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The Funny Mann

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The Funny Mann is a television show for children from the 1960s hosted by comedian Cliff Norton. At the beginning of each episode, Norton does a skit for a couple of minutes in which he introduces the profession of the day. For instance, he might call himself Plumber Mann and the episode will be about plumbing and plumbers. Afterwards, the show consists of silent comedy skits revolving around the particular profession of that episode. One show is about fishing, one is about boating, and another is about the police department. These became a fun way to introduce children to a spectrum of professions. Norton claims that each of the characters is one of his relatives. At the end of the show, Norton appears again and offers a final summary. Characters that Norton plays include Snub Pollard, Billy Bevan, and Chester Conklin. Norton closes each show with the tag line, "Who's the funny mann?"