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Saturday 6:30 PM on Discovery Channel KidsBetween Seasons

Has anyone been rewatching/gotten into the show???

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    Wow I can't believe its been so long since this show aired!

    well if anyone's out there, i've been in a recent nostalgic kick and i've been rewatching a lot of old shows including TFIW. Just finished rewatching the whole season yesterday (all the episodes are on youtube if you also want to rewatch/get into the show). So I'm in a total future is wild kick right now and I'm up for discussing or just plain chatting with past or new fans

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    I love this show and miss it...as much of a Hub addict as I am, I wish they hadn't dropped it entirely and still showed it maybe once a week or something. There aren't that many episodes, anyhow. But the Hub's always rotating their older shows around, changing the schedule and bringing in some different ones, so I don't know what the odds are. Anyway, this was an awesome series. ^o^
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