The Future Is Wild

Saturday 6:30 PM on Discovery Channel Kids Premiered Oct 13, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • The future in the past possibly future ..........

    Great children's/educational show that adults can also love. Based on the original realistic CGI show in the same line as Walking with dinosaurs. Reminds me of Pokemon and perhaps that's why no more of the show was made. A real shame. Way better show then most in this category despite its stiff character animation and limited animal sound FX. Great story and character playout.

    Like I said wish they'd make more.
  • The Future Is Wild is an awesome show!

    This show is so cool! And I like the characters! They're very interesting! Especially Luis and C.G.!

    I want to see more episodes on Discovery Kids! Although, some episodes are kinda dull, some are very exciting and full of adventure! I just wish they could make a movie about this show because I'm sure lots of people would want to watch it!

    The plots are very enriching! The voices are cool! The dialogues are great! And the slight hints of romance, totally sweet!

    This show deserves a lot more viewers, just like the show "Grossology" and I will do anything I can to help out!

    I love this show! Rock on!
  • A cute little show that totally deserves some more attention.

    The future is wild is an awesome show. One of my personal favorites. Now it might just be me because I'm a sucker for children shows but I say give it a chance any ways. The characters are great and are all very lovable. And for all you who love paranoid-like characters(cuz I know you all do) Luis is for you ;). The CGI is pretty well done. the characters great & their designs and all the many creatures and environments are done greatly too. The show's style is very fun and the story line is pretty creative. The stories in every episode deal with many personal issues the gang has and is very enjoyable. The show also makes you think of today's environment and makes you little more aware of what could happen. I enjoy his show very much and its definitely worth checking out!
  • One word: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    So here we have a cute little show about kids trying to save the future by exploring an even more distant future were humanity can live happily (though humainty's already gone...) Only some preoblems: the series contains bad CGI, voice acting, plot and lacks the supposed educational value. Just because this future can really happen it's educational? How about no. Also why is it an iceage that is downfall of humainity? If they're going to preach to us that global warming is going to destroy the world, the characters should be looking for a new place to live because it's too hot. However the most annoying thing about this show is it was created to fill the time slot of the highly superior and truly educational show Time Warp Trio. Take this horror off the air!!!!!
  • Amazing series... One of the most original cartoon series of this decade.

    I think the fact of combining adventure and science (actually, it's more science-fiction, than science but you get the point) is a very interesting idea. A group of kids meet a girl from the future, and now, they all have to help her find a place in time for Mankind to survive a new Ice Age, which is about to froze the planet. The visual aspect of the series is quite good, and the creatures that we see in it, even if they are only imaginary, they are all based on real creatures that exist on our time. Personally, I think that the interaction of the characters with these creatures is very interesting. Plus, C.G. is probably one of the coolest characters in this kind of show, because in the beggining of the series she acts almost like a robot with no emotions of any sorts, and as the series goes on, she starts to understand the concept of friendship and behaves like a normal girl. The other characters, like Luis and Emily are very cool too, although Ethan is sometimes annoying (but hey, all things considered is also a cool character). Two thumbs up!
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