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  • Why watch anymore?


    Used to love the gadget show as it was always about gadgets! Now who wants to see these programme long challenges eg new theme tune, WHO CARES?.

    There has to be far more current gadgets but more importantly, what are the future gadgets going to be?

    It was always great to see the list of prizes on offer, but why now do we need to see a "C" list celebrity wander round a house reading labels, what a waste of time.

    I did go out and buy a shredder from the best buy top 5 so it did influence my purchasing, and I also bought a Sonos system for music. But Im now, without fail, always questioning why I watched each episode. Now it is not my first choice to watch and its rapidly going down.

    It was my favourite programme, but uninteresting challenges, boring tech and no future tech means another viewer less.

    It has a USP of being the only tech show on mainstream TV. It needs a thorough revamp to maximise this USP before it disappears totally.

  • A once great show gone bad :(

    There used to be a time when The Gadget Show was great. Sadly it's become less and less about gadgets and more about gimmicks as the series has gone on.

    Ocassionally there will be a section that's actually about genuine new technology, but it's become essential to Sky+ the show to skip past all the fluff.

    There's far too much time with what seem like Top Gear inspired challenges, that are often so far removed from gadgetry you wonder if you've tuned in to the right channel.

    The presenters are still likeable, but it's ended up a once good show gone bad :(
  • The Gadget Show used to be decent, but now its a waste of time. I think they've tried to go with a wacky Top Gear approach, which they just cannot pull off. It provides no useful insight to gadgets whatsoever.

    The Gadget Show used to be decent, but now its a waste of time. I think they've tried to go with a wacky Top Gear approach, which they just cannot pull off. Provides no useful insight to gadgets whatsoever. The addition of "Dallas" - what kind of name is that - offers no improvement, just an irritating side kick to the already infuriatingly annoying Jason Bradbury. Suzie is an 'attractive' member of the team, but im not sure she posses any of her own knowledge with regards to the gadgets tested. Jon is the only really useful member of the team, but he is horrendously underused lately. The tests carried out by most of the team (except Jon) are ridiculous, they dont test anything, they just play with it, then make something up at the end. The ratings are not consistent either.

    ooooh i love ipods n' apple yummy yummy woohoo. Grr.
  • Hour long Apple advert every week on Five

    I've watched the Gadget show for about 2 years now, pretty much every episode in that time. I still enjoy the show and enjoy most of the portions of the show, but the one increasing major thing that has started to make my blood boil is their constant love of all things Apple and pretty things in general.

    I mean they do a review, and then do some tests that prove how something works, and then they rate the product on it's looks. The Apple products seem to do badly in the tests they do but always get rated highly just because they look pretty. The other thing they did was to compare a top of the range Macbook pro vs a cheap Netbook, I mean come on, how is that a fair test.

    The last part of my review I would like to comment on the new part for their new series, which is the hall of fame, it's complete junk and should be scrapped. Every single week the arguments are the same, one is that the product is the first of it's type therefore should be on the wall of fame, and the other one is it looks pretty therefore should be on the wall of fame. Every single week, it's the same argument with different products.

    It's time to start telling us how the gadgets work, what they do, how well they work, what extra features they have and not just how pretty they are, we can judge that for ourselves.
  • Useful Tech Show

    The reviews on this show are really insightful and have an air of Top Gear about them, which I really enjoy. It really doesn't take itself too seriously and has a really good tone - not too techy so that you can't understand but intelligent enough for you to get a good feel for the product.

    The presenters are generally good and I personally love Otis and Jason but I am starting to feel the format is getting a bit tired. There are a lot of review shows out there and they fo a good job of keep me entertained and interested but I hope the new series offers something a little extra to set it apart from the others.
  • it's kwl

    i love what they are doing with this show every time i switch on it grabs my attention. the presenters are superb. the prizes are just amazing i wish i could in them all. i think the best bit on the show is when they go and test new gadgets to destruction. the show they just did when they could see how many gadgets they could buy for a grand was very good i thought. i have bought a few of there products they suggested and they got it spot on. ok jons a bit odd, jasons fairly weird. but suzi is hot
  • The Gadget Show gives exactly what one would expect form the title, gadgets the best on the market and tested to their utmost tolerance. Great viewing it wipes the BBC show 'Click' off the air with insightful and delightful reviews.

    The Gadget Show gives exactly what one would expect form the title, gadgets the best on the market and tested to their utmost tolerance. Great viewing it wipes the BBC show 'Click' off the air with insightful and delightful reviews. Every week I am glued to my chair waitng to see what new items are brought for testing. A show not afraid to examine the best that is non PC... that is not microsoft, it also showcases Apple computers and gadgets favourably, something that the BBC are completely incaplable of doing. The show also has great competitions for free goods. Presenters are bouncy clever and witty and know their stuff without being stuffy. All round excellence.
  • Worst gadget programme ever!!!

    This programme is absolute rubbish, I am sure that they are always showing us tips on how to take the perfect photo\\\\\\\'s or advice on other useless stuff that most people will never need like underwater cameras! This week they are testing out waterpistols, its really sad if you have to get professional television advice on what waterpistol to buy!
  • It's okay.

    This show is all right. It is not really, super bad but it is not incredibly, unbelievably good. It is just an okay show. It's really kind of cliche and average. Nothing special at all, but I li8ke teh cliche stuff. It's a formula of TV shows that I'm used to. Ha ha ha.
  • five's cult boys toys show now entering it's third series. A must wtach for us british tecnophiles. The show is the only gadget and technology programme on terrestrial television in the UK and has developed a loyal cult following.

    Personally I love this show and think it's one of the best things on British TV although aimed at the techno savvy it has a little something for everyone including regular how to sections and testing of everything from car GPS to Survival tools.

    The presenting team of the very different Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley and Jason Bradbury work really well together as the different styles kepp the show fresh throughout.

    Anyone thinking of watching the new series starting on October 3 should give it a try you'll be glad you did.
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