. The episode is unusual, however, in that Kimble himself is not the target of the hunt at the climax. He's even able to deliver Jamie unharmed to the police so that the real culprit can be identified. He has to run at the end of the episode, of course, but he isn't under the usual pressures to do so.
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